What is Dark Web and Deep Web? Behind-the-scenes facts you need to know

Dark Web and Deep Web, When we think of the Internet, we think of everyday activities such as watching videos, checking news, or booking and purchasing products and services. 

However, below this level, the dark spectrum of the web is occupied by terrorists, criminals and whistleblowers.

At a time when privacy is becoming less and less important, the hidden web is often referred to as the last bastion of cyberspace, while others see it as the most evil place on the Internet.

In this article, we explore the dark world of the deep web and the dark web and dispel facts and fantasies about this controversial corner of the web.

Inside the Deep Web

Deep web refers to any website that cannot be accessed using conventional search engines. This is because the content of the search engine you are looking for is not indexed.

Simply put, Deep Web is another level of the Internet. It lies at the deepest level of the Internet and below the “surface”.

Web Cataloging Description

‌ The best description of indexing (indexing) is done with Google search engine and its high-ranking and powerful indexing system. Google’s indexing methods rely more on a process called crawling. This process depends on a virtual spider that crawls between the pages of a website that can be accessed by clicking on links.

When the content is reviewed line by line, the content of the pages is actually converted and compiled into a format suitable for sending to Google’s massive indexing server. This server organizes the data and imports a set of algorithms that are compatible with the search engine.

If a website is not indexed by a search engine, it can only be accessed via the URL directly by linking or typing the exact URL into a web browser.

Who benefits from Deep Web?

A wide range of people take advantage of this Deep Web feature that allows them to communicate and use secretly. Listed below are individuals or groups who have benefited from Deep Web in the past, as well as those who continue to benefit from Deep Web to this day.

  • Reporters and whistleblowers
  • Political protesters and anti-censorship groups
  • Citizens of repressive regimes

Reporters and whistleblowers

Army, government and corporate retirees come together to expose widespread and unknown corruption in their field of work. If they work with investigative reporters, they can send secret information to the media to expose confidential corruption.

Political protesters and anti-censorship groups

Anonymity and secrecy are paramount to these protesters who use the Dark Web as a means of private and secure communication. Also, citizens of countries such as Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Belarus, China, etc., which have imposed severe information and media restrictions on their citizens, often have easy access to news, information, and important data related to the health and stability of society. They do not have comprehensive. Deep Web provides a safe haven for members of communities subject to their government’s restrictive policies to gather their needs and export this information abroad.

What does Deep Web include?

The hidden world of Deep Web includes a wealth of data, information, and possibilities that includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Internal sites of companies, organizations and large businesses.
  2. Intranet system of schools, colleges and universities.
  3. Access online databases
  4. Websites with passwords that only members can access
  5. Paywall encrypted pages. Paywals are sites that you have to buy the right to use them
  6. Scheduled pages such as test pages that are only accessible during testing
  7. Bypass cups for blocked digital content
  8. Personal accounts on social networks, email, banks, etc. و

Why do websites use Deep Web?

The short answer that applies to all sites is that their purpose is not to make their information available to the public. Owners of this content may have a long way to go to keep information out of Internet browser search results.

It is important to note that Deep Web is not always illegal, and quite a lot of legal activity takes place on Deep Web. The activities listed below are common on the Deep Web that known Internet users who are aware of the Deep Web can apply for membership.

  • Social networks, blogs, text and voice chat
  • International tournament games such as chess and backgammon
  • Apocalyptic groups and survival
  • Book Clubs, Affiliate Clubs, Video Game Clubs
  • Secret Answers (a popular Deep Web version of Yahoo Ansers)
  • General records, librarian information systems
  • Use encrypted communication for protection and privacy
  • Singing and karaoke competitions
  • Groups of conspiracy theorists and preferred houses
  • Technology and computer skills courses and classes

Inside the Dark Web

It is known around the world as Darknet, Dark Internet or most of the time Dark Web and this corner of the Internet is located in the deepest parts of the Internet.

Accessing the Dark Web requires certain degrees of intelligent Internet capabilities and steps, not only when entering the world but also while maintaining security.

How to access the Dark Web

To protect the security of Dark Web visitors, they often use professional secret software such as Tor to disguise their identity. Traditionally, when an Internet user visits any site on the World Wide Web, they are tracked by their IP address.

Who uses Dark Web?

The Dark Web has always been a domain accessible to a minority of Internet users. Of the billions of Internet users who access the Internet on a daily basis, only 3% use the Dark Web.

The use of the Dark Web may seem small, but various networks, businesses, and organizations have considered it a powerful force that has made it difficult for countless Internet users to access the Dark Web and ultimately remain one of its secret users.

