Why Windows Phone Failed to continue? Part 2

Reasons for the death of Windows Phone from a former Nokia engineer

Terry Myerson ( Terry Myerson) in the Windows and Windows worked, before the merger of Nokia headquarters in Finland in the activity. He said he was based in the Boston office after the merger. Not to mention that he is a Reddit user and posted his reasons for posting on that site. He offers significant reasons for the failure of Windows Phone.

Mr. Terry Myerson writes:

There are many known factors that have caused Windows Phone to crash; none of them alone destroyed the platform, but there are some that stand out to me the most.

While Microsoft’s failure to create Android has become the biggest regret of Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates , Terry Myers believes Microsoft has underestimated Google, Google and the value of services such as Gmail, search and maps on mobile phones. On the other hand, Google stopped funding its plans for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 in the first year.

Obviously at that time Apple was so-called “hot”!

But Google’s Android as a new operating system was not taken seriously enough. Android was dry and violent, while its true value was in Google’s services; when Google blocked YouTube, Gmail, Maps and more for Microsoft, it made Windows Phone look less valuable.

windows phone Fail - Windows Phone Failure

The second mistake was the confusion and disruption of Windows 7. Metro was one of the major causes of Windows 8 failure. Metro worked well with touch devices and Windows Phone handsets.

The problem started when Microsoft put this interface on the Windows 7 desktop.

“Before Windows 7, many users were curious about WP,” Myerson said. After Windows 8, users saw the two products as interconnected and called them both bad products – even though they knew the teams were independent, and the user experience with Windows 8 was not a reflection of how the user experienced with Windows Phone. Even with the hot Windows 8 release that Metro left behind, it never recovered!

The engineer argues that Microsoft was well-known and recognized for its actions over a decade as the premier high-tech company. But the terrible thing happened when those who hated Microsoft were more attracted to other mobile operating systems. Last year, most mobile users synchronized with both iOS and Android.

Now, even if Windows Phone had unique apps, there was no compelling reason to change. Switching between iOS and Android is already happening nowadays, or rarely.

Even with the hot Windows 8 release that Metro left behind, it never recovered!

Interestingly, according to Myerson, according to a year-long agreement between Microsoft and Nokia, the Finnish giant had no right to launch the Android phone. However, the company achieved this by classifying Android devices as special devices in contrast to the high-end Lumia handsets; on the other hand, Merson admits that Windows Phone coding was far superior to Android.

The world bid farewell to beautiful nostalgia!

The above was the reason for Windows Phone’s failure and death. Depending on what you say about Microsoft and its products, you may accept and oppose the reasons. So let’s assemble the pieces of a broken operating system by summing up the puzzle pieces.

1. Windows open source ( Open Source ) or text not open. If Microsoft had lowered its greed, it could have fallen asleep on Android and iOS. As Myerson says, Windows Phone coding is far superior to Android, which could have encouraged developers to turn to Windows Phone. Of course, this should have happened when Android and iOS were still the way to go, and Windows was the dominant smartphone market with phones such as the HTC HD2 .

windows phone Fail - Windows Phone Failure

When Apple first unveiled the iPhone, it had a very vital, yet trivial, point. Apart from the friendship of the late Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs , Apple’s CEO oversaw all of Microsoft’s actions. When Microsoft rejected the fingerprint solution for interacting with touch devices and firmly needed the pen to work with touch devices for users, it was a moment when they were lost, Stevens said.

Remember Pocket PC devices . Like desktops, they all had a start menu.

However, the Pocket PC’s user space was much smaller and the user either had to use the pen or barely touch the screen with his finger. This action struck the user. When making the first iPhone, Steve Jobs made good use of it in Apple’s favor. The iPhone was power by bold, beautiful, and creative icons that made it easy for the user to work with.

windows phone Fail - Windows Phone Failure

Android is an important product for Google and this has led to Google devoting its resources to the development of Android. But unlike Google, Microsoft has released several versions of the operating system and has made the most of its resources on desktop versions.

Windows Phone’s marginalization was another reason for its failure.

2. Perhaps one of the most prominent causes of Windows Phone failure and death was the lack of apps and developers. In fact, Microsoft did very poorly in attracting developers, developers, and third-party software providers. As mentioned above, one of the reasons for the failure to attract developers and developers was their restriction and lack of permissions to access various parts of Windows. Microsoft strongly protects Windows code against users and developers. This would have displeased both the user and the developer. If you remember the Windows Phone File Management app was finally release late in life!


Not long ago, Microsoft officially announced that it would no longer support Windows Mobile and no updates would be released. On the other hand, during a completely unexpected event, Microsoft unveiled an Android-based folding smartphone called Surface Duo   . This may mean that Microsoft has permanently abandoned working on Windows Mobile.

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