Top Horror Movies that you can not Tolerate to Watch more than once

April 12, 2019

Horror Movies in spite of the fact that we create a lot of fear and fear, but they can also entertain us for a while. In fact, the effects of these films are usually short and in the worst case,

after a few days, they will be forgotten.

Maybe you’ve come to an evening with your friends and you wanted to watch a scary movie. However, in most cases, that movie will not be different for you, whether you have already seen it or what you have not seen.

But sometimes you find that your friends choose a movie you’ve seen before,

but you can not wait to watch it again. This is where the nightmare comes to you and try to get rid of it in any way.

Some of these films usually contain such violence and horror that they are beyond the tolerance of the viewer, while others also severely affect the viewer’s sensation and emotion.

In a number of other things, everything goes well, until the final scenes of the movie are taken from the viewer’s era.

In the remainder of this article we would like to introduce you to films that you will not be able to watch again.

1- The Sacrament (2014)

“The Sacrament” is mostly due to the creation of scary movies that are gradually scurrying in the horror of the audience, such as The House of the Devil and “Hosts” The Innkeepers.

These movies are really scary, but the viewer will enjoy watching them. But the West’s filmmaking in 2014 has changed dramatically with the film “The Seven Rites”.

The film is pseudo-documentary on three journalists who are studying a newly formed religious trend whose members have recently gathered in an enclosed area in Africa.

The film, which contains faint veins of a true story, brings red lines of fear and horror and brings stories and characters to very dark places.

The highlight of the story depicts a suicide bombing from members of the religious sect, and the director does not intend to hide a fragment of the horror, pain and fear they experience from the viewer and his soundtrack.

Even when one of these journalists is closed to his sister, who is a member of this cult, and is forced to attend the mass suicide event, the conditions for the domestic and foreign audiences of the film are worse than before.

This movie must be one of the best horror genre films and of course the best of TaiVest’s movie, but when you watch the film and experience the pain of watching it, you will never be watching it again.

2- Martyrs (2008)

A new genre of terrifying horror films that were plagued with torture, in 2004,

announced the emergence of Saw, but no doubt the peak or perversion

(depending on whether the critic or viewer of the film is) is the genre The movie “Martyrs” can be seen in 2008.

Watching the content of the film seems to be unrealistic for a spectator,

given that its main characters have experienced the most unimaginable torture from the very beginning (from brutal beating to live-peeling).

But behind all this painful torture scene and the whole narrative of the story,

there is a special purpose that makes watching the film beyond the scenes of torture for the painful viewer:

the search for forbidden knowledge and the fact that having that knowledge can impose on the human mind.

The film tries to answer the question of whether it’s terrible, pleasant,

or not at all what’s waiting for a man to die after death. Watching this film is undoubtedly a painful experience.

3- Megan is Missing (2011)

The claim that a horror film based on a true story is usually related to films about damned houses or people captured by demons and goblins to watch spectators more often with this false claim. The film is encouraged.

But the claim is about Megan is Missing, so watching it will make it harder for the spectator even once.

The movie story revolves around a short film that narrates the stories of two teenage girls, and in the final 20 minutes of the film, we’ll see the realities that happen for both of us.

The final scenes of the film can be considered as an example of the most annoying and painful endings of the contemporary scary movies of the cinema, which undoubtedly will feel unpleasant taste for a long time in your mouth.

Knowing that at least part of the real-world story events have occurred is also adding to the deterioration of the situation for the audience. Junkies and brutal giants make horror stories, but Megan is lost, showing you true fear and fear.

4- The Wicker Man (1973)

Although we do not want to ignore a good but effective old movie about a masked killer, horror films do not make horror movies that show people who have a series of superstitious and inhuman religious rules in their minds They are planted to be able to do terrible things.

No movie in history has shown such horror and fear as the Wicker Man, the godfather of the scary horror films of the spectator.

This movie is one of the few films in this genre that will steal you over and over again from fear to the ceiling, and it does not aim to dupe you in any way.

Almost all of the movie will start to scare you from start to finish, but as the story progresses, this time horror will increase and will peak at the end of the movie.

This fear will not let you go, even when the movie screen ends and you are watching the final title, and at least for a few days, you will be looking at the scenes of the movie with fear and terror in your mind.

Although the ending of the film should be one of the finest horror genre films worth seeing over and over again, it’s going to be far beyond impossible to watch it.

5- The Mist (2007)

Sometimes the horrible and dark end of a movie in horror genre is just what it’s hard to watch again for the viewer,

but if you look for the most tragic ending for horror movies,

there’s no doubt the final scene of The Mist movie, There is something you should follow.

Although fear and terror are depicted throughout the film, you can see the formless,

distressed and cruel form in the final scene only.

After spending a long time at the grand story of David,

with his son and several of his companions,

David succeeds in getting out of the city through a thick fog that has bloodthirsty monsters.

