Which is the best php version for WordPress?

It’s always the best option to use for any latest version of the service, but this is a bit different for php,

the best php version for WordPress is completely different depending on the latest coded version of WordPress.


If WordPress developers have used the latest version of php,

you should also use the latest version of php on your server.

But the process is always that the new version is always delayed until all the scripts are up to date,

so if you are unfamiliar with the script, read the article.

It’s been over 3 years since php update to version 2, but most cms work with the old version,

and using the new version can be a problem for site and plugins.

Which is the best php version for WordPress

Why You Should Upgrade PHP Versions

  • Makes your site faster
  • Makes your site more secure
  • Facilitates better error handling
  • WordPress recommends PHP 7.3 or greater
  • WooCommerce recommends PHP 7.2 or greater

WordPress PHP Benchmarks

WordPress statistics show nearly 50% of WordPress users still use PHP 7.0 or lower:

WordPress PHP Versions

Currently the best version of php for WordPress 4.1 is that it is compatible with almost all content management systems and all web hosts use this version on their hosting servers.

Older versions, such as 1.0, are also fully compatible with WordPress, but in some cases you will need to test your site synchronization with the current version of php because it may be the best php version of your site depending on the plugins you use. Use the version that is installed on the server.

For example, recently, the server admin team updated their php version with some problems with site performance which caused problems such as not posting comments and … and through careful reviews we found that the best version of php for our site is version 5.0 We downgraded php to that version.

If you are using shared hosting, your server will certainly have features like php selector so you can easily modify your php version , if for any reason you should not have trouble with your server. To fix the problem for you.

How to find our server version?

So you might be wondering how to find the current version of php? To do this, simply create a php file on your root host and paste the code below.

  <? php
 phpinfo ();

Now call this file via your site url to find out the current version of php server.

What to do before updating?

If you are a server administrator and can do the php update yourself,

make sure to back up your site information before you get started

so that you will not have a serious problem with your site and be able to restore the site with a backup .

If you are also using a shared host and your server has already announced the update time,

it is best for you to make a backup of your site and download it to another host,

or in the absence of additional hosting at least.

Download to your computer, you can also use the BackupBuddy extension.

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