Why Windows Phone Failed to Continue? Part 1

Windows Phone was once the dominant operating system on mobile phones. The scales weighed heavily on the giant beasts and were used by the most powerful handsets.

But it was not long before Windows dropped out of the scene!

Windows Phone could now be a staunch rival to Google’s Android and Apple’s Apple ; perhaps if it had lessened its mistakes, Microsoft would now be a serious challenge for other tech giants in the mobile operating system. The truth is that Microsoft’s dominance of desktop and laptop windows has never been transferred to Windows Mobile.

After the defeat of Windows Phone, the Red Wings didn’t even want to talk about its reasons. For someone with a technology background, it may not be difficult to figure out the reasons for Windows Phone failure. It is enough to put the existing puzzles together.

Yes! Windows Phone Man! But perhaps magnificent – perhaps impressive – in fact it was the Peshmerga operating system that was to be sacrificed. Let’s turn history a little bit. Rest assured, you will eventually find that Windows Phone is dead atrocious and may take some time again!

October 1: Different operating systems

October 11, 2009 Stephen Young, a technology-savvy teenager, stands proudly in front of an audience and eagerly approves the release of a new version of the mobile operating system. Fry had good reasons for passion, since the original Windows Phone was different nowadays and in many ways ahead of its time.

WP7’s unique interface and live tiles provided live information while the iPhone had static icons at the time. Calendars included these live tiles to set and manage appointments, a very smooth messaging program, and a phone app.

Such a feature was neither available on Android nor iOS.

On the other hand, some of the design inspiration for apps like HTC BlinkFeed or / tag / google-now / cards was inspired by Microsoft’s Windows Phone information and text; at least Microsoft thought so.

Perhaps Microsoft’s biggest mistake was failing to follow its bold view of sensitivity in its new design. In fact, Windows Phone was compromised when Microsoft realized through feedback that the new design and operating system were too foreign to users.

windows phone Fail - Windows Phone Failure

The speed and responsiveness of Windows Phone were far superior to that of Android. The physical keyboard of the Windows Phone handsets was highly functional and superior. Microsoft’s locksmith notifications were very efficient and effective. In many of the most important tasks, Windows Phone equaled iOS; in fact, Microsoft took an approach similar to that of Apple.

He intended to own and control his own hardware and software. However, the hardware of the Windows Phone was not made by Microsoft. The Microsoft software store was too closed to be tolerated. Maybe if Microsoft had taken Google’s approach to Android, now Windows Phone had something to say.

November 7: Revolution in Industrial Design

The contribution of the Windows Phone ecosystem to smartphone design has never been properly recognized. This platform introduces handsets such as Samsung Omnia 7 with 5-inch OLED display , handset   The Dell Venue Pro with a slide-out keyboard and HTC 7 Surround with a large, integrated speaker had a stormy start. The following year, when HTC introduced the Windows Phone 8X and 8S and the Nokia Lumia 800 , we saw a revolution in industrial design by Windows Phone.

windows phone Fail - Windows Phone Failure

The smartphones used the funniest and most innovative designs of their time. Adapted from the beautiful design of the N9 in the form of pillows and icons, Nokia has stolen a Windows Phone for literally! But it didn’t matter – the reality was something else – that by the end of the year, they had the best hardware for a few mornings. The iPhone 4S looked good at the time.

 But it suffered from duplicate design last year and had a smaller screen.

Microsoft has been able to launch Windows Phone 8 with different designs from the global handset makers, and one year later it continues with the best designs from Nokia and HTC. Nokia gambled all its future on Windows; HTC, on the other hand, invested heavily in the development of Windows Phone devices such as the 8X and 8S (provided they had Windows Phone signatures on them). This was a pivotal moment for the entire mobile operating system, as the failure of Windows Phone to infiltrate the iPhone and Android market was what led to the loss of trust of Microsoft companies and hardware partners, and ultimately the dissolution of Nokia as a mobile phone maker.

windows phone Fail - Windows Phone Failure

July 6: One step ahead in mobile cameras

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