What is the difference between a dedicated server and a dedicated cloud server?

Have you had any doubts about choosing a dedicated server for cloud and dedicated server for the app or website? Each company and business needs a website and a fast server to host it,

and choosing web hosting has many consequences for a business, which can be either positive or negative.

Even a second difference in website responsiveness can be at the cost of losing or gaining 7% of a company’s customers.

In January 2018, Google updated its algorithm, which included page speed as a rating factor.

In addition, consider the case where website visitors, or your customers, leave your website because of the high loading time; and there will no longer be any opportunity to welcome your products or services.

The loading time is just one example of the importance of hosting, and its impact on the company is very important. Therefore, hosting a web site that you choose for a company is vital.

To understand the importance of hosting servers, we examine the difference in two major types of services: cloud-hosting and dedicated servers.

Hosting cloud dedicated servers, both have advantages and disadvantages that are selected according to the company’s budget and its needs.

In this article, you will find a definition of each one, along with an overview of their differences. After reviewing this information, you will find which server type is best for your business.

Cloud Ecosystem

It is a technology that allows an unlimited number of servers to act as a single entity. When information is stored in the It, it means that they are stored in a cyberspace and their resources are located in different physical spaces that are strategically located around the world.



Cloud server

That servers, like the dedicated server, can be configured to provide levels of performance, security, and control. But instead of being hosted on the physical hardware used by you alone, they are placed in a shared virtual environment and managed by the web hosting service provider.

In this case, since you share hardware with other customers, you will benefit from reduced cost savings, and will only pay the exact amount of server space you use.

That servers also allow you to categorize resources on an approximate basis, so that when demand is low, you do not have to pay for space for sometime untapped.

Using cloud servers, you can optimize the performance of IT without the huge costs associated with purchasing and managing dedicated server infrastructure.

Cloud computing is ideal for businesses that at different times require varying amounts of server capacity.

Dedicated Servers

A dedicate server is a physical server that is fully purchase or rent for business needs.

Dedicated servers are typically required by large businesses and organizations that require high security or organizations that have a high and constant need for server capacity.

On a dedicated server, there is still a need for expertise in IT to manage and maintain.

For companies that use heavy-entry applications, such as databases and large data systems, having dedicate hardware and dedicate servers is worth the cost and has economic justification.

Why should you use a cloud server? Or why use a dedicated server?


Both dedicate server and server can be implement within minutes. The dedicated environment provides the ability to fully customize servers, and this is an option that is not available on most cloud servers.

Security and expectations

Cloud servers are multi-user and simultaneously used by multiple companies; but dedicate servers have only one user and are only use by a company.

To select a cloud or dedicated server, you should consider this important issue whether your business security requires an independent environment.

Is the dedicated server reliable?

All dedicate server resources are assigne to a client who rents or purchases physical hardware.

Sources, including storage space, RAM, bandwidth and processor type, are customize to suit customer needs.

Dedicated hosting servers are the most powerful devices on the market and often include multiple processors. A client may have only one server cluster.
This cluster is know as a “private cloud.”

This cluster is build on virtual technology, but cyberspace resources are only available to a single client.


Access to tools

In both dedicated server and server environments, pricing models based on tools are available.

By looking at pricing models, the cloud server provides easy resource segmentation, which is usually cost-effective in dedicated hardware.

Hybrid Cloud Server Integration Server

Hybrid Cloud is a new configuration that is increasingly popular in many companies.

The hybrid cloud utilizes dedicated server and That hosting solutions. This configuration is attractive for companies with specific needs or budget constraints, due to the possibility of multiple customization changes.


Identifying the right solution depends on your business goals and objectives

as well as the immediate and long term IT needs of your company.

This article tries to help you check your cloud servers and dedicated servers

and evaluate your needs so you can choose the best solution.

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