Which sites have the most monthly traffic?

Surveys show that the Alphabet site, with over 5 billion monthly visits, is the world’s busiest site.

Research by the online research firm WebsiteToolTester shows that the Alphabet site, which is a subsidiary of Google , receives the most international monthly Internet traffic with 5 billion monthly visits. 

According to the results of the research, the company has 8 domains, and the largest and most important of these domains is Google, which alone receives over 5 billion monthly visits, or more than half of Alfalfa’s monthly traffic. Alphabet’s second-largest domain is YouTube , with a monthly viewership of 1.5 billion.


Microsoft ranks second in monthly traffic, with its site receiving 2.5 billion monthly visits. The software giant has 4 domains including msn.com, bing.com and linkdin.com. Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for $ 5 billion in year 5. Interestingly enough, the largest monthly traffic among Microsoft’s domains is live.com with a monthly visit of 4.5 billion.

In the top three sites with the highest monthly traffic,

 Amazon is ranked in the top 5 domains of the company with over 5 billion monthly visits. Not surprisingly, survey results show that amazon.com gets the most traffic in this collection. This giant store receives over 2 billion hits a month.

WebsiteToolTester research results show that, unlike the initial impression, most domain names are not tech companies, and the UK-based Dutch company Unilever has the largest domain on the Internet, with 3.3 domains. The company has more than eight times the number of Microsoft domains and more than twice the alphabet domain.


Unilever is a multinational company that owns a large number of global brands in the field of food, cosmetics and health products. The company owns more than 5 brands, the most notable of which are Signal, Dow, Lux, Kelvin Klein and Vaseline. The two big domains are Unilever cleanipedia.com and dollarshaveclub.com, which have about five million monthly visits.

Robert Brandell, CEO of WebsiteToolTester, said of the research results:

It is very interesting to look at different domains of corporate. The site of big companies like Walt Disney gets 5 million monthly visits, and giant companies like Microsoft have stunning traffic on their big domains like live.com and linkdin.com. Needless to say, the monthly traffic of some of the big domains is also interesting. For example, the Amazon site alone has over two billion monthly visits, and Google has recorded 2 billion monthly visits.

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