A Comprehensive HDD and SSD Memory Buying Guide – Part 4

Hard disk drives (HDDs) and SSDs with two different technologies are the main storage of PCs. What are the selection components? What kind of product is right for you?

Determine the storage capacity

If your goal is just to transfer photos or multiple media files from one device to another, or you want more space on your computer or laptop,

You can see flash drives that give you up to 1 terabyte of memory.

But if your storage is high and you want to keep the files longer, look for one terabyte of hard drives and even more.

فلش درایو

If you only need an external drive for backup and you don’t have a transport problem, you can take a look at network storage;

External hard drives for high volume archives and external power supply are available from different brands.

But if your priority is to carry information, then it is best to look for small dimensions of storage space to keep you from getting into trouble with your light weight pocket.

 At this point, at your best, you choose a drive that does not require a separate power supply.

However, with the reduction in size and weight you will have some limitation on storage power, and this is more evident in small disk drives than in SSD memory.

If you’re one of the people doing accounting, content creation, web surfing, the amount of storage you need

Those who do things like 3D design, play heavy video games or watch high quality movies are far less likely to do so.

The most convenient memory for you is the most consistent with your data storage strategy
Buying a hard drive with more storage is not a difficult task

While their cost doesn’t increase as much as capacity increases, the cost can sometimes be very high for SSDs with increased storage capacity.

On the one hand, one of the important features to pay attention to is the inactivity of the data over time, which makes the situation on the hard drives relatively better than the SSD.

One way to help you overcome these volume constraints is to use a hard drive in the RIAD technique.

What is the RIAD Technique?

RAID technology is a technology for achieving speed, security, and performance using multiple storage devices.

This method is common in computers under high computing pressure, such as servers. The memory layout technique and how to connect them creates a variety of RAID techniques.

This technique tries to show you not to look at your hard drives like separate islands, but to store new information in parallel by increasing the speed and security of managing and storing data with the same hard drives.

In-depth understanding of this technique, you might decide to buy a Raid Controller instead of buying a hard drive with your RAID hardware in addition to experiencing speed and security,

Have a smoother way to optimize the storage devices you buy in the future.

 حافظه SSD و هارد HDD

RAID technology is the most common way to increase the speed and efficiency and security of data management that can be done on a variety of modes on your home computer and with your motherboard in mind.

 In RAID technique,

the user is given more space and speed by using multi-drive connection under a single configuration.

You need at least two drives to implement RAID; of course, the experience of RAID tripping is better, so if you are buying a third drive, be more careful about how to implement RAID techniques.

It is best for your hard drives to use data capture technology, as well as standard RAID techniques for your drives should have similar capabilities.

raid hdd

RAID technology is implemented in a variety of ways. In each method, the minimum and maximum of the hurdles are different

And of course each of the Raid 0 to Raid 10 or (Raid 1 + 0) methods and other conventional methods are used for a specific purpose.

 It should be noted that the RAID technique is applicable to both HDD and SSD types;

You should also use a controller to manage RAID, which can be either software or hardware, although the hardware provides better results.

One purchase and two goals; a combination of hard disk drive and SSD memory

Hard drives provide affordable storage space at their own expense, on the other hand, one way to achieve high-speed SSD storage is in a variety of ways, available to older, more modern computers.

You can use both types of hard drives in combination. Fortunately, many laptops on the market now use hybrid memory;

Transfer operating system information to the fast SSD part and store unnecessary data on the hard drive.


As much as you care about capacity, you should care quickly. Two factors are important in the speed of data storage:

Storage technology

 How to connect

In other words, there are two types of speeds in the storage device: the speed of writing and reading information and the speed of information transfer. Generally the speed of writing to a memory is less than the speed of reading it.

 حافظه SSD و هارد HDD

The inherent nature of the storage device cannot be overemphasized. Finally, an SSD is faster than a hard disk drive, but it is also more expensive.

 External SSDs, in addition to expensive ones, often offer less capacity than disk drives.

In the case of drives, the speed is related to the disk rotation speed and the interfaces, while in SSD memory the speed depends on the flash memory technology and the interfaces.

High speeds of 2 MB / s in writing and reading data on M.2 SSDs are not strange right now

However, conventional hard disks are limited to 5Mbps, for example in our tests the XPG S11 Pro is capable of achieving this speed.

So if speed is your priority and you need a lot of data transfer speed for your professional work like editing, then SSD is definitely the solution.

Rotational speed

Among the characteristics of the hard disk drive, the RPM specification is an important point. This is a characteristic of device storage technology.

Most RPM values can be found at values of 1, 2, 2, and 1 rpm, however, sometimes with hard drives or speeds above 1.

There is a direct relationship between the speed of rotation and the rate of transfer of information. On the other hand, high-speed hard drives are also more consuming than normal samples.

In the PC market, two types of hard disks are available more than 1/2 rpm.


Normally, the rotational speed of 2 rpm is useful for most users; however, 5 rpm models are also acceptable as the most widely used hard drives for many users.

Speeds above 4 laps are for users who engage in high-intensity activity like playing video games.

When buying SSDs, you do not need to worry about the RPM feature, but about any storage device

And be very careful about using the speed capacity with the type of interface or cable. The following table shows the connection type and rotation speed of the hard drive.

Connection Type RPM 
SCSI 1۰۰۰۰-15۰۰۰
SAS 1۰۰۰۰-15۰۰۰
PATA 72۰۰-1۰۰۰۰
SATA 72۰۰-1۰۰۰۰
 CF TYPE II 36۰۰

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