What is available on the Dark Web?

Dark is attractive to Internet users for a wide variety of reasons. The hidden nature and sophisticated ways to enter this world have made it secretive, including pornographic activities, black markets, debates, and a small selection of power and prestige.

Below are some examples of what can be found in Dark Web links:

Credit card numbers

Stolen credit card numbers are a big business on the Dark Web. These card numbers are usually sold in packs of hundreds or even more. This information can be purchased at a low price for illegal use.

Fick Passports

Popular Dark websites specialize in selling counterfeit documents of all nationalities around the world. A US passport can be purchased for an invaluable $ 1,000.


Any type of marijuana can be found on the Dark Web. At the same time, prices are usually lower than those found in the “conventional” market.

Internet browsers like Google reach the milestone of one million searches with the phrase “how to buy marijuana in the dark web”, which shows that many people are interested in entering the secret world.

Hacked / stolen accounts

It is very easy to obtain stolen accounts from popular websites and services such as Netflix, Spotify, Uber and PayPal. Ordinary stolen accounts such as Netflix for just one dollar, hacked Uber accounts for law enforcement purposes, Spotify accounts for less than a dollar, and finally PayPal accounts that the buyer can cancel at any time.

Bitcoin lottery tickets

Because of its security and secrecy, Bitcoin is the only currency used on the Dark Web. This virtual currency is often used for gambling and other illegal activities. Today, this currency is also used to connect to the Bitcoin lottery ticket industry.

Fick coupons

Fake coupons ranging from 50% to large amounts of discounts, often more than 20%, are a lucrative business on the Dark Web. Counterfeit coupons are used by businesses such as Home Depot, Lowes, and other large corporations, and fraudulently offer large discounts (through barcodes printed on coupons that look real).

Recently, the federal government reported the discovery of a counterfeit coupon industry on the Dark Web for more than $ 1 million.

Fake credentials

Every name or institution is sold on the Dark Web. It doesn’t matter if you are buying a degree in your own name from Harvard, Yale or Stanford, these seemingly real and formal degrees can be purchased quickly and cheaply.

Rice and other toxins

Rice, who is well-known and well-known for what happens inside the television series, is a deadly poison that can easily kill people.

Raisin, which is recently available on a Dark Web site called Black Market Reloaded, can be purchased in large quantities.

The website has been shut down since the perpetrator was sent to federal prison to be punished for his actions.

Aside from the closure of this site, Raisin is still found among other toxic compounds in the Dark Web.

3D printing services

Business Slider News recently reported the story of venture capitalists who print using 3D printing technology, counterfeit money, card readers and more. As printing technology continues to evolve, many are exploiting it to create fake documents that can be used on many issues.

Pocket electromagnetic bomb

Selling small pocket electromagnetic bomb generators are popular in Dark Web China. This weapon, which disrupts all nearby electrical devices, is widely used. Even skilled users design these generators to disrupt casino machines and machines in such a way that they work without a credit card so that the buyer can secure his own win.

Hiring a killer

Hiring a killer is probably the most popular part of the Dark Web. According to reports, there are contract killer groups hiring deep in the Dark Web.

However, many insist that the Hitmans are not real on the Dark Web, and that anyone stupid enough to use these services will only fall into the trap of being arrested for conspiracy to commit murder.

Now, whether you think contract killers are real or fake, there are communities on the Dark Web that claim murder for money. What is not clear is whether these people are humorous teenagers or serious killers.

Dough explosives

If raisin or cocaine does not excite you in the field of illegal chemical compounds, know that C4 paste explosives are sold in large quantities on the Dark Web.

Social Security Numbers ‌

A site called Black Bank in Dark Web sells services as “fresh”. Social security numbers along with credit points that cost more than seven hundred and fifty are available on this site at reasonable prices and free shipping.

Medications and drugs

The drug business is booming on the Dark Web. Home of any drug you can think of, Dark Web offers users marijuana, heroin, ecstasy, magic mushrooms, LSD, cocaine, crack, glass, and more.

Medications are abundant. Consumers who sell prescription drugs. Common examples of painkillers are Ritalin, Adrenal and Dexamphetamine.

a gun

With all the negatives, Dark Web has a website called Armory, which means arsenal, where customers can buy weapons such as IK-53S Fick, RPG launchers, roadside bombs, and more. Leaving aside the horrible list of products, this site insisted that it does not sell to terrorist groups.

