Easy way to translate English numbers into Persian in PowerPoint

In this article, easy methods for translating numbers into Persian are collected in PowerPoint software and are accompanied by a visual explanation.

We try to explain to you the easiest way to convert English to Persian numbers in PowerPoint. This article is a continuation of PowerPoint application tutorials .

Methods of translating English numbers into Persian in PowerPoint:

One of the problems that may occur for any user is the problem of writing numbers in Persian in PowerPoint.

If while typing numbers, you notice that although the language of the system is Persian,

but it still types numbers in English, you must first make sure that Persian language is installed on your system.

To make sure the font is installed or not? Check the Font option from the Home tab.

If the font is installed, by selecting one of the fonts, for example BZar or B lotus, you can return the numbers in Persian.

Persianizing numbers in different versions of PowerPoint:

Due to the differences in PowerPoint versions, different methods are used in each of these software. First, we will translate PowerPoint 2010 into Persian, the operation of which is as follows:

1- To translate numbers in PowerPoint 2010 , go to the  Windows control panel , in the next step, select the region  option, or you can select the additional setting option from the  change date, time or number forma option in the region  settings :

The first step is Persianization

2. Finally, in the last resort the  use native digits  option  context to  choose from.

3- To see if Persian language is installed on your system or not, select the Keyboard and language tab from the Region window and then select the phrase change keyboard .

The second stage of Persianization4- Click on the phrase Add and select Persian language .

The third stage of Persianization


Of course, you should keep in mind: after re-configuring, enter the numbers you want with the Persian keyboard in PowerPoint, because the previous format was Latin by default. So close and open the file again to make the settings work.

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