FreeBSD Add a User To Wheel Group Command


ow do I add a user to the wheel group in FreeBSD unix operating systems using command line options?


You need to use the pw command line utility for adding, modifying and removing users and groups on a FreeBSD operating systems. You must be root user to modify system configuration including pw command.

Add existing user called vivek to the wheel group

The syntax is:


pw group mod wheel -m vivek

If the user named vivek already exists add her to the wheel group.

Add new user called sai while creating a new account

The syntax is:


pw user add sai -G wheel

The above command creates the sai primary group automatically, and add a user in the wheel group when her account is first created on a FreeBSD unix operating systems.

How do I verify new group membership on a FreeBSD?

The syntax is:

pw groupshow {GROUP-NAME-HERE}

pw groupshow wheel

pw groupshow sai

pw groupshow vivek

Determine Group Membership Of sai and vivek Users ##

id sai

id vivek



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