Where can we find out that our phone has been hacked?

Cell phones have undoubtedly become an important part of our lives. In addition, the mobile has become a tool that we carry every day in our pockets or bags and carry around. 

So our data is always at risk for thieves and hackers. Therefore, it is essential to observe safety tips in this regard.

Hackers are constantly sharpening their tools. But here’s how to find out how to hack and protect your phone .

How your phone can be hacked

There are several ways to hack a phone . Some of these methods do not even require advanced technology knowledge:

1- SIM card transfer attack

Hackers transfer your phone number to their SIM card by attacking them and take control of your account.


Spyware can collect your data. Some spy apps are so simple that anyone can use them without having advanced technology knowledge. Hackers can remotely monitor all activities of your phone using spyware . If someone installs such an app, they can gain direct access to your device.

3. Malware

Using public Wi-Fi networks can also cause your phone to become infected with malware or malware . Hackers are able to steer your phone to phishing sites by setting up fake Wi-Fi networks or take control of your phone via USB charging stations.

4. Phishing messages

Email, text, and Facebook messages that contain malicious links can install malware on your phone and steal your information.

5- Download malware

You may even download malware onto your phone when you download the app from suspicious sites or by clicking on untrusted links or pop-ups.

How your phone can be hacked

How to know if our phone has been hacked

Have you ever asked yourself, “Has my phone been hacked ?” You can be sure of this by considering the following:

1- When you notice something on your phone that you don’t know at all (such as apps, messages you didn’t send, purchases you didn’t make, or suspicious phone calls)

2- Your phone is slowing down. The phone may be overused , the battery may run out, and it will get hotter than usual. Some hacker activities can significantly reduce the power of the phone .

3. Without changing anything, your data usage will increase unprecedentedly. Subversive processes can reduce your Internet volume in the foreground while monitoring your activity.

4. Your phone behaves strangely. The apps unexpectedly open and close as they shouldn’t run, or the apps crash or can’t open at all.

5. Pop-ups appear on the phone screen. If a lot of pop-up pops up on your screen, it’s likely that your phone is infected with spyware or malware .

Where to find out who hacked our phone

First, try identifying any apps you don’t know, suspicious phone numbers, or social networking accounts you’ve been in contact with. A quick search can be somewhat useful, but tracking down hackers usually requires a cyber security expert.

How to know if our phone has been hacked

But what if the phone gets hacked

If your phone has been hacked do the following:

1- Quickly change all the passwords you use.

2. Quickly remove all suspicious software.

3. Tell your friends to listen if suspicious messages are received from you.

4. Avoid publishing your own Hotspot in public places as this is the best way for hackers to get into your phone .

5- Be sure to install mobile security software. Mobile security software searches the device for malware and may protect important and sensitive apps from damage.

6. Reset your phone’s factory settings. This method is perfect for times when a lot of pop-ups or malicious apps have made it hard for you to work with your phone .

How to keep your phone safe from hacking

1- Avoid publishing your own Hotspot when in public places. If you plan to publish it, make sure you make the settings as safe as possible.

2. Don’t use Wi-Fi or charging places that you are unsure of. Hackers can get your data or even track you by launching a dummy Access Point but with a real name. Keep in mind that if you use public WiFi but have nothing more to do, be sure to disconnect it.

3. When not using Bluetooth, be sure to turn it off because hackers can use it as an access point.

4. Lock your phone with a password or lock screen.

5. Do not let people you do not know use your phone .

6. Regularly check apps on your phone to discover unknown apps.

7. Do not open suspicious messages, links, or files. They may be malware or spyware .

8. Install anti- malware apps and keep them updated.

9- Do not use download sites that you do not trust. These sites can be a potential source of malware .

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