Top 19 Cities Out of lifestyle in 2019

Residents of many parts of the world who proudly claim to be born in the best cities of the world and whose hometown is the best place to live.

Meanwhile, there are people who believe that there is nothing like “the best city in the world,” because everything depends on how your view is. However, there are criteria that can help to rank cities in this world.

In a survey commissioned by the Tapestry Research Institute, Time Out has asked 34,000 unidentified citizens around the world to ask questions about their cities, including food, drink, culture, nightlife, community, neighborhood, and general happiness. Respond.

They were also asked to rate their beauty, comfort and living standards in their hometown. Eventually, LaTews published 48 of the world’s best cities, summarizing 19 of their highlights.

19. Lisbon, Portugal

19. Lisbon, PortugalMoveHub

The Portugese capital was praised for its mix of good food, good weather, and good laughs, as well as being friendly, beautiful, and safe.

18. Buenos Aires, Argentina

The nightlife in Buenos Aires emerged as sixth best in the world, according to the survey.

17. Barcelona, Spain

17. Barcelona, SpainBoule/Shutterstock

Despite the fact that most Barcelona residents think their city isn’t as great as it was a few years ago, they still recognise the wealth of cultural and gastronomical offerings on their doorstep.

16. Philadelphia, US

16. Philadelphia, USf11photo/Shutterstock

It may not be the most popular amongst tourists, but Philly’s thriving restaurant scene makes it a great home for foodies.

15. Manchester, UK

15. Manchester, UKShutterstock

The northern English city scored highly for nightlife and drinking, but they pay the price — Mancunians have more hangovers than anywhere else on the list.

14. Mexico City, Mexico

14. Mexico City, MexicoShutterstock

Although it’s not considered to be the safest place in the ranking, Mexico City residents rate their home highly for its culinary and cultural scene.

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