What is WHMCS and what kind of websites does it use?

What is WHMCS and what kind of websites does it use?

WHMCS What is WHMCS?stands for Web Hosting Management Complete Solution, which means a complete automation platform for web hosting companies.

This sophisticated and highly powerful system provides hosting companies with all the services they need to manage their services and customers.

WHMCS CEO Matt Pugh comments on the system:

Our goal and vision at it is to simplify and automate the set of processes available at web hosting companies.

 This powerful system will allow you to more easily manage your business and increase the quality of your services.

Use of the WHMCS system is subject to the purchase of its legal license from its official website, and the following plans are available for purchase:

  1. Whmcs licensePlan Plus priced at $ 18.95 with limited support for 250 users and no whmcs brand link on your website
  2. Professional plan priced at $ 24.95 with limited support for 1000 users and no whmcs brand link
  3. Business plan with a price of $ 39.95 and no limit on the number of users and without inserting the whmcs brand link on the site
  4. Starter plan priced at $ 15.95 with limited support for 250 users and insert whmcs brand link on the site


What are the core features of WHMCS?

This powerful system has countless capabilities, just a few of which are listed below:

  • Automation and automation of all sales processes and product delivery to the customer
  • Ability to register, request support, pay online, place customer orders, automatically renew products, and more.
  • Ability to define different users with specific access under the titles of backup, administrator and… for better website management
  • High flexibility in coordinating with numerous modules and templates on the Internet for better beauty and performance
  • It is possible to set different registers and connect different types of control panels in the whmcs system for automatic operation.
  • Full support for Persian language and many templates for more personalization of the system
  • And countless others…

The WHMCS system is programmed and developed to be as extensible as possible through existing modules, APIs, Hooks, and more.

Well now you may have decided to use this powerful system by reading the whmcs article. To get started, you can use the whmcs installation tutorial to install it on your website in minutes.

A very important point that I found necessary to discuss with you before installation is how to use and your purpose, if you plan to use this system without problems for the next few years or you want to earn money from it, be sure to use the legal license of this system do.

whmcs نال شدهBy no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive.

Failures of different parts of the system or malfunctions in the initial settings of whmcs are other things that may happen to you if you use null versions.

Overall, the whmcs system is the best and most powerful system a hosting company can use. If this system is configure correctly, you can use it safely for many years without any hassle.

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