Why is NFC(Near Field Communication) featured installed on smartphones?

Near field communication is one of the most unfamiliar technologies installed on Android phones that some users may not be familiar with. In this article, we will briefly introduce the above feature.

What is Near Field Communication Technology?

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology Near Field Communication is a standard of communication for mobile devices such as mobile phones, smart watches and more. This technology allows mobile devices to establish a specific radio communication and exchange data between them. For the above technology to work properly, the devices need to be very close together. In order for a device to use the device above, it is necessary to have a near-field communication chip installed on the devices.

How Does Near Field Communication Technology Work?

Near-field communication technology works by identifying radio frequencies and allowing devices to establish a wireless connection. Note that when communicating based on this radio frequency, two devices are capable of transmitting a small amount of information. In the above method, devices do not need to enter PINs or passwords to exchange information. The most important factor that has made the technology popular is its low energy consumption.

What are the applications of near field communication technology?

In the last few years, companies have considered various applications for this important technology, including:

Online and Wireless Payments: Wireless electronic payments have been gaining popularity through smartphones. For example, features like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay, and the like are some of the most well-known examples. All three programs allow users to make their payments in the simplest way by using a domain connection close to users. That is why smart watches equipped with the above technology have become extremely popular with users because they allow the device owner to communicate with electronic payment services without intermediary.

Instant printing :

Printers equipped with near field communication technology allow users to connect their smartphone to the printer wirelessly and in just a few seconds receive the image as a printed digital photo. To achieve such a valuable feature, the user only needs to use applications such as Mobile Print. Printers equipped with wireless connectivity provide a simpler way of doing this.

Transferring Images from Smartphone to Smart TV :

Similar to the function described above for printers, the near-field communication technology also interacts

the TVs, provided the Smart TV is equipped with the above technology. In most smart TVs today, when the phone comes close to the TV, it allows the transfer of images to the screen.

Battery Charging for Smart Devices :

In Smart Battery Charging mode, the above technology allows you to charge the device

without the need for a cable or pad.

Voice Transfer to Speakers :

Some Bluetooth speakers on the market, such as the Sony SRS-XB10 – Blauw models,

support the feature of transferring smartphone to speaker. Just place the smartphone in the area where NFC speaker technology supports it to complete the sending process.

 Sony speakers, for example, work well with smartphones like the Sony Xperia, but in other models the user needs applications like the NFC Easy Connect.

Using the cards used in training centers and public transport :

You are likely to experience this at your own university when ordering meals online and going to a self-service campus,

then placing your food card in front of the card reader until the device Show

that you have ordered food for the current day You are using a proximity communication chip located in the card.

A similar mechanism is used in public transport.

Applying for Door Openings :

NFC technology is nowadays used to open doors for homes and cars. Last year, the CCC unveiled a new technology that allows the car to be unlocked and turned on. Big food companies such as Toyota, Benz, BMW, Hyundai,

and others have added such technology to their cars and are beginning to remove today’s physical keys.

In other words, in a few years,

the physical keys of cars will be replaced by digital keys so that owners can unlock the door via watch or smartphone.

It should be noted that near-field communication technology has been introduced into the Iranian technology market by operators such as Irancell and First Mobile to improve the status of bank payments.

These operators provided the necessary infrastructure to facilitate payment at metro stations, city buses and some stores with the help of a card reader.

Note that smartphones that do not have the above label may also have NFC tags

on the back of the device or use special SIM cards.

 Irancell has been successful in this regard and is a worthwhile endeavor with the introduction of software that enables people to make mobile payments in conjunction with the Irancell NFC card.

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