Auto download of favorite videos on premium YouTube / YouTube updated the copyright infringement reporting system

YouTube Premium users can now download their favorite videos automatically.

According to available reports, YouTube will now provide an automatic download option to premium users. This option can make offline viewing of content easier for users.

According to Android Police, some YouTube Premium subscribers now see a pop-up banner offering an automatic download of their favorite stuff.

In the Downloads section, users can select and save their favorite channels and topics for offline viewing. In this section, each video shows the length of the video so that the user can make an informed decision.

Youtube has made a similar change to YouTube this past month, where YouTube Premium Music subscribers can download up to 500 songs of their own if they want to listen to them.

To prevent data loss, downloads occur only during the night and when the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network. Probably the YouTube video download service is likely to continue this trend.

YouTube updated the copyright infringement reporting system

یوتیوب سیستم گزارش تخلف در حق نشر را به‌روز کرد

YouTube has updated its reporting system to resolve the issue of content producers in its ongoing efforts to resolve copyright issues.

The YouTube users can always remove that content from YouTube by reporting videos for

“copyright infringement” and proving that a copyright infringement has been committed.

The process of reporting YouTube’s copyright infringement has simply been abused,

and there are always people who abuse the content of a video or compete with each other or in any other way.

Now Google is about to change its response to some of the inconvenience.

Any user who wishes to submit a copyright infringement notice to a video must display a timestamp (content timestamp)

so that the manufacturer can perform the necessary steps for the specified content section by reviewing the report.

Google has provided YouTube with features such as video cropping, image mute and content substitution, so that they do not have to reload the video.

Of course, if a user exploits the features that YouTube provides them and can not prove their claim, YouTube will take advantage of this feature.

Julian Bill, YouTube product manager at YouTube’s blog, said:

As it may send you an automated report by the Content ID Matching System, you will see a timestamp in the creator studio YouTube account from here on for manual submission reports.

For more information, see the YouTube Studios page, which will graphically display the location provided by manual reports in your video.


We will check the accuracy of these timestamps. The copyright owner of the claimant will not be able to access his /

her manual submission report if he repeatedly fails to provide proper data for his / her report.

YouTube will become a better environment every day to protect the product from its content vendors,

and with this new feature, it’s likely that the Trojans will lose one of their abusive tools.

By changing the way, YouTube’s way of working for manufacturers is much clearer and easier,

and they will find out where their video has infringed the right to publish another content to take action.

Of course,

from the point of view of many people, the copyright notice may be a clear matter,

such as the broadcast of a famous song on the video or the insertion of a short piece of a movie, but this is not so simple.

Some YouTube have complained that they have received a copyright report for playing a very small,

multi-second song that has been broadcast on the video background and broadcast by the store they are attending.

Some other manufacturers have also received copyright notices due to the unauthorized disclosure of the content in their video.

Usually, when content copyright is violating explicitly by the video maker,

the YouTube auto system can detect this content and alert the manufacturer to take the necessary action

and display a problem with the video when provided with a timestamp.

 Copyright Release Report The YouTube copyright infringement report is used when the YouTube auto-system is unable to detect content.

Susan Wojcicki, executive director of YouTube, says new changes will be presented later this year.

We are investigating to make improvements in order to meet the appropriate balance between copyright holders and manufacturers.

مدیر اجرایی یوتیوب Susan Wojcicki

Of course,

the new feature provided by YouTube can not solve all the problems of video producers faced with YouTube’s copyright releases.

YouTube needs to legally investigate reports submitted by content copyright owners, which sometimes ends up compromising YouTube content makers.

For example,

it’s likely to increase the risk of video deletion or revenue sharing with the copyright holder,

for the producer of YouTube’s content content that is forcing to place part of a movie or song on their video.

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