What programming language should we use to create and develop Android applications?

You need to know coding to develop Android applications. Learning coding is sometimes difficult. In this text, we want to examine which programming language we should use for this task ( Android application development ).

programming language, you must first determine what your goal is in building an Android application.

To create and develop Android applications, you can use the following points:

Selecting Language, language selection

The first step to creating and developing an Android app is to choose the coding language. Differences between Android programming languages ​​can confuse you. To choose a language, you must first know the strengths and weaknesses of each language. Here we briefly introduce Android programming languages, after studying these items, you can choose your preferred language.

  • Java: Java is the official language of Android and is supported by Android Studio. ( You can download 3 Android Studio training booklets here )
  • Kathleen: Kathleen is the official and secondary language of Java and has just been introduced to the market. This language is very similar to Java. In general, it is a little easier to learn than Java.

C / C ++: The C ++ programming language is suitable for developing Android games. Learning this language is more difficult than before.

C #: This language is an easier version of C or C ++. This language is also suitable for game development.

BASIC: One of the practical tools you can learn to facilitate coding.

Corona / LUA: This tool located on LUA helps you simplify the application development process.

Phone chat (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript): If you know how to create web pages, you can use this tool to develop your application.


The first option when creating and developing Android applications is to use Java. Java is the official language of Android, and is well supported by Google, and most of the apps in the App Store are made in this language.

Java was first introduced to the market in 1995 by Sun Microsystems and was widely used in application programming. The Java code is run by a virtual machine, which is located on the Android operating system and has the ability to interpret code.

Unfortunately, the complexities of this programming language make it difficult to learn. People who want to work with this program must be professionals and working with this program is not easy for beginners. People who want to work with this language should be familiar with concepts such as XML, Gradle, Android manifest.

Of course, we have to say that Java is not a bad language, but it is a bit difficult to learn because of its very practical and diverse features, and of course it is just as popular among programmers.

In general, if you want to create a very strong Android application, using Java is the best option. For those who are not able to work with complex code, it is recommended to use ready-made designs and codes. If you are a beginner and want to make a game, it is better to use a simpler language and use it when you are a professional.


Kathleen was recently introduced to the market and is considered an Android programming language. Like Java, Kathleen runs on a virtual machine. The file created by this language has a size similar to Java. The difference with Java is that this language is easier to read by the system.

This program has fewer errors and you do not need to use a semicolon at the end of each line. In short, this option is for you if you are a beginner. The only thing to note is that you have to download the beta version of Android Studio to have out-of-the-box support.

C / C ++

We must state that most people who read this text should not use this language. The code written in this program does not run on the virtual machine, but runs on the device and also gives you more control over the memory, the use of this tool is very suitable for 3D games. However, we must say that this language has many bugs and it is better not to use this language for computer games.

C #

This language is a simpler version of C and C ++ provided by Microsoft. Like Java, C # is very useful in freeing memory (removing extra files).

If you want to create a simple Android application, it is recommended to use a combination of C # and Unity.

Unity is a game engine (creates good graphic spaces). With this free and powerful tool, you can create your own game in less than an hour. This tool is used in most games in the Play Store.

If we want to point out the limitations of Unity, we must say that this tool is only suitable for creating Android games and is not suitable for developing other Android applications.


It is a very powerful tool for learning to code. Unfortunately this tool is not supported by Android studio and is not visible in Unity or Xamarin. The good news is that you can use B4A (BASIC 4 Android) tools for Android applications to code with BASIC. Of course, this option will never be the first choice of programmers, but this option can also be considered. B4A helps you expand your Android app fast. Disadvantages include the fact that this tool can not create advanced and powerful programs, and that this option is a non-free option.


Corona is also a simple tool that allows you to develop Android applications in a desirable way. In this tool you do coding in LUA which has a simpler space than Java. Allows you to publish on different platforms. This tool is very suitable for making games. In this program, you must use a text editor such as Notepad ++ to enter the code, and you can run this code on an emulator.

Due to the limitations of this tool, this program is more suitable for people who want to create simple programs and do not seek to strengthen their coding skills. If you want to use the in-app payment feature in your app, you must first purchase this feature.

Phone chat

Phone chat is provided by Apache Cordova and uses code similar to website code to build the program in this space:

HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This tool is not suitable for Android development and only works well in the JavaScript programming language.

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