Types of Hosting Services and Domains

The first step in entering the internet and business world is to familiarize yourself with the concepts and domains. In this article, we will introduce these concepts.

By knowing the differences between domain and hosting (or domains and hosts), you will begin to properly plan your website setup.

To simplify this, we can use the famous example of the address and store. If you have a store in a shopping center, what is your store?

The name and address of the store building


The items you sell in this building or use to store the store.

A building where your store is located.

We review the examples above for your online business website:

1. The name and address of your store building in the Internet world is call the Domain. The domain name represents your name and will be compose of numbers and letters. To register a domain address, you are allow to use numbers, letters, or a combination of those two. Your website users will come to the domain name.

2. The products and services offer on the website are the products that are selling  in the store and the design of the site is your shop decoration in the world of the Internet.

3. The material used to create your store building is also the hardware domain called Host or Hosting, which you will get from a hosting company.

Hosting companies generally offer domain-related services to users. In the following, we will provide further details on the web site and the domain for you.

What is a domain?

The domain or website’s address in the Internet world consists of two main parts: the domain name and its extension. The domain name depends on your taste and website content.

  As mentioned, this name can be composed of numbers, letters, or both.

The domain name is separated by its “.” Extension. Extensions are categorized into two main categories, international and national, which will determine the appropriate extension of the domain of your website activity and your personal opinion.

For example com An example of an international extension and. An example of a national extension of Iran.

قسمت های نام دامنه

Do not forget that every website needs a unique domain. So you will not be able to register a domain that has already been register and is not own by another.

  Domains are connect to your web hosting via the IP address of the “Internet Protocol Address”.

Each host is know to be an IP address in the Internet world. IP addresses are define on your domain through a service called DNS or Domain Name System, which will be notified to you by the hosting company.

What is a host and how does it work?

A web host is the place where your website information is located so that users can view the website through a link to it.

In fact, your information should be on a device that connects to the Internet 24 hours a day, and users can view your website online at any time. This server is call.

Web hosts may be share or proprietary. Depending on the site you design and the features that this site requires, you will choose your hosting type.

The server you are looking for may also be inside or outside of the country. Depending on the range of your audience, whether inside or outside the country, choose the server location.

هاست چیست

By providing a hosting, depending on the type of hosting, you will give access to the hosting space through the hosting company.

DNS records will also be post by the hosting company to set up DNSs on the domain after loading the website information on the hosting site and defining the website’s domain name.

At this point, entering your domain’s address in the browser, users will be redirect to your website.

Now that you are familiar with the concepts and domain, you can first select and register your domain’s domain name.

Examine well for hosting companies. From the beginning, register your domain with a company that has a good record and to ensure its performance in terms of domain and hosting services.

After designing the site, buy the hosting in accordance with it and start the web site, go to the world of online services.


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