10 Solution to improve laptop gaming performance

If your laptop doesn’t perform well for a relatively new game, you can enhance its gaming performance to run smoothly by using a few methods, some of which are quite simple.

Laptops are definitely not as affordable as desktop PCs because desktop PC users can improve performance by upgrading some of their PC hardware, such as graphics cards and CPUs , but they can’t be replaced or upgraded. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t experience new games.

If you want to play heavy games with your laptop, you have to adhere to certain principles and keep your laptop in good condition in various ways, some of which are very simple. Here are some simple ways to improve gaming performance for your laptop .


Cleaning the laptop

Proper physical maintenance is one of the key principles for keeping a laptop in good condition. Blocking the air vents with dust and other particles and stopping the air flow causes the device to heat up, put pressure on the processor and graphics card, thereby disrupting their performance and weakening the performance of the laptop while playing games; clearing the dust sounds easy. But this is not the case because unlocking the laptop will invalidate the warranty of the device and if so, authorized after-sales service and repair centers will not provide the necessary service, so we strongly recommend not cleaning the laptop at all. And only A. Use laptop cleaning equipment. In addition to cleaning the ventilation holes, we recommend that you consult a specialist after-sales service center to clean the interior and exterior of laptop fans. If the laptop’s temperature remains high after cleaning the ventilation holes and fans, try using methods such as using cooling stands and placing the laptop on a hard surface.

Fan base

We recommend cleaning the laptop, keyboard and display in addition to cleaning the ventilation holes of the laptop to remove dust and food particles from the keypad and make the image look good and stain-free!

It is recommended to clean the pores and keyboards with nano and compressed air spray or high pressure blowers (to clean very fine particles and remove them from small pores and narrow grooves), distilled and treated water and disinfectant wipes. Completely clean and disinfect.

If possible, use isopropyl alcohol to clean the display and turn off the laptop before sleeping and sleep on the back. Never press the surface of the display when cleaning and do not press your finger on the napkin.

Updating drivers

Driver Updates

Devices running Windows ,

macOS and Linux are equip with the same hardware with the same architecture,

and constant updates to their drivers are essential.

Driver updates are usually easy to do, and you may only occasionally run into a few issues,

but the process of updating drivers is usually the same.

As for updating graphics card drivers ,

we should also say that if you use Intel graphics cards (which are not suitable for heavy games), you should not worry about updating their drivers,

as they update automatically when updating Windows, but they update automatically. There are other such graphics card options.

Graphics card management software like Nvidia GeForce and AMD Gaming Evolve also need to be update. You shouldn’t forget about updating your laptop controller and sound card drivers too.

Install the latest version of DirectX software


There is a lot of software to facilitate the graphics processing of heavy games, DirectX being one of them and it must be installed on the system. 

The latest version of this tool is DirectX 12 , released in year 6 and is one of the pre-installed Windows 10 software.

To view the DirectX version of your system, first press the Windows and R buttons to open the command prompt or the Run menu, then enter dxdiag and wait for the DirectX Diagnostic Tool or DXDiag.

Once you run this tool, you can click on the Render or Display tab to view your system’s graphics card information, and in the Direct3D DDI box you can also see the X-ray version;

however, the X-ray version may also be displayed in the main window. You can see their status in the Sound tab to make sure audio drivers are suitable for the game. The Input tab also provides a brief overview of all system drivers.

Using the DXDiag tool is also a good way to find out about the status of different drivers, and if any of your drivers are not up to date, update your windows or manually update the drivers you want.

Overclocking the graphics card


Overclocking the graphics card slightly increases its power; however, most beginner users find that overclocking is risky and can damage the hardware; but don’t worry, as long as you don’t have any problems with the principles. Before overclocking, you must take the necessary steps to prevent potential problems due to increased power consumption and increased CPU heat.

To avoid the problems of increasing the power consumption of the CPU you need

to make the settings related to the laptop power supply to power the graphics card.

After prevent excessive heat from the laptop, you also need to clean the fans

and the heater or the heater (the part underneath the fan that absorbs the heat of the graphics card);

if you clean these two parts and ignore other measures to reduce heat. ,

If the graphics card temperature rises above the limit,

the device will automatically shut down to prevent damage to the graphics card.

Currently, MSI Afterburner software is the most popular overclock software

and it can be used by both NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards.

Overclocking will definitely increase the power of the graphics card, but you have to be careful to do so.

