20 Tricks for Android Google Chrome browser

Google Chrome Android has many secret features that are not well-known, and knowing them can make using Google’s popular browser all the more enjoyable.

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers for various platforms, and according to figures released in August last year, Google’s browser accounted for 5% of the market. The numerous and varied functionality, speed and ease of use of Google Chrome have always made it one of the most popular browsers.

Google Chrome browser is one of the pre-installed applications of Android devices, but even if it was not on these devices and was not the default browser, users would still install Google Chrome and use it as the main browser.

In this post, we are going to introduce you to six secret Google Chrome Android tricks that you may not be aware of. Knowing these tricks can greatly improve the user experience of this app and make it even more enjoyable to use. Understanding these tricks is an important part of Google Chrome training.

Note: Some features, also known as Chrome flags, are not enabled by default in the browser, and you need to make adjustments to enable them. We recommend that you avoid using features that require changes to these settings if you cannot easily make these adjustments. Also, some of these features may not work properly.

۱. Activate Dark Mode

Chrome browser dark mode / chrome android dark mode

Today, many developers have created Dark Mode for their apps. Also, those users of Google Chrome Android who are tired of browsing the web (using this mode will lessen their eyes) or prefer dark colors, can enable this mode in their browser.

How to enable this mode:

۱. Touch the triple menu
۲. Touch Settings.
۳. Select the Theme option.
۴. Enable the Dark option.

۲. Enable Internet saver mode

Save chrome data saver

Using this mode not only increases the speed of the browser, but also reduces the volume of Internet usage. Even if you don’t pay too much for the Internet or use unlimited plans, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may limit your speed or impose other restrictions.

How to enable this mode:

۱. Touch the triple menu.
۲. Tap Settings.
۳. Enable Data Saver.

۳. Sync passwords, bookmarks, history and more across devices

Google Chrome browser / google chrome sync

Cloud services allow synchronization of various items across devices, including bookmarks , history, passwords , tabs, bank card information, etc. In addition, Chrome also analyzes the data usage of users to better predict. .

How to sync:

۱. Touch the triple menu.
۲. Enter Settings.
۳. Below the Account option, select the Sign in to Chrome option.
۴. Follow the instructions to sign in to Google Chrome.

You now have access to Sync and Google services or Google sync and services, and you can easily change different things to sync to your liking.

Note: If you are already signed in to Google Chrome (so called in), you don’t need steps 1-8.

۴. Enable Preloading pages

zoomit- site

The Preloading pages feature is a very useful feature of Google Chrome that helps speed up web browsing . Using this feature will load pages before the user clicks on web pages. In other words, these pages load in the background of the app before you decide to click on them. This feature will greatly increase the speed of web browsing by using cookie data (information generated when you visit different sites on how the user interacts with the site), but your internet usage will also increase. So, if you’re limited in internet volume, don’t use this feature, but if you don’t mind consuming a few megabytes of extra volume and prefer to open pages faster , we definitely recommend using it.

How to enable the Preloading pages feature:

۱. Touch the triple menu.
۲. Touch Settings.
۳. Select the Privacy option.
۴. Enable Preload pages for faster browsing and searching.

۵. Change the default search engine on Google Chrome

zoomit search

Google is undoubtedly the best search engine , but some users may want to change their search engine for some reason. Google Chrome also has the ability to change the default search engine, and you need to follow these steps:

۱. Touch the triple menu.
۲. Touch Settings.
۳. Select the Search engine option.
۴. Select the search engine you want.

۶. Faster switch between tabs (tabs)

Usually when switching between several tabs in your browser, switching between them becomes a little difficult. To increase the switch speed between tabs, simply swipe vertically on the address bar . This allows you to move from site to site in just seconds.

۷. Horizontal switch between tabs

Horizontal switch between Chrome Android tab / chrome horizontal tap switch

Vertical switching between tabs is also possible in Google Chrome. With this switch you can see the pages better and they look more orderly. Follow the steps below to vertically switch between tabs:

۱. Type the word Chrome: // flags in the address bar.
۲. Find the Enable horizontal tab switcher option.
۳. After finding this option, change it from the drop down menu to Default to Enabled.

۸. Enable tab grouping mode

Grouping Fever in Chrome

Using this method, you can group the tabs into folders or create folders for them to be arranged perfectly. Do the following:

۱. Type the word Chrome: // flags in the address bar.
۲. Find the Tab Groups option.
۳. After finding this option, change it from the drop down menu to Default to Enabled.
۴. Once enabled, a message will appear below the screen asking you to restart the app (just touch the Relaunch option in the blue box).

۹. Select some of the text on web pages

Select text in Chrome

To use any piece of text on a web page, just touch it for a few seconds. Then, a bar with two markers appears at the beginning and end of the text, with the markers you can select any part of the text you want. After the text is set, a small menu bar will appear where you can search the selected text on the Internet (To search the selected text on the Internet, you must use the Web Search or Web Search option that appears by touching the menu bar on the right side of the bar ) Or copy or share it with other apps with the Share option (such as messaging apps or note-taking apps ).

