What is Mastodon and why are Twitter users Migrating to it?

Mastodon is a relatively nascent social network that has become popular today and has attracted a large number of Twitter users.

According to some media reports, a number of former Twitter users, especially in India, are migrating to a new social network called Mastodon. What is the reason for this? What are some of the hallmark features that drive Twitter users into focus? We will take a look at this new social network and discuss the reasons why users are migrating from Twitter to Twitter.

In the year 2016, German programmer Aigen Rasko launched the relatively fledgling social network of the freelance. Microblogging is a microblogging service that offers many of the features of Twitter and has a fun and intuitive interface. Official statistics released by the social network’s website show that there are currently 1.5 million people using autos.

The popularity of the business is growing day by day; however, don’t forget that this social network is still a long way from Twitter. According to statistics, more than 2 million people worldwide use Twitter daily, and this social network is also very popular in Iran.


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The question that arises is what is the difference between Twitter and Twitter? In terms of appearance and even some basic functionality, the social network is very similar to Twitter and reminds us of it. Users can send messages called “berries” to users. The berries have a 2-letter limit. In addition, it is also possible to send photos and videos through a freelance account.

In addition, like Twitter, freelance users can also like other posts if they wish. These capabilities are similar to Twitter capabilities. Twitter has the capability of posting messages with a 2-letter tweet, and users can like or retweet the tweets; however, the term “firewood” is used by Twitter users.

The biggest difference between Twitter and Twitter is Open Source. Being open-source means that at present, no particular company or group is recognized as the operator of this social network. This allows users to easily set up their own services. In other words, users can customize the autos in various ways.

And In addition to what has been said, operators offer more ways to block offensive content. In postcards, it is possible to add a specific tag called Content Warning to posts. This will hide the content of these posts by default and won’t be displayed until the user clicks on the Show More option. Also, users can make some of their posts only visible to followers.


Another interesting thing that stands out in the mainstream and distinguishes it from other social networks is that there is no official app for Android or iOS.

However, through a variety of different applications (crisp party),

you can log in to your account and use this social network.

One of the most popular apps to do this is called Tusky,

which you can download by visiting this page in the Google Play Store. Users can also check their account if they wish through other applications that are specific to PCs or iOS. It is also possible to access the version of the web-based version of the weblog through specific tools. You can refer to the official website of the freelance website to identify the tool.


Users in India were among the first to receive a lot of applause. Statistics show that in India, Twitter has 5 million users. According to BBC reports, the rise in the number of registered users in India came as a Twitter account of one of the country’s top lawyers, Sanjay, was suspended twice on Twitter. Twitter has claimed twice that the person posted offensive tweets, while the content of both tweets was a protest against hate speech.

 Following that,

Sanjay Hegde announced that she was now planning to post most of her posts on the social network. This has also encouraged other Indian users to make more use of the operatives because they believe they have more freedom in the operatives. An Indian Supreme Court lawyer has filed a lawsuit against Twitter. Apparently, he wants to seriously counter some of Twitter’s policies.


recently the Indian branch of the official Twitter account announced a new tweet saying that the company does not rely on a particular ideology or political perspective to deal with offenders and merely prioritizes its own rules. Margins continued until the BBC reported in a new report that many Indian users have begun to protest Twitter rules.

The BBC says these people claim Twitter is underutilizing content that includes abuses of women’s or minorities’ rights. This group of Indian Twitter users say the fan is the best alternative to Twitter with its cool features.


For now, fans aren’t big enough to be a competitor to Twitter.

Can fans become a serious competitor to Twitter someday? It may be too early to answer that question, but we should not underestimate the popularity of Twitter. Even with the sharp rise in the number of Indian users on Twitter, Twitter should not have to worry about migrating its users to this nascent social network.

There are a number of features, but the lack of a formal app along with the sophisticated structure of the servers make it a perfect social network. This is especially true in the absence of official apps, as many users are not bothered to use miscellaneous apps and services. Of course, if we increase the number of users, we expect the app maker to make it an important part of the current problem.

In addition, Twitter is still very popular and is used by many people around the world. For a social network like Twitter, reaching out to Twitter is a very difficult task and requires long-term planning.

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