Google Translate supports five New languages

Google’s translation service today began supporting five new languages. With the addition of these five languages, the number of languages ​​supported by Google’s translation service has increased to 5 languages. 

This is the first time in four years that Google has added a new language to its artificial intelligence -based translation service.

Turkmen, Uighur, Tatar, Odia and Kinyarwanda are new languages ​​support by Google’s translation service today. Google says that in total, about 5 million people speak these languages ​​worldwide.

One of Google’s challenges to adding these languages, according to Verge, has been their lack of Internet-based textual resources for training and practicing artificial intelligence.

Another challenge has been the lack of Internet-enabled groups that Google has helped to support in other languages. Google has said it has been working on these challenges in recent years and has been successful in addressing them.

A portion of Google’s statement released to support new languages ​​is released:

Google’s translation service has learned new languages ​​from online translations on the web. For this reason, when resources are limited in one language, proper support for that language will be difficult.

However, thanks to our recent advances in machine learning and our partner day-to-day translation efforts, Google has been able to add support for these languages ​​to its collection.

The new update will initially provide one percent of the users of Google’s translation service. Google has announced that the service will soon be available to all caravans in all versions, including Android and iOS .

Google’s translation service supports new languages ​​in both web page and text translation modes. Virtual keyboard support will also be available for Tatar, Uighur and Kinyarwanda languages.

According to Verge, Google’s support for the Uighur language is of great geopolitical importance.

About 5 million residents of Xinjiang Province in China speak this language.

In recent years, the Chinese central government has had violent clashes with Muslim residents of the area. The Chinese government has also been accused of spying on residents of the area in recent years.

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