Swat style cover (special weapons and tactics)

Bulletproof vests and SWAT coverings are commonly used in military bases and are rarely used in other programs. At Armory, shoppers can buy swat armor to protect themselves, in addition to selecting gun and rifle packages.

Uranium ‌

Apparently even uranium ores can be found on the Dark Web. For those who do not know, the chemical element pure uranium can lead to nuclear weapons.

Hacked government information

Dark Web is a thriving market Many buyers are looking to buy thousands of email records, social ciphers and other sensitive data host space.

Fake rhinestones and luxury products market

In the Dark Web the fake market is huge. The fake version can be found from any brand such as Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Prada, Tag Heuer, Rolex, Gucci and others. Buyers are likely to call everyone who looks appropriate, if there are only a handful of products available, such as handbags, watches, and other luxury items.

The difference between Deep Web and Dark Web

Many believe that Deep Web and Dark Web both mean online hosts that operate illegally. But this is not true, and many activists in this field have tried to show the difference between the two terms so that public opinion is not misunderstood.

The following is a table to show the difference between the two platforms along with the Surface Web, which is the Internet that most of us use on a daily basis.

Surface Web Deep Web Dark Web
Access method Search engines Requires password, encryption or special software Requires Tor Project or similar software
Content All pages are indexed Not all pages are indexed A range of non-indexed pages within the Deep Web (dealing with illegal activity)
Level About 4.47 billion pages Huge, probably four to five times the surface web A subset of the Deep Web but not measurable
Uses Email, VPN, Video, Legal Business Websites Use is usually a law that requires us to be anonymous Often for illegal activities
Users Anyone connected to the internet Exposers, reporters and… Hackers, sellers and buyers of illegal products
Can it be used anonymously? No, almost all activities are tracked by your ISP Usually. Especially when using VPN With caution, yes

The Future of Dark Web

Gizmodo’s popular website published an article in March entitled “The Dark Web Disappears.” The author of this article (Brian Mangus) began his article by stating that the Dark Web is now often full of junk and Tor is on the path to obscurity.

He illustrates this claim with understandable searches and research tools (Onionscan). He analyzed database statistics from 3,000 Tor sites. Anion Scan statistics show that there are just over 4,000 sites, or 15%, that operate online.

This shortage of sites has led many, including Mengus, to believe that Tor and its peers will become obsolete as more users turn up the service and more problems arise.

The idea that the tour is becoming obsolete is clearly at odds with press releases released last month. They claimed to have made great strides in growth and development.

Former Dark Web service giants

This media paradox has made it impossible to accurately identify reality. At the same time, we can prevent the possible obsolescence of Tor by the unexpected disappearance of two related services (SGIANT) and (Freedom Hosting II). If these two huge companies fail and become obsolete, then Tor could suffer the same fate.

The Fate of Freedom Hosting II

Freedom Hosting ended when she was accused of hosting child sex videos. An activist or a group of activists infiltrated Freedom Hosting and in a short time the site crashed and tens of thousands of sites that used its space were destroyed along with it.

The fate of SIGIANT

Seignant was also a good player on the Dark Web and was among the best and most comprehensive email servers on the Dark Web, popular with criminals for a variety of purposes.

Aside from Seagent’s popularity, it had a history of instability and could be used periodically to frustrate and frustrate users. And the absence of the executive of the company continued for months until it never came back. Millions of email records and user information were lost forever as the company was destroyed.

After the destruction of Segient by Dark Web, other companies took his place and were welcomed by users because of the stable and reliable services that Seagent was unable to provide.

The departure of Signature and Freedom Hosting sent signals to the Dark Web community that many had concluded that Tor might be shut down, shut down, and replaced by a more persistent claimant who did not have tour problems.

Deep Web today

Deep Web will always be there. Deep Web is merely a place on the Internet that holds all hidden content not indexed by Google and other search engines.

The Dark Web is often associated with illegal activities, but it is also a public phenomenon and consists only of a collection of secret sites that can be accessed by different people. Many of them do not have bad intentions and only use the Dark Web for security and privacy.

Searching the Deep Web is now easier than ever.

The Tour Browser is currently one of the best ways to access the Deep Web. Many users as well as the net use VPN tunnels for more security.

There are also several plugins with Tour Style designed for large browsers that can be used. Remember that using a tour or add-ons such as a tour is essential when accessing a deep web or dark web.

What is a tour project?

Tour is a program that allows people to communicate anonymously. The name Tor actually comes from the words (The Onion Router) meaning onion router. Users recognize the tour as a browser that allows them to travel anonymously in this vast Internet space.