Increase the force

Power consumption management

Windows 10 users can use a number of different features to reduce the power consumption of their laptops, but the power consumption of laptops is greatly increased during gaming, so you should put your laptop in high performance mode to avoid annoying problems when playing heavy games. Prevent. In this case, the power consumption of the device will increase greatly, but it will perform better.

To enable this mode in Windows 10, select High performance after following the path Settings> System> Power and sleep> Additional power settings. You can also change the power-related settings by applying Change plan settings> Change advanced power settings and make the necessary changes to optimize power consumption while playing.

Enable Windows 10 game mode

Game Mode


The Xbox app in Windows 10 offers users with features such as video recording,

screen play, and Game Mode to make users enjoy this version of Windows. You can optimize your laptop for gaming by enabling this mode.

To activate this mode, first press the Windows and G buttons to launch the Xbox app,

and after running the app, activate the “Yes, this is a game” option and finally the Game Mode option in the game bar on the right side of the screen. After this option is enabled,

Windows will run games with optimal settings and shut down or stop applications running in the background when running the game.

Stop running existing apps to increase the number of game frames

Stop running apps

With a few simple clicks,

you can make sure that all running apps are shut down before running the game so that the games can run with more frames and increase their excitement.

All running applications in the background of the system are displayed in the System Tray (To view System Tray you need to click on the small arrow to the right of the taskbar)

and to close these applications you just need to click on them and select Exit, Quit,

or other similar options; however, let’s keep the graphics card management app or apps such as voice chat apps running.

Speed ​​up the Internet for online games

Increase internet speed

Certainly online gaming is a lot more fun than offline gaming,

but logging and delays can be the most annoying problem for professional gamers due to the slow speed of the internet.

Most of the time, the problem is the speed of the network, but sometimes inappropriate communication between the modem and the laptop can also cause problems.

If you think this is not a problem with the network, we recommend updating your laptop driver first;

if the problem persists or the latest version of the driver update is install,

connect the laptop to the modem. If the problem persists, change your Internet service.

Manage automatic updates

Windows Update

Windows auto-update feature is a useful feature, but can sometimes be a nuisance. Windows can receive updates in the background of the operating system; however, it does not install after receiving it and only periodically alerts users that these updates must be installed. Unfortunately, both uninstalled updates and periodic reminders to install them can affect Windows performance.

It is also not possible to disable automatic windows updates,

but you can use one of the following methods if necessary:

  • Keep the computer offline
  • Install updates as they are publish and receive
  • Windows 10 recently introduced a new ability to block updates for 3 days. This feature has been added to Windows 10 since the May 9 update (version 2).

It is almost impossible to disconnect the laptop internet connection uses for gaming,

so installing new updates right after receiving them is the best way to prevent the laptop from being affect.

Some digital stores, such as Steam, can also get their own background updates. While playing a game, another game may download background files for updates.

To prevent this problem after logging into Settings,

disable Allow downloads during gameplay in the Downloads tab and click OK to save the changes.

You can also enable automatic download of background update files for your desired games if you wish. To do this, right-click on the game you want in the menu, first click on Properties and then on the Updates option and finally enable both Automatic updates and Background downloads.

Manipulate image texture settings to optimize graphics card settings

Graphics card settings

Adjusting the graphics card settings to optimize them can also be a great way to improve laptop gaming performance,

especially if you want to play a particular game. You can specify how to display details associated with shadows and textures by adjusting the texture settings.

To view and change the settings on the NVIDIA graphics card, right-click on the graphics card icon in System Tray and select the NVIDIA Control Panel option from the left panel.

Laptop GPU memory limits users’ access to various options,

so it is best to choose settings that do not affect the performance of the laptop; in other words, increasing resolution and resolution will save a lot of RAM and reduce frame rate. So it’s best to pay more attention to frame rate than visual effects while making adjustments.

In this section, you can also adjust the shadow and texture settings for each game individually,

so you can play older games with higher graphics settings. You can also customize the video settings of each game individually on the video / display settings page while playing the game.

Adjusting the settings takes only a few minutes to find the right settings,

and when the graphical details of the games are display exactly as you expect,

you find it worth the few minutes to find the optimal settings.

Last word

To what extent do you think these solutions can enhance laptop performance for gaming? This article discusses gaming performance enhancement solutions for Windows operating systems only, but there is a similar solution for macOS and Linux operating systems.


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