Apple’s iPhone XR became the world’s best-selling handset in the first half of the year

A new report by Accurate Statistics claims that the Apple iPhone R has been named

the world’s best-selling handset in the first half of the year, above all other products.

Various companies have been releasing high-end and high-end products for more than $ 4.3 in the past few years,
but none have been the best-selling handset this year. Apparently it was the Apple iPhone XR, which sold more than any other phone in the first half of the year.

New statistics released by the IHS Market Research Institute show that in the first half of the year,

more than 2 million iPhone 5s have been sold worldwide, a figure that stands out.

The iPhone R is not a cheap phone at its $ 2 price tag, but it is a bargain compared to the high-end products and is the cheapest of the iPhone 6s. IHS Market claims that sales for the iPhone XR amounted to about 2.6 million units in the first quarter of this year, and 4.8 million units in the second quarter. That means the number of sales of the iPhone 6R in the first half of this year totaled 6 million.

Apple iPhone XR / Apple iPhone XR

Looking at the statistics,

we can see that the sales of the iPhone 5R were twice

as high as those of the Samsung Galaxy A10; ۱۰R, it’s been great.

“Apple has a lower product variety than Android handsets, which means the company’s end-to-end sales are split into fewer products; the result is that each model of Apple iPhone sells well,” They are higher than their Android competitors. Just like what happened to the iPhone R and Samsung’s mid-range phones. “

The iPhone 5 (released in year 2) and the iPhone 5S are also among the best-selling phones of the year,

while the Samsung Galaxy A10 and Samsung Galaxy A50 are priced below $ 2 each, respectively. The 2 million and 6 million units and the 2 million units are the second and third tiers. None of the flagships of the Samsung Galaxy S family have been on the best-selling charts for the first half of the year.

Apple iPhone Xr / Apple iPhone Xr

The best-selling handsets in the world in the first half of the year, from IHS Market Institute

Phone name Manufacturer Sales figure
IPhone XR Apple 4.7 million devices
Galaxy A10
Samsung 4.7 million devices
Galaxy A50 Samsung 1 million units
IPhone 6 Apple 4.7 million devices
Stack 6A Xiaomi 1 million units
Red Note 4 Xiaomi 1 million units
Blind Galaxy J2 Samsung 4.7 million devices
A5 Oppo 4.7 million devices
IPhone XS Max Apple 4.7 million devices
Galaxy A30 Samsung 4.7 million devices

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