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One of the most important things that you need to follow in linking and getting back links is choosing the right anchor text.

Unfortunately, if you check out Iranian sites, you will find less sites that are important to the anchor text and are generally ignored.

But you need to know that one of the most important things that you need to do in linking your site is choosing an appropriate and optimized text editor for your site, and this is very important in your site’s SEO.

If you have been careful, the above we link the phrase “Getting back to the link” to another page, linking it to an anchor text, and we will tell Google that this page is about getting a link back. .

What is an Envelopment and what is the Importance of SEO?

Generally speaking, the words and phrases that link and change the color of the text in your text, and the highlighted Anchor text.

Regarding the importance of Anchor Text, we must say that if there are many authoritative sites with anchor text “site design” to your site body link and also with this good internal linking link, and your page has a good SEO page and content page. Okay, most likely, after some time, your site in the results of “site design” will be the first line of Google search results!

How to display anchor text on links

In general, how to display anchor text in a link and in the programming language is as follows.

The overall structure of these links is as high as possible, but it may be that a couple of other things like the Loop tag will be added to the link.

 Different Types of Envelopes and Their Application

Anchor Text can have different types, each with different SEO values, and you need to know the different types of it before you start optimizing your site links with an anecdotect.


Anchor text without title

In this type, the phrase does not have a link and there is only a link itself like https://porteghaliha.com which, of course, does not have a high value!

The simplest and most common type of encoding

In this form, it is determined without regard to the destination page of the Envelope, which usually contains the following statements:

Read more
This link
more information

Using this type of phrases as an alternative to the link text is not recommended. For internal and external linking of your website, be sure to use the key words as anchor text.

Use brand or brand

One of the best practices and most practical ways to use alternative text links is to use brand or brand.

By doing this, you not only see the SEO site, but also take a step toward branding.

Using a brand in a linking link will make your brand name spread across the Internet, and all of these links are a kind of signal to Google that your brand is valid.

It is very important for Google’s Brandy and it always places priority on branded websites in search results.

Use keyword

One of the most popular and most practical ways of internal and external linking is the use of the keyword related to that page in the Envelope.

In this way, you will find the keyword that you selected on a particular page as anchor text on that link.

Of course, too much use of this method is not recommended, and the effect of this method will be eliminated.

Use image

Sometimes you see images that have a link to a specific page,

so are the questions that you are asking about, what is the envelopment of these types of links?

Anchor text You are the same as the text substitute for the image

or the Alt tag we described in our SEO tutorials on WordPress.

The suggestion of the Portuguese team is that if you decide to link your images to your site,

be sure to add this Alt tag image. So that your Alt tag explains the page you are linking to and tells you what it is about.

Conclusion and best practice of using an Envelopment

Google will know what the pages of your site are about,

the title and content, and sometimes the skyscraper of your site.

But one of Google’s other ways is checking what links to the pages of your site have what the anchor is,

and uses these alternative text to guess the content of the page.

So you should always note that Anchor Text describes the page you are linking to,

and you can use the various types of anchor text, which is,

of course, our suggestion that you use it in combination of different types,

For example, “Orange Craft Training” can be a good mix of e-mail.

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