What is Dolby Atmos? (The Fourth part)

We have to give you the good news that even with headphones you can hear Dolby Atmos sound, of course, the sound that these headphones create, such as Dolby Atmos sound, is virtualized and simulated, and is in fact an interesting technique called Binaural Audio .

The Binaural Audio Technique is a technique for simulating 3D sound and 2 degrees .

In this technique, the sound is recorded in stereo using two microphones that are 2 cm apart (the usual distance between two human ears);

And in some professional studios the microphones are mounted on either side of a mannequin and inside a synthetic ear They are structured like a real ear to record all the frequencies of a human’s sound.

In this technique, the sound is recorded just as we hear it, and when we hear it with the headphones, we think it is quite real and have a physical presence in the environment; of course, to hear the 3D sound created in this way you must use headphones and speakers Cannot play this sound in 3D.


With Dolby Atmos headphones, players better understand the location of enemies

Dolby Atmos headphones make maximum use of binary sound techniques to effectively transmit 3D sound to the user.

Dolby Atmos headphones can help players better understand the whereabouts of game characters and respond more quickly to what is happening around the game by realizing the sound of explosions and shootings and accurately broadcasting the sound according to their location.

The use of Dolby Atmos headphones is now commonplace for a better experience of surround sound gaming in Windows 10 and the Xbox One X and One Xbox One consoles.

To use Dolby Atmos headphones to hear the sound of Xbox One games, you need to set the Headset Audio option to Dolby Atmos for Audio after launching the Dolby Access app and selecting With my headphones and if your headphones are powered via HDMI and optical cable To connect to the console,

you must also enable the option Using HDMI or optical audio headset. Finally, to hear Dolby Atmos sound, go back to the previous page and click Continue.

Dolby Access app

Among the top Dolby Atmos headphones are TBS-1-01 and TBS-2035-01 (both are $ 5), Plantronic RIG 500 PRO HX and RIG 500 headphones. The PRO, RIG HD 800, and RIG Pro E and 210440-01 are noted to be priced at $ 1, 2, 2, 2 and $ 2 respectively.

Dolby Atmos on Phones

Dolby Atmos Phones

Dolby Atmos phones have also been on the market for several years. The 3D sound on these phones, some of which are equipped with four speakers , moves smoothly, and users become completely surround sound, noisy and crisp (though Dolby Atmos sound created by the handsets, like Dolby Atmos soundbites and headphones, is virtual and unrealistic). ).

The speakers also deliver even richer and deeper content than normal. Other speaker capabilities include removing annoying sounds and amplifying the original sound and conversations in audio books, podcasts , and audio messages. This also applies to videos.

Phones and tablets with Dolby Atmos technology

Currently iPhone 11 Peru , iPhone 11 Pro Max , Galaxy S9 , Galaxy S9 Plus , Galaxy S10 , Galaxy S10 Plus , Galaxy Note 9 , Xperia 1 , OnePlus 7 Pro , Nokia 6 , Lenovo Fab 2 , Lenovo Weib The K-5 , Lenovo Weib-K Plus , Lenovo Weib-K5 Notes , Oppo Reno , Razor Phone , Axon 7 , Axon 7 Mini and GM 9 Pro are all equipped with this technology.

Among the Dolby Atmos-equipped tablets , the Lenovo Tab 1070-70 , the Lenovo Tab 4 , the Lenovo Tab 7 ( 4 , 7.0, and 4.7-inch models), the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and the Samsung Tab S4 . .

Activate Dolby Atmos on Dolby Atmos equipped handsets

Users of Samsung handsets can enable Dolby Atmos feature on their phones on the second page of the notification bar. If this feature is not available, they can enable Dolby Atmos in the Sound Quality and Effects section by visiting Advanced Sound Settings in the Sound & Vibrations section of the phone’s settings. On other Android phones , the Dolby Atmos activation settings are slightly different.

Creating Dolby Atmos functionality on Android Dolby Atmos phones

Dolby Atmos on the phone

It is interesting to know that users who do not have Dolby Atmos technology can also use this trick for a few minutes simply by using a simple tweak;

in some sources, the creation of this new audio technology on the handset requires rooting the phone , but There really is no need for this. Rest assured, this can greatly enhance the sound quality of your phone.

To add this feature to your phone, you need a Dolby Installer Zip File and one of the cost recovery software like CWM and TWRP.

After installing Costume Recovery Software and download the file, follow these steps:

۱. First copy the Dolby installation file to the memory card or phone memory (no difference).

۲. Wait for the phone to turn off and on for a while.

۳. Press Power, Volume Up and Home buttons simultaneously to turn on the phone in Recovery Mode.

۴. Select the Install option.


۵. After searching and finding the Dolby Zip file, install it.


۶. Wait for the recovery software to flash the relevant files. It may take a few seconds to complete this process.

۷. Reset your phone.


Users of rooted Android phones can also take advantage of this feature.

If you would like to add Dolby Atmos functionality to your phone without using Costume Recovery software, follow these steps.

۱. Download the ES File Explorer software.

۲. In the application environment, swipe left and enable the Root Explorer option.

root explorer

۳. Copy and paste the two APk files in the Dolby File Download folder you previously extracted with ES File Explorer and paste it into the priv-app folder in the phone’s system memory folder.

۴. Select any of the two APK files in the priv-app folder that you have previously copied, and then click the >> Properties >> Permissions >> Change path and click on the permissions menu for each. Change the duplicate files just as shown below. Then repeat these steps for the APK file.


Change app permissions

۵. Duplicate the Dolby folder in the Download Folder folder in the / system / folder and change its permissions just as shown below.


Change folder permissions

۶. Change the ds1-defouit.xml file permissions in the Dolby folder in the system folder just like in Step 1.


Change file permissions

۷. Refer to the Download Folder folder, open the etc folder in the system folder and copy and override the audio_effects.conf file. Then change its permissions just like in Step 1.

۸. Refer to the Download Folder folder, open the etc folder and copy the android.dolby.xml file after following the / system / etc / permissions / path to the permissions folder. Then change its permissions just like in Step 1.

۹. Refer to the Download Folder folder, open the lip folder, copy the libstagefright_soft_ddpdec.so file, and then paste it into the lib folder in the system folder. Then change its permissions just like in Step 1.

۱۰. Return to the Download Folder folder, open the lip folder, then open the soundfx folder and copy the libdseffect.so file and paste it into the soundfx folder after opening the system and lip folders. Then change its permissions just like in Step 1.

۱۱. Refer to the Download Folder folder, open the Vendor folder and copy all the files in the etc folder, and then open the system folder in the Vendor folder. Then change its permissions just like in Step 1.

۱۲. Change the audio_effects.conf file permissions in the etc folder you copied in the previous step, just like in step 1.

۱۳. Finally, reset your phone. After you restart your phone, you’ll see the Dolby app in your apps list.

How to install Dolby app without using Custom Recovery software is also shown in the video below.

If you would like to delete a Dolby application, you should first get the Dolby Zip Removal file from there, then turn on the phone just like when you installed the recovery application.

Next, after selecting the install option and then searching for and finding Dolby Zip File, wait until the file is flashed and finally complete the removal process by resetting your phone.

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