5 Main Advantages of a Virtual Private Server

5 Main Advantages of a Virtual Private Server

It’s not a secret that during the past few years virtual private servers (VPS) have attacked hosting market with fill force, and since virtualization is a pretty cheap way to boost performance, this trend will continue to develop.

If you’re on the hunt for a good hosting solution, you should definitely consider a virtual private server. Here’s why.

1. Higher Reliability

Shared hosting is a tricky business: one bad user can make the entire server crash down and make the other vulnerable. Indeed, this hosting option will soon be in the past. Since many hosting companies oversell their servers and load them with thousands of users, the reliability of shared hosting is close to a zero. If some unskilled user accidentally makes the server fail, your project will suffer, as well. Are you willing to take these risks for your website, especially if it’s for business?

There’s a better alternative. With a VPS you can isolate your hosting environment completely, because a few users are hosted on each node. That guarantees optimal performance and reliability.

2. Better Overall Control of the Server

There’s one marvelous thing about VPS server: you may have root access to it. Why does it matter? With such access, you have complete control over server environment, and can tailor it to you precise needs. If you want to install some custom software package, or open a port, you can do it without addressing the hosting provider.

Shared web servers are optimized for security, as well, but popular software packages are used, which means there are some security limitations. With your own virtual environment you can easily overcome this problem.

3. Greater Efficiency on an Eco Platform

Recently, eco-friendly technologies have become very popular, and you can be the next to follow this tendency and make sure that you leave as little waste as possible. Virtual private server is a way to do that, because it’s a pie that’s shared between several users. It’s one large dedicated server that consists of several virtual environments. Therefore, the resources of such server are optimally used.

4. Instant Scalability

This is especially important for someone starting a new website planning to develop it into something bigger and greater. With VPS hosting, you may scale resources without downtime or technical problems, which is very important. When you host a VPS, your environment will exist within so-called “container”. It allocates some certain amount of resources depending on the package you’ve purchased. The best thing about containers is that they can allocate more or less resources as you require them.

For instance, if you need to upgrade you RAM when you’re waiting for a huge volume of traffic, you can easily add more RAM in a click. On the contrary, if you own a dedicated server, you would need someone to physically install the new RAM on it, which can cause downtime and loss of traffic.

5. Cost Efficiency

VPS is a less expensive solution than it used to be a few years ago. Since virtualization technology continues advancing, the price will only continue falling. Virtual private hosting is now a good option for websites of all sizes, even if you just start a new brand one. You can order your own small hosting environment for as low as $5 per month – it’s even cheaper than some shared hosting accounts, but without risks and performance problems.

As soon as you switch to a VPS, you will never look back. Just consider a provider who offers easy server management and guarantees complete control over scaling and upgrading. Some VPS solutions also come with control panels, so you will easily maintain and manage your website.

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