Unix: Find Directory Name From Path


am a new Unix shell programer. How can I extract the directory name from a full path (say /nas01/data/backups/file.tar.gz)? How do I get directory name from its path on a Linux or Unix-like system?


You need to use the ”dirname” command[/donotprint]In other words, you can extract the directory name using dirname command.

Method #1: Use dirname command to get directory name

The syntax is:

dirname /path/to/file


VAR=”$(dirname /path/to/my/myname.txt)”


FOO= /path/to/my/folder/filename.avi

OUT= $(dirname ${FOO})


The following example displays output /nas01/data/backups:

dirname /nas01/data/backups/file.tar.gz

Sample outputs:


The following line sets the shell variable SRC to /nas01/data/backups:

SRC= $(dirname /nas01/data/backups/file.tar.gz)

echo  Dirpath – $SRC

Sample outputs:

Dirpath – /nas01/data/backups

Method #2: Extract the directory name from a full path using bash/ksh shell

The $ character is used for parameter expansion, and command substitution. You can use it for manipulating and/or expanding variables on demands without using external commands such as sed or awk. To remove from shortest rear (end) pattern:



In this example, set FILE to /nas01/data/backups/demo.avi:

FILE= /nas01/data/backups/demo.avi

echo  \$FILE = $FILE

To extract the directory name, type:

echo  ${FILE%/*}

# OR store to DIR #

DIR= ${FILE%/*}

echo  Dirpath – $DIR

Sample outputs:

Dirpath – /nas01/data/backups

See man pages dirname(1),bash(1),ksh(1) for more info.



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