10 Reasons to Use Windows 10 – Everything You Need to Know about this

Windows 10 has brought a lot of features. In this article we will review some of the most important features of the latest version of Windows to see why it’s better to upgrade your Windows version.

Perhaps you’ve heard that for some people, working with Windows 10 is scary. But if you have the experience of working with Windows 10, that experience will be great for you

Features such as face detection, touch screen support, multiple desktops, quick access to File Explorer, and even the Edge browser, improve your daily experience from Windows.

Surely, people who use Windows Media Center will have problems with Windows 10, and some may install legacy software that will not work anymore.

One of the other issues of Windows 10 is the privacy of individuals. If you like, you can disable all your user reports.

Although some of the best features of Windows will be lost. You do not even need to log into your account. Note that this access is not possible on Mac OS.

However, the main thing is that Windows 10 has made significant progress in most of the crucial factors, such as speed, security, user interface, compatibility, and software tools.

The Windows 10 design is familiar to Windows 8 users. In Windows 10, the use of the mouse and keyboard becomes more popular than Windows 8 by increasing the availability of software in the start menu.

However, Windows 10 is a good choice for those who want true performance, security, and advanced features in Windows 8 and 8.1.

Windows 10 unveiled a major update on its anniversary year. Using the Windows operating system is free for one year, but then you need to use $ 119.99 for a home-based version and pay $ 199.99 for a professional edition.

If you’ve upgraded your device’s operating system to Windows 10, Windows Update will be free after a year, and if you buy a new computer, it will probably come with a new operating system.

You can also access both the new and old versions of Windows from the Microsoft physical and Internet stores by purchasing portable installers (USB).

If you are a tablet user, it’s better to upgrade your Windows to Windows 10, because this Windows will be a great deal for you after this update.

For example, the Edge web browser now allows you to easily migrate to browser pages, and the All Apps section, instead of a long list, is displayed full-screen.

Of course, most of the updated versions of Windows are running on laptops and desktop computers, but for the reasons given below, it’s best to upgrade to the latest version of Windows.

Note that the new operating system has removed some of the features that were not used by the Windows audience.

Things like Windows Media Center, Desktop Gadgets in Windows 7, and more.

The main reason for the upgrade of Windows, in addition to all the features mentioned, is the use of the advantages that are consistent with the newer technologies.

You can also easily enjoy the experience of working with a new and functional environment. Several of the benefits listed below are also part of the Windows 8.1 features.

But an important goal in using Windows 10 is that you can easily learn how to work with Windows. From this perspective, Windows 10 is one of the best operating systems available.

1. Increase the operating system speed

One of the key features of Windows 8, 8.1, and 10

is Windows startup time compared to previous generation operating systems.

There are films for comparing these speeds that indicate that Windows 8.1 is faster than

the Mac OS X on the MacBook. Microsoft’s newer operating system is much faster than Windows 7.

Another target for speeding, which is mainly aimed at computer games,

is the use of 12DirectX, the new D3 engine, which creates a high level of performance for game developers.

2. Start menu


The tech community has been proud to protest the launch of the start page instead of the start menu on Windows 8. They wanted Microsoft to restore the start menu to Windows.

Interestingly, the same people used to laugh when the start menu appeared for Windows 95 for the first time. However, Microsoft will return this menu to Windows 10.

The functionality of this plugin is based on box-like displays and you can get new info from live view in different boxes.

These boxes also allow the Windows Touch OS to be activated.

3. Cortana

It’s very good to be able to talk with technology. If you have used Xbox One or talked with Siri, you know how you can communicate with technology without using it.

For example, by saying “Hello Cortana, Music Player” or “Take note” you can make this connection.

You can use Cortana to specify reminders on any device running Cortana. This feature will soon be added to the Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.

You can tell Cortana, “When I’m near a supermarket, remind me to catch a lion” or “When my wife called me, remind me to talk to her about her mother.” Of course Cortana is not just for performing voice commands.

Cortana can record your information like a notepad, keep you updated on the latest news from your favorite team, report local weather, and even show traffic conditions for your journey.

4. Universal apps

If you use Windows 7, you do not have the App Store. Windows 10 lets you find the software you need for big and small tasks and run your applications in the window or full screen.

These programs run on their own sandboxes, so their use is relatively safe in older windows. They also collaborate with the system by providing notifications in the Notifications Center and in-house sharing.

For example, a photo app can access the Instagram application using the standard sharing button.

Windows 10 has also been optimized with more powerful and efficient software such as Photos, Videos, Music, Maps, People, Mail and Calendar. These apps are just a click away or one-touch application running on Windows.

5. Touch

Almost all the display pages that are in your life are touch screens. Smartphone, tablet and even touch screen car navigation system.

So why do not your desktop or laptop touch the touchscreen?

We have also heard about the fingerprint problem on the screen, but why this issue should be more important than a fingerprint on a smartphone’s screen, while the fingerprint on the smartphone screen occupies more space.

Of course, the main way of using the computer is not by touching the screen, but it can be used whenever necessary.

6. Notification Center

Your smartphone publishes notifications for text messages, updates, and even new news.

Why can not the computer do this? Windows 10 can do this.

Like the Information Center on Mac X, the Notification Center Windows 10 can also announce your emails or updates to your system software. You may see a weather alert or a birthday reminder.

The benefits of these notifications to Windows 8 and 8.1 are that you can go back and revisit the notifications you’ve lost.

(Until you completely disable them.) These notifications disappeared quickly in Windows 7.

7. Better browser


Microsoft Edge, known as the Spartan project, is the default Windows OS browser that brings you to the modern world of browsers.

This means improving browser compatibility and speed, as well as adding a few new useful features, such as website markup and display-appropriate screening.

Edge has proven to be less battery-powered than laptops over the Chrome browser.

In the new Edge update, there are new extensions, such as LastPass and Adblock, to deal with unwanted and advertised pages.

8. System security

Windows 10 inherits its security from Windows 8 and is even more secure than Windows 8. This requires that the software and hardware components of Windows components be implemented correctly.

Unlike Windows 8, Windows 10 personal computers can offset this feature at startup.

Three other security features for Windows 10 include Device Guard, Microsoft Passport and Windows Hello.

9. Virtual desktops

For some years, some advanced Mac OS users can migrate between multiple virtual desktops.

Windows 10 was finally able to provide this feature to Microsoft’s desktop operating system.

In Windows 10, this is very easy to use,

and you can click on the switch icon next to the search box in the Cortana on the taskbar by clicking or tapping (on the touch screen).

10. Xbox app


If you are a fan of Xbox, you’ll definitely love to integrate it with Windows 10.

Not only does the Windows 10 Xbox app allow you to track your friends and their achievements in the game,

but you can transfer games from the console to the computer or use your computer to play with your other friends on Xbox in multiplayer games. .

The Windows Store now makes it easier to find the games, and if you buy them,

you can play on both the PC and the Xbox.

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