Freedom and privacy within the tour project

The tour makes it very difficult to track an online person and comprehensively covers a variety of purposes such as visiting websites, dark web links, creating online posts, sending instant messaging and almost any other type of communication.

Tour users report that their freedom is incomparable to traditional applications, which are often associated with data tracking and monitoring. However, the net cannot completely solve the problems of being unlucky by clearing the footprints. Its effectiveness is such that it reduces the likelihood that users’ actions will be tracked by sites and reduces the return of vital information to the request sections.

Who uses the tour project?

The tour is used by a large mass of people of interest. Below is a list of websites that may be using the online tour project.

  • Bloggers
  • government agencies
  • criminals
  • Revealers
  • reporters
  • activists
  • Dark Web users

Today, the core of tour users includes those who chat, manage a blog, post on social media, or others who want to search the Internet in a secure and complete privacy setting.

However, there are certainly criminals among the users of the network who use the hidden capacity of the network to hide their efforts and contributions to the crime.

Tour users are not simply divided into legal and illegal groups, as there are groups of users that it is good to take a look at. Law enforcement agencies, like the hacking groups of various government agencies, can usually be found on tour.

General understanding of the tour project

Recently, the Tour Project released a statement claiming that they had a large mass of regular users who were just looking for the privacy and cyber security provided by the Tour and had no intention of committing any crime or illegal activities. Clearly, this was the tour’s attempt to defend its services and attract deep-web and dark web users.

These intermittent encounters and opinions that have forced the tour to defend itself have been refuted so far and the number of tour users is increasing every year, and we have witnessed the growth and development of the tour. In 2013, the tour had more than 4 million users, but today the tour users are estimated at just under 6 million and include a range of people with different interests and goals.

Tour project limitations

There are many problems in the tour project that must be fully known before using its services.

  • Autonomous system
  • Eavesdropping output a
  • No boundaries in traffic monitoring

Autonomous system

If the client system is placed at a crossroads by the client for navigation, the client system can implement statistical correlation in addition to the available routes to the traffic input.

 The downside is that it is possible to deduce a relationship to the main destination with which the user has communicated. This problem is of great concern to tour users. This issue was raised in 2012, when the Lastor team developed a method that intervenes and solves a problem by statistically predicting it.


The phrase “eavesdropping on e-mails” became very popular when Swedish tech security adviser Dan Eggerstad told news agencies that he alone intercepted large collections of usernames and passwords for e-mail accounts.

Agerstad achieved this by monitoring and eavesdropping on nodes coming out of the net. The network is unable to encrypt the data as the targeted nodes and servers exit. Each time a node is removed, a strategic position is created to record the information. (Do not use SSL technology for encryption)

Eavesdropping does not target the identities of unknown individuals, but intercepted data can reveal very important information, including passwords, in protocols and payments.

No boundaries in traffic monitoring

Tor is not like most other anonymous networks that monitor data. The tour respects incoming and outgoing traffic. Of course, although the tour provides little protection to prevent information disclosure, it makes no attempt to prevent a conformity traffic attack.

The weaknesses and problems of the tour are widely known among its users. But the number of tour users continues to increase every year as it continues to be one of the most responsible and powerful anonymous service sites available online.

Tour and its competitor “Java Online Proxy” is more effective among users than fingerprinting methods on websites than alternative tunnel protocols and other applications.

Tour project, today

In early 2017, Tour made a statement that when Free and Open Internet was attacked in 2017, Tor was there to fight for the security and privacy of users. They also said they had grown significantly over the past year. They told their fans and users that they kept their promises with the release of the next generation of onion services. This new generation has very advanced algorithms and an authentication plan has been improved.

Tour project update

Tour also announced that they have designed one of the best updates in the history of the Tour browser. This update includes advanced cyber security hosting that can isolate software attacks. As a result, protection against the tour and its users is guaranteed.

Tour explained that this new process, known as sandboxing, works by separating multi-network processes from the rest of the user’s computer components. This process thwarts all other illegal actions to obtain IP address information, documents, files, and other information.

Last word: Deep Web and Dark Web

Many Internet users today are trying to access the Deep Web and the Dark Web. Some are looking for something not normally found on the Internet, and others are curious.

Deep web and dark web and tools like tour are very popular due to their unknown nature. Apart from their recent innovations, this fascination has existed since the beginning of history. It is human nature that becomes fascinated by something that it does not understand or can not easily achieve.


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