Familiarity with Android Q

Regardless of any name that is eventually selected for Android Q, this is the latest software update for Google’s mobile phone operating system.

Although it seems Google yesterday released 9 pounds of Android, it is now on the eve of the official release of the next version of the operating system.

If you want to know the latest news, features and other information about Android Q, follow this article.

The public beta version of Android Q is available for several smartphones

اندروید Q

Google will release a preview for developers in the next version of Android in March, according to its routine March. In May, during the I / O conference, a public beta will be provided so everyone can use it.

But this year Google decided that the process was a little different, so the first preview of developers and the public beta version of Android Q released on March 13, 2019.

Then on April 3, the second beta version of it was released by removing a number of bugs and adding new features.

Subsequently, the third beta version was released on May 7th at the annual I / O conference and on June 5, the fourth beta version of Android Q was released.

More recently, on June 10, the fifth beta version of Android was launched.

The beta version of Android Q, in addition to pixel smartphones, is also available on other phones, including the VanPlas 6T, the Sony Xperia Z3 and the LG G8.

In fact, this version of Android Q is provided for 20 smartphones from 12 brands.

To receive the Android Q3 beta version, after you log into your Google account and select your smartphone model, updating this version as OTA will be provided on your smartphone for download and installation.

List of Smartphones using Android Q
Sony Xperia XZ3 Essential Phone Pixel
Tecno Spark 3 Pro Huawei Mate 20 Pro Pixel XL
Vivo X27 LGE G8 Pixel 2
Vivo NEX S Nokia 8.1 Pixel 2 XL
Vivo NEX A OnePlus 6T Pixel 3
Xiaomi Mi 9 OPPO Reno Pixel 3 XL
Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 5G Realme 3 Pro asus ZenFone 5Z

Top features of Android Q

Just like all other new versions of the Android operating system, Android Q is expected to be packed with new features.

Most likely, with the release of the next beta version of Android Q during the year and eventually reaching its final version, we will get more familiar with the new features. However, there are now some new features that we’ll mention later.

Removing the return button icon

اندروید Q

The Back Button, one of the main Android navigation keys, comes with an official Android deal with Android Q.

Following the motion-based gesture navigation on Android Py, where the back button was still present, Android Q now offers some kind of navigation that is completely based on gestures.

The carbure goes to the home screen swipe upward, swivels up and holds the finger to the multi-task menu and swings from the left corner to the right of the screen.

This is a fairly large change in Android navigation, and Google claims to be developing a mechanism whereby the first swipe opens a drop-down menu and the second swipe returns.

Dark mode in total for the operating system

اندروید Q

After many requests from users, Google has confirmed that Android Q will have a dark theme for the entire system, switched off or on at any time by using the key in Quick Settings or Quick Settings.

The good news is that Google has created a new API that developers can add to their application with the ability to support dark mode so that when the dark mode is active for the entire device, the app’s theme will also come in handy.

New options for theme customization

اندروید Q

The ability to fully personalize the smartphone is one of the great features of Android, which is that Android Q has worked great in this regard.

In the beta version of Android Q, there are options to change the color of the entire interface. The colors in the fifth edition of the beta include: Blue, Black, Green, Purple, Oceanic, Space, and Purple.

In the second version of Android Beta, there is a new app called Pixel Themes, though it does not work, but it’s supposed to be the place where the personalization tools of the final version of Android Q will be.

An instant subtitle of multimedia files with Live Caption

اندروید Q

Shiva and Subtitles are vital for deaf and blind people so that they will discuss conversations in videos, podcasts, games, and other types of media,

so Android Q will have the capability of Live Caption, which will offer subtitle subtitles across smartphones. Gave

The Live Caption feature on the smartphone can provide an instant subtitle anywhere where the conversation is sent, and the good news is that it happens locally on the device and does not require any internet connection.

You can activate Live Caption through Android Q’s accessibility settings. This feature will be functional for many people.

Great changes in access permissions

Today privacy is more important, and Google is on Android Q to implement some of the new features for accessing applications that provide more control and control over the portions of applications that can be accessed.

By posting on Google’s blog, applications that request access to the site now pop up a window and ask the user whether they allow perpetual access to the site or only allow or never allow it when running the app.

Google goes on to say:

On Android Q, the operating system even gives the user more control over the applications, one example of which is the control of access to shared files.

Users will be able to issue app permissions to videos, photos, and audio files when running, through new permissions.

The app uses the file system selection window to access downloads, which allows the user to choose which download application to access.

اندروید Q

The “Use Permissions” page in the Settings section displays all permissions used by the apps.

In this section,

there is also the ability to filter permissions to let users know which applications use a specific license.

Additionally, there is a new user interface for the “App Info” page.

Improve the file sharing menu

The Android subscription menu still has an unpleasant appearance. Although its basic performance is appropriate; but regardless of the mobile phone model, its speed is slow.

Fortunately, Android Q has fixed this problem. Google briefly addresses this issue on its blog:

The interface menu of the subscription menu will be loaded promptly as soon as it is opened,

as shortcuts are released from the previous one.

Definitely one of the best improvements to Android Q will be in the daily use of this feature. Speaking of file sharing, it’s worth mentioning that Android Q has introduced another feature called Sharing Shortcuts or Share Shortcuts.

This feature allows developers to add new options to the file sharing menu where users can share videos,

images, and other files faster than before in a specific section of other apps.

Better support for styled smartphones

The year 2019 is the launch date for the flip phones, and Google has optimized Android Q for smart phones,

to ensure that this new technology brings the best possible experience to users.

Google has said:

For software to take advantage of sleek smartphones and other large displays,

we’ve introduced various enhancements to Android Q,

including changes to onResume and onPause to support multiple resume programs.

We have also changed how the resizeable Activity property is handled in the manifest file

so that developers manage how to display their apps on upscale displays.

It’s obvious that these changes have been applied to developers; but ultimately,

Android Q will be optimized for all styled smartphones.

What will Android Q be?

اندروید Q

Perhaps the most important question is, what will the name of Android Q will be?

There are a few desserts that begin with the letter Q, but some of the possible options are:

Queen of Puddings
These names refer to desserts, each of which belongs to a particular country

Android Q released?

اندروید Q

On March 13,

2019, the first beta release of Android Q was released

and was released in Pixel series pixels, pixels 2 and pixels 3 for download.

The second beta version was presented on April 3rd

and its third edition on May 7 during the Google I / O conference.

The fourth beta release of Android Q was released on June 5th

and its fifth release was released on July 10th.

Now before the end of the third quarter of this year,

we have to wait for a beta version before the release of the final version of Android Q.

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