How to Write Impressive Contents to Attract More Customers?

Today, content is identified as a great tool for attracting the audience and the customer. Some tips should be taken to generate content to attract more customers.

Content production has become an important part of business marketing processes, especially startups.

However, many businesses are unaware of their importance, focusing only on product development and optimization.

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Suppose you put the product on the market after a long time, and now it’s time to get massive supply.

Certainly at this stage, your first program will be extensive marketing. Here, you should first ask yourself which more marketing channels to focus on?

Neil Patel, an online marketing professor, has paid 208 company marketing budgets on a regular basis. In his review, it was found that 60% of the company’s marketing costs were allocated to Google Adwords, and 20% was spent on Facebook advertising, and content marketing with 10% of the budget was ranked next.

Advertising on Google and Facebook had the highest rate of customer conversion, but content marketing had a return on investment of up to 600% for companies. This is while the return on investment in advertising was 350%.

A clear indication in Patel’s survey is that ads have good returns, but content marketing will be more cost effective at a cheaper rate.

As a result of these findings, it is possible to understand the importance of copyright (production of content with the aim of attracting more customers).

Now, after discovering the importance of content, we are asking how to create content to attract more customers? Following this Zoom article, we answer this question.

Importance to reading pattern

Studies on the reading pattern of users show that in English articles and left to right languages, there is a pattern similar to the letter F in reading the material.

The same pattern can be verified for the Farsi language and other right-to-left languages, and it is taken as the opposite of the letter F.

یادداشت برداشتن

In reading pattern F, users generally read the first line of the article and then scan it down to better understand the subject.

During the lengthy scan of the article, the subtypes attract the attention of the audience, which ultimately make up the pattern of F.

It is worth noting that there are other study patterns available to read the article, but the template is still more important for content marketing experts.

In order to draw any further articles and to follow the pattern, the following suggestions are suggested:

Write the headline and subtitles clearly.
Use the most important words at the beginning of the text. At the beginning of the paragraphs and subtitles, use the most important words first.
Make important words and phrases Bold.
Strengthen the importance of small sections by using color and frame and images.
Use numeric lists, bullets and tables.
Avoiding too much definition, addressing the facts

Advertising of the product and the organization will certainly be appealing, but customers do not seek such content in the content because they do not have enough time to read your many definitions of the product and service.

In fact, audiences are always looking for facts and information, and the sooner they have to achieve it.

The respondent needs the most useful information at the fastest time

For a closer look at the valuable details of the text and the facts, first prepare a list of titles and reasons for them.

How will your product help customers? What makes your product better than rivals?

In answering these questions, do not just write your own, but put the education and expression of the facts in an attractive tone into the agenda.

If you produce short, engaging, and meaningful content, it’s better than just sticking to the number of words you hold.


Attractive content

Today’s users spend time on reading or otherwise consuming content on smartphones and computers. By the way, they tend to be content consuming; but in the vast volume of available choices, the content is attractive and useful.

Consequently, if your content does not have much appeal, people will only read its elementary sections. As a result, the likelihood of converting the audience to the customer will be very low.

The content producer’s task is not just to inform and educate, but also to create an attraction and interest in such content.

 To find out whether or not content is produced, you can check the following factors on your website and services:

Abandoned website abundance
Number to unsubscribe or follow on social networks
Little interaction
Little share on social networks
Decrease traffic or lack of growth

To increase audience engagement and produce engaging content, you can take the following steps:

Generate concise and useful content
Producing content with impressive readability
Injection of private and intimate texts
story telling
Add visual content


Focus on headlines

The title can be called the most important part of the content. If you can not capture an audience with a headline, then the original text will never be read; therefore, the process of selecting and writing text should be important to your product name.

You can use the following guidelines to select the best headline:

Ignore part of the text goal
Add company tone
Suitable for search engines
Avoid High Focus on Words Of Interest
To describe
Storytelling is a secret weapon of content marketing

If storytelling is done properly, it has a secret weapon for businesses. Of course, you should not confuse the production of content with the novel.

On the contrary, whatever goes on to personalize the text, its attractiveness will increase.

You need creativity first to tell. Define a story that is relevant to your product and service, and set aside old ideas and mistrust and clear efforts to attract the audience.

Understand mistakes

Perhaps after following all the tips on content creation, do not get the desired result. Never give up at such a stage and refer your text to a reviewer for review.

Some professional content vendors, in addition to producing, are handy in reviewing and analyzing, and can help improve marketing marketing along with your marketing team.

However, collaborating with professionals to understand the initial mistakes will generally be required.


Purposeful and simple writing

Specify your goal before writing the first word. Your goal should not only be to sell the product and service; you must also love and love your customers to your product.

Do not forget to have a word constraint to create a sense of enthusiasm in the audience. In other words, you must use the least words to translate your meaning to the best.

Consider the simplicity as your primary task in producing content. The main goal is to establish a relationship with the reader, and then the importance of training and product display.

Finally, to achieve all the goals, you should consider the simplicity that, along with the attractiveness, increases the likelihood of customer engagement.

Research and planning

Make your content livelier by adding up-to-date details

Perhaps the process of pre-writing research seems to be boring for most people. Content that does not have a scientific or research basis may not attract current and active audiences.

The purpose of the research is to add content and details related to the original text. For example, you can link content with the events of the community of the day to transmit the sense of being.

In the content planning section, you can find tips such as selecting the type and length of the content. Before writing, you need to know what style of content is produced, is it from the beginning to think about storytelling or a scientific article focusing on your research?

Additionally, the length of the production content must be selected depending on the distribution channel. For example, the text that is published on the website will have significant differences with content that will be seen on social networks.

In the final planning stage, select headlines and subtitles. Then select one or two important topics in each section to focus on the text and ultimately develop your own text on the same topics.

Do not forget that producing great content takes time. This part of marketing should be considered as one of the most important steps and assign the best people and maximum time to it.


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