20 attractive and practical gadgets that you have never seen before

We all love creative and functional gadgets. Gadgets that make life easier, more attractive, smarter and more fun for us.

The number of these gadgets in the world is not small and no matter how familiar we are with them; Again, there are some interesting gadgets that we do not know about or have never seen.

More importantly, these gadgets do things for us that we may have wished for years were the tools and equipment to do them. Every year, a number of new gadgets with more advanced technologies are introduced to create new habits in our lives.

We may never have imagined having a curved monitor or clamshell phone, but by 2020 these gadgets have become commonplace and can be seen in abundance in our work and life.

Join us to discover and introduce you to 20 attractive and useful gadgets that you have probably never seen or read about. I’m sure you will enjoy seeing some of these gadgets and looking to buy them:

Laptop holder

If you want to connect a mobile phone, external hard drive, modem or anything else to the body of the laptop so that it is not on the floor and table and can be easily moved with the laptop; Buy the DriveSlide Laptop Attachment gadget.

This gadget uses the Lock and Key mechanism to allow any external device to stick to the laptop.

Samsung automatic clothes cleaner

Samsung has been offering the AirDresser for a long time and even several models of it have entered the market. AirDresser helps you always have clean and ready clothes without spending time.

This gadget removes up to 99% of dust and other particles sitting on clothes in 25 minutes.

Handheld printer for any surface

With the Handjet EBS-260 on every surface from wood, metal, cement and plastic to tools and surfaces you can not imagine; Print text and images in full detail. You will adjust the text and details via a touch screen and give it to this handheld printer.

Amazon Alexa Blocker

If you want Amazon Alexa Digital Assistant to listen in on your private conversations at home; Again, a gadget called Alexagate Amazon Alexa Blocker has been released for it. Place this gadget on top of the Amazon Echo speaker to block its microphone. Touching this gadget three times automatically turns it on and off.

Cargo delivery robot

Robots have entered our lives and are playing an increasingly important role every day. One of the robots that will probably be normal for us in a few years; The Digit Bipedal Robot is a small humanoid robot for delivering cargo from home to home addresses. Using LiDAR technology and other sensors, this robot can detect the environment and destination address and deliver the package.

Send creative love messages

It is beautiful and in a very creative and surprising way it can convey your loving message to others. Just press the heart key like on the box Lovebox Modern Love Note Messenger to rotate a little and open the box door and show your message.

Portable cooler

Portable coolers are on the rise in recent years, and the Cool Human Hands-Free Portable Body Cooler is one of the best. Fasten this gadget to your belt and pants to feel the cool air under your shirt.

Xiaomi Transparent Monitor

A few days ago, we introduced the world’s first fully transparent TV from Xiaomi, but the Chinese company also has a transparent gaming monitor called Mi TV LUX. This monitor acts like a glass when it is off and when it is on; It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring.

Mobile Razr gamepad

If you are playing on mobile; It does not matter if you have an Android or iPhone device; Because the Razer Kishi Mobile Gamepad is a standard and universal gamepad for any mobile phone so you can play more easily anywhere. It has Apple USB-C and Lightning ports so you do not experience any latency.

Help to remind and see

Studio Fantasio FAMILIA Human Connection gadget is for people who are a little forgetful or have vision problems. Reminds you to take your pills on time or helps you see better.

Magnetic tiles and lighting

POLYGON tiles and boxes made a fuss during this time, and their videos have been republished many times on social media. Tiles that you can glue together to form any shape, and then when they stick together; They turn on. The best gadget to increase creativity and visual effect in any place you like to be turned on and off with the touch of your hand.

Clock strap for movement gestures

Smartwatches may be smart enough, but their straps are definitely not, and they do nothing. The Mudra Band Gesture Control Strap gadget helps add a few gestures to the Apple Watch to make it easier to manage calls and enjoy music. You can receive notifications with a gesture without having to quit.

Radio for the whole world

Listen to live radio from 18 cities around the world with the Palomar CityRadio Worldwide Music Box. Just touch the key name of the city you want to listen to on the radio to start playing.

Sony Smart Dog

When you enter the house; The aibo Intelligent Dog Robot Pet responds and greets you just like a real dog. You can train this smart dog robot and plan a daily habit for it. You can even give her biscuits.

Interactive wall for exhibition

A very interesting and creative gadget for exhibitions, conferences, seminars and places that you want to attract the attention of the visitor and make him react and interact. This interactive wall has programmable keys and icons, each of which can be connected to a touch sensor. The size of this wall is 10 square meters with 12 touch points.

Samsung Game Curved Monitor

It is one of the most curved screens in the world for gaming. The Samsung Odyssey G9 will literally bring you into the dream and you will experience a new world of gaming with it. 49-inch and the largest curved monitor is Samsung 1000R.

Smart accordion lamp

You can bend this light bulb, open it 180 and 360 degrees, or turn it into different shapes, and turn it on for a few hours in the place you like, and then fold it up and take it with you. The Gingko Smart Accordion Lamp Collapsible Light is exactly like an accordion and is inspired by its construction.

Wearable recorder

With NavVis VLX you can quickly scan your surroundings. It has two multi-dimensional LiDAR sensors with 3D measurement capability to scan and capture objects and environments in real size. A similar example of this device is used by Google employees to develop Google augmented reality maps.

Gardening in the future

Rotofarm Architectural Soil-Free Circular Farm can be considered a symbol of gardening in the future. This gadget allows you to grow a variety of foods and houseplants in a zero-weight environment.

Sand speaker

The DEEPTIME Spirula 3D speaker is made of sand and has one of the most creative designs in the world. Built with 3D printers, it takes your music experience to the next level. Because it makes you listen to music ergonomically with your ear.

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