If you are running Android 8 or later, you may also see options such as phone number or location address or email .

۱۰. Zoom in to content on sites that can zoom in on texts or images

Unfortunately, on some sites, users cannot zoom in on their content for unknown reasons, and this may be a little annoying for them. Google has solved this problem in its browser too, and users can zoom in and out of the content of any website by making the necessary adjustments. To do so in the Chrome menu, first touch Setting and in the Accessibility section, enable Force enable zoom.

۱۱. Disable automatic playback of videos and audio files

Disable automatic playback in Chrome on Android

Automatically playing videos and sounds is annoying to some people, especially when you want to surf in a quiet public place like a library. To disable this feature, follow these steps:

۱. Touch the triple menu.
۲. Touch Settings.
۳. Select the Site Settings option.
۴. Select the Media option.
۵. Select and disable the Autoplay option.

۱۲. Enable Parallel Downloading to speed up the download of large files

The Parallel Downloading feature divides large files into multiple portions and simultaneously downloads multiple portions of a file, making them easier to download and less worrying about downloading large files .

How to enable Parallel Downloading:

۱. Type the word Chrome: // flags in the address bar.
۲. Find the Parallel Downloading option.
۳. After finding this option, change it from the drop down menu to Default to Enabled.

۱۳. Add websites shortcut to Chrome homepage

zoomit shortcut

Another feature of Chrome is to facilitate access to the websites you visit frequently. Touching the Add to home screen option opens a box where you can rename the site. Finally, by touching the Add option, the site will be added to the homepage, so you can open it just by touching the website icon on the homepage.

۱۴. Select Reader mode to increase browser speed

Chrome reader mode

By selecting Reader mode, unnecessary sections such as images , videos, unnecessary fonts, and more are removed and only text remains. To use this mode, follow the steps below:

۱. Type the word Chrome: // flags in the address bar.
۲. Find the Reader mode triggering option.
۳. After finding this option, change it from the drop down menu to Default to Enabled.

۱۵. Move the toolbar to the bottom of the page

Almost all users are accustomed to having a home button and a three-dot menu and a square icon that shows the number of open tabs and can be switched between tabs with the address bar , but you can have all these sections together Make up the toolbar , scroll down to the bottom of the screen . This will occupy some of the lower screen space, but instead make access to the tools mentioned easier.

How to move the toolbar to the bottom:

۱. Type the word Chrome: // flags in the address bar.
۲. Find the term Chrome duet.
۳. After finding this option, change it from the drop down menu to Default to Enabled.
۴. Once enabled, a message will appear below the screen asking you to restart the app (just touch the relaunch option in the blue box).

۱۶. Refresh with just a swap

To facilitate refreshing the screen, simply slide your finger across the screen and slide it down. Displays the circular arrow and the blue circle that rotates as the page is refreshing.

۱۷. Open desktop version of websites in Chrome Android

Open the desktop version of the site in Chrome Android

Sites only have problems with Chrome Android when they are designed for the mobile platform. The mobile version of many websites is not suitable at all and does not provide many users with the features available in the desktop version. For this reason, you can request Chrome Android to open the desktop version of the site for you. To do so, first open the target site and then activate the Desktop site option in the triple menu, though this feature is only available in some versions of Chrome Android.

۱۸. Resize texts of web pages

If the texts bother your eyes, you can resize them by following these steps:

۱. Touch the triple menu.
۲. Touch Settings.
۳. Select the Accessibility option.
۴. In the Text scaling submenu, move the bar to the right or left to increase or decrease the size of texts.

۱۹. Translating texts from websites

Chrome has the ability to translate texts using Google Translate . To use this feature, make the following settings:

۱. Touch the triple menu.
۲. Open the website you want.
۳. Select the Translate option.

After selecting this option, a bar will appear at the bottom of the screen, to the right of which there are available languages ​​for translation, and to the left of the menu is a three-dimensional menu that you can add to the list of available languages ​​by touching it and selecting the More languages ​​option. . If the language in this bar is present, you can only translate all the text on the page by touching it.

۲۰. Use Incognito Mode

zoomit incognito mode

In the usual case, all web-related activities are listed in the Browser’s History section, and this may not be so appealing to users who care about their privacy. To solve this problem, you can use Incognito mode and prevent your activity from being recorded in the history. To use this mode, you must open the New Incognito Tab option from the main menu. After selecting this option, a black window will pop up, and no matter what you search for, it will not be recorded in the histories.

Of course, there is also the possibility of deleting records in the history. You must use the Clear browsing data option to do this. Selecting this option allows you to specify a time limit for deleting logs, and also deletes visited sites or searched topics, cookie and site data, and cached images and files. Removing cached images and files also helps to free up memory space .

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