Delete Old Post Revisions in WordPress with Better Delete Revision

Post revisions is one of the cool feature that WordPress has since version 2.6. WordPress auto-saves your content periodically as revisions, so you can revert back in case of an unforeseeable event such as power outage, browser crashes, computer crash etc. If you save a post or page multiple times, then the number of revisions will significantly increase overtime. For example if you have 200 posts with 10 revisions each, you could be storing 2,000 copies of older data which is not needed in most circumstances. Each additional revision increase the size of your database thus making the processing time slower and slower. In the past we have shown you how you can totally disable post revisions in WordPress. We also showed you how you can change the auto-save interval for each post revision which will cut down the amount of revisions you allocate. In this article, we will share with you a plugin called Better Delete Revision that lets you remove and delete old revision of posts, pages and related meta content completely. It also has the option to optimize your database to reduce size and speed it up.

Video Tutorial

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If you don’t like the video or need more instructions, then continue reading.

First thing you need to do is install and activate Better Delete Revision plugin. Once you have activated a plugin, a new option will appear under the Settings tab (Settings » Better Delete Revision).

Once you click on the options link, you should be brought to a page called “Better Delete Revision Manager” which shows you the stats of how many redundant post revisions have you deleted since you started using the plugin. It also lets you check for post revisions that can be deleted, and it has the button for optimizing your database.

You can click on check revision posts to see the list of posts revisions that can be deleted. It will give you the button to delete them all. The other button is for Optimizing your Database. That will check the status of all tables and let you know if they are OK or if it needs work. Just ran the test on our site, and it showed that all of our tables were OK.

Download Better Delete Revision plugin from the repository and give it a go on your site. See what a lighter and smaller WordPress database can do for you

Update 11/7/2012: Please read Mike Little’s comment. Deleting revisions have no impact on your site’s speed. We were wrong.

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