But suddenly the car fuel is exhausted and they find they have no other way to escape and they have to die before they fall into the hands of monsters. David goes on to find that he does not have enough bullets to kill all the occupants of the car.

However, with bullets he kills the car and leaves the last bullet in his teenage boy, Billy.

After he realizes that he does not have a bullet left to kill himself, he arrives in the mist and waits for the monsters to come to him, but suddenly he encounters the forces of the army who embrace him.

What can be more painful than this scene? !! She and her lovely boyfriend were just a few moments to save forever.

With no words you can not be painful about the final scene of the film, and although the film has a very good narrative structure, it’s hardly possible for the viewer to watch the final scene of the movie.

6- I Spit on Your Grave (1978)

Although films made on the basis of the hypocrisy of revenge must inevitably contain scenes of brutal and inhumane behaviors, the less film in this sense can be as much as the “I Spit on Your Grave” Disgusting and disgusting.

The story narrates the story of a woman who, after being raped by a bastard bastard and abandoned in the woods who dies, comes to revenge and, without a moment to hesitate, drowns all these people for their acts. Has brought

Everyone on the list of his revenge has a more painful and terrible death than a person before him.

But the audience is forced to watch her at the beginning of the film, in order to continue to co-exist with the brutal hero in the story of the cruelty of his revengeful conduct and his sadism.

Sexual assault is a subject that is very difficult and unpleasant to portray in a movie, but this scene is depicted in a film that is so realistic that it delivers extreme boundaries.

Even those who are accustomed to seeing such films will undoubtedly be hesitant to watch the film again.

7- Funny Games (1997)

Occasionally bad things happen to good people, and there is no rhyme or specific reason for it.

The Funny Games story tells a similar story. Two young psychiatric patients, Peter and Paul, put their family at home tough physical and mental torture.

The bones are crushed and the lives are taken. Even a dead dog joins the crowd and all this tragic incident during a game by two young boys occurring ridiculous.

There is no hostility and a problem between the killed family and the two men who torture them.

There is no retaliation, and there is nothing in the film about the fact that the two boys were rejected by their families.

Peter and Paul appear suddenly and go to the next family after the most severe tortures and crimes on a family.

“Funny Games” is one of the well-crafted horror genre films, but undoubtedly one of the most painful ones.

The painful scenes you will see throughout the film, and the pleasure Peter and Paul take of these torture and the meaninglessness of all these heinous acts, will make it difficult for the hard-line people to watch the film again.

8- The Invitation (2016)

Even without the complicated ending, the movie’s The Invitation movie, Karin Cousma, will also be hard to come by.

The film magnifies the interactions between a number of friends in a house. In the early hours of the film,

the people at this dinner party come together to analyze their strange behaviors and each attempt to maintain their perfect face,

and that each of them tries to strangle their behaviors Reasonable reason.

The social media interactions are not only confused by the main characters of the film,

but also by the audience. At the same time, the film picks up in an enticing way people’s efforts to free themselves from grief,

especially in the pursuit of losing their loved ones beautifully.

But in spite of this complexity and stunning narrative style, but inherent violence,

rather than apparent, the film is one in which the viewer can barely see himself satisfied with watching it.

At the end, it is determined that the hosts of this party,

which are apparently happy and ordinary men and women,

are intended to first kill all the guests and

then themselves themselves to escape from sadness and under the influence of the teachings of a certain religious (perhaps non-religious) sects. .


despite the fact that the movie “Invitation” should be considered a perfect movie,

it’s better to not be caught after another, watching it for the second time.

9- Cabin Fever(2009)

Physical panic, if portrayed well, would be very unpleasant and painful,

and Eli Ruth, in his first movie, Cabin Fever, portrayed such an experience well.

The story narrates the story of a young band who travels to an abandoned cottage in the woods for a holiday

and instead of being killed by an ax-assassin or a horsehead,

they encounter a virus that has their meat Eats

Caught in the forest without access to the necessary medicines,

the disease has gradually become dominated by the inhabitants of the cottage, and the only thing that remains is open mouth wounds,

brooms and meat that is separated from the bones and Falls on the floor.

It’s really hard to watch this movie,

especially in the scene where one of the characters in the movie in the bathroom bath legs,

and at the same time it’s done, the skin of his leg is dropped.

Even the bravest audiences will also face difficulty watching the film “Cottage fever” again,

and even first time.

10- I Saw the Devil (2010)

“I Saw the Devil” featured all the features of a movie that can be seen hundreds of times.

The characters and stories are very attractive,

and the scenes of the fight and engagement are nothing short of John Wick’s film,

and the main character of the story has well captured the role of a man who has specific skills to hunt down his wife’s killer.

As the film’s story progresses and hunts down, we are gradually asking if this man is the hero of the story or a vicious and negative character? !!!

The problem is that the movie “I Saw The Devil” is a film about sadness,

psychological collapse, human humor and human misery.

This movie has a scary but absurd storyline that you should be sure to see,

but if you are asked to see it once again, you will not be able to see it again.

