Apple` s MyWeather is a beautiful weather app for iphones

MyWeather is a useful weather app that has a variety of beautiful themes.

The MyWeather Weather app is a weather- friendly app like most apps, but what sets this app apart is its many interesting features and themes. In this zoom we introduce this app.

The design of this program is simple and optimized. On the first page or Today, you will see the weather selected for today and for the next ten days.

In addition, you may want to compare today’s temperature with the previous day, which is also possible and you can see the maximum and minimum temperatures of the previous day.


By going down this section, you can see more detailed information on weather conditions, such as air humidity and wind and UV radiation.

Next, you’ll see other options that you can disable or rearrange by selecting the Edit button at the top right of this section. These include air quality index, traffic limitations, proper clothing for today, chances of a cold, UV protection, sunrise and sunset, hourly weather forecast and more accurate forecasts of the coming days. Of course, the first two features were not available at the time of writing. You can also switch between cities by swiping sides.


On the My World page, you can edit the list of cities you want to see and their weather forecasts.By selecting either one, the relevant page is displayed. In this and the previous section, you can update the information by dragging the page downwards. You can also add other people’s places in this section to find out about the weather in their lives.


On all pages, you can share your desired information in a beautiful textual or visual format by selecting the Share button. It’s also available on the Share page, and you can share the weatherinformation by selecting the city you want from the top of the page.


Finally, go to the settings section of the program, which is located on the More screen.

From here you can control all of the cool features of this app. At the top of the page, we have different themes, and even with the Life theme selected, a new theme is randomly selected each time you open the app. Below this section, you can change the app icon.

By selecting “?” From the top right, you will see the weather icons of the selected theme, and in the Settings section at the top left of the screen, you can access various settings such as cities list, notifications , display information and units, widget features, and Access for iOS devices, 3D Touch settings, Apple Watch and Sirishortcuts.


Multiple MyWeather widgets are also useful,

including four air quality information (which of course didn’t work at the time of writing),

cities weather, today’s weather and weekly information. Also, with the three-dimensional touch of the app icon on the iPhone , useful information is displayed along with quick access to different cities.



the MyWeather app is a good alternative to the popular apps in this category because of its useful features

and attractive appearance. Users have also responded positively, and the app has gained scores of 3.1 and Google Play, respectively.

Share your views on the MyWeather app with us and other zoom users.

positive points 

  •  Beautiful design and many themes
  •  Complete and useful weather information
  •  Ability to add friends’ locations
  •  Ability to share textual and visual air status
  •  Ability to change app icon
  •  Multiple functional widgets


  •  Disable air quality features and traffic restrictions when writing this
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