There is no light, brightness or hopes in the film. The only thing in the movie is the dark and scary road of revenge that destroys the story’s first person.

11- Lake Mungo (2008)

Perhaps in many of the movie’s “Lake Mungo” scenes, you do not feel like watching a horror movie.

The film, with a pseudo-documentary style,

attempts to portray the devastating impact of the death of one of the loved ones on the lives of those around them over time.

In the film, there are supernatural factors and unbearable horror,

but such assumptions rarely occur in about one and a half hours of footage.

More interestingly, you are not scary scenes that make people more reluctant to watch it again,

but the movie’s story makes such a hangover in the audience.

Filmmaker Joel Anderson, with the production of a pseudo-documentary film without the use of famous actors,

has been able to succeed in struggling to halt the suspense of believers’ beliefs

and to understand the emotional destruction of the daughter of Palmer after the death of her daughter Alice in the best and most violent form. Maybe take a picture.

The supernatural and supernatural aspects of the film, which contribute to Anderson’s emotional studies in the film (Alice’s spirit tries to show the valves that his family can not find by their presence at home),

also affects the intensity of this feeling Added.
The Mango Lake is a unique movie, but it’s a movie that’s a huge story.

Undoubtedly, the reason that many people are reluctant to watch the movie again should not be sought in the fears that the viewer poses,

but because of this painful realism that many people experience at a time of their lives. They are familiar with it.

12- Pet Sematary (1989)

Pet Sematary, made on a strange title by Stephen King,

is a funny movie that tells the story of a confrontation of a family that has just moved to a new home with a mysterious cemetery and illusions.

Seeing the dead is narrated.

Although a part of the film,

like all genre films, will create fear horror in the viewer, but another aspect of the film that is related to the death of the son of a family in a driving accident feels different.

The ghostly death scene is so shocking that it changes the narrative path of the story,

turning it from a horrible horror movie into a terrible film about the unpredictable impact this death has on the child’s parents.

His father, who is seriously sorrowful in his child’s death,

decides to bring his son back to life using the mysterious cemetery near the house,

though he has been warned many times that this can be done to the people. A bloodthirsty and killer zombie.

Ultimately, he does his plan and his son goes back to the zombie’s evil acts and kills many people.

Without the shape,

many people are so frustrated at losing their loved ones and are willing to do whatever they want to restore their dear,

which will make it a painful and intolerable one to watch again.

13- Hostel (2005)

Although all James Wan’s “Saw” movie scenes a new genre of horror genres of torture,

they were undoubtedly the “guest” movie that made it the present form.

The story that Eli Ruth portrays in this film is based entirely on the torture

and slaughter of the organs of the victims.

In fact, the film tells the story of a secret organization that,

by stealing tourists throughout Europe, is giving them huge amounts of money to rich people who,

by torture and mistreatment, try to enjoy their evil desires Bet on

While similar films like “Saw” and “Martyrs” try to portray such horrible scenes,

they follow a complicated but cunning story,

or question heavy questions about the nature and nature of human beings,

but the film The “guesthouse” does not provide any reason for torture and mistreatment.

The film is all about torment and torture,

and it’s interesting that Roth expects the audience to enjoy it and frankly say

that many may have this feeling of watching the film.

Although the visual effects of the film are fantastic and the scenes of

torture can inspire many of the brutal acts of psychiatric patients,

they finally conclude that the “guesthouse” film is entirely about human fragments

and in this regard Much better than other “torture-style” films,

which made two other sequences to be made. However, there is little one who claims to have watched the film twice.

14- Audition (1999)

Takashi Mike, famous but notorious director! The Japanese made their 100th film this year, and another short film will soon be released.

He can create 100 other films, but no doubt they will undoubtedly add to the reputation

he created in 1999 for making the Audition movie.

The film narrates the story of a director who recently lost his wife and is establishing a relationship

with a young woman named Asami by persuading her son through a fabricated actress test.

As the emotional relationship between the two grows,

the viewer and the main characters of the story find that

what Asami is about to do is not what he has,

and these doubts have gradually led us to the height of the story of violence. The scene of the torture of a man whose parts of his body were mutilated,

and Asami kept him inside a bag for a long time.

After watching this scene, your pitch will always change forever. The rest of the directors try to frighten the spectators with quick and sudden scenes of fear and violence,

but Mike does exactly the picture of the process and pass the horror over longer periods of time

with long scenes and into a simple way for the viewer he does:

Asami moves his beloved legs with a piano string in a long process. “Acting Test” is a masterpiece and there is no doubt about this.

Other Takashi Mike’s films like “Ichi the Killer” and “13 Assassins” also have a lot of credibility and attraction,

but none of them will be “acting tests”, especially on stage. The end of the movie,

which may force you to turn your face off the television screen.

Although watching this movie is not a blessing, but no doubt watching it again,

especially after seeing the final scenes, would be impossible.