Top 10 Web sites for learning Programming Online Interactively in 2019

March 15, 2019

In the past, the number of people interested in programming was limited,

and those who chose programming as their profession were certain people

who knew how to learn programming and working in this field.

There are many limitations, but these people wanted to change their own destiny and the world,

and people like Bill Gates, who know themselves to the world, but today, programming is a great job for many people,

and taking steps in this regard toward The past has become much simpler because of the many resources to learn and solve issues and musk.

There are lots of ways to learn and carry out projects that are easily accessible to the general public,

and anyone who knows the subject matter can easily source many resources for learning programming in different languages for Find himself.

Of course,

all of these resources are not good sources of reliability,

and so people should be more careful about choosing their resources.

In this article,

we are going to introduce you to the top 10 websites that can be useful for people in online programming education.

So if you are one of those people who are interested in programming and want to learn it,

I would advise you to find good resources for your work so that you can get to the bottom of this article.

All of the software and training tools that are installed are difficult and you always have trouble installing them,

as well as annoying and quality web pages that make you like to work hand in hand before you start.

Forget about it and leave it to everyone.


I intend to introduce you to 10 websites that have a very strong and high quality training. There are many programming languages on these websites,

such as PHP, HTML, and CSS, and you can safely learn any of the languages you are interested in in the simplest form and in the best quality. In addition to training,

these websites have practical examples and examples that can be very useful and useful not only for beginners but also for professionals.

So if you are one of the people who have gone through the early stages of education and now you’re sorry why you did not see this article sooner,

so you can get better tutorials,

it’s good that you also visit these websites. And study their practical examples.

So do not waste time and let’s go to these websites:

1) Codecademy:

Undoubtedly, the Codecademy website is the most popular and most popular website for interactive online programming. The motto of this website is “Learn to code interactively for free,” which means “Interactive Coding Tutorials Totally Free.”

This website has a very simple and useful user interface, with lessons organized in a perfectly organized manner, and it can be said that in addition to the simple interface, this website has a very good structure. When you visit the home page of the website, in the first step you will see a console on the screen that encourages you to start coding.

In fact, inside of this website you can install without any IDE Your system will start coding. To start the Codecademy learning process, just select one of the training collections that this website offers to begin the training process. Various programming languages are taught on this website, including PHP, HTML, JAVA, JavaScript, JQuery, and Python.

In each training section,

in addition to the existence of a panel in which the lesson is explained and the essential code is displayed to the user, there is another panel where the user can experimentally practice whatever he learns. And implement the code.

One of the unique features of this website is that if you get mistaken in writing the codes, both the training panel and the coding panel will alert you to correct your mistake.

It can be said that learning coding in CodeCademy is like bringing you a kind teacher to your home and after any training he will take a practical test of your mistakes.

2) Code Avengers:

It’s safe to say that the Code Avengers website is designed to make users love coding. Of course, the number of languages that the website has provided users with training so far is limited and its tutorials only include JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3.

The main advantage of the training available on this site is that each one is designed in such a way that their learning is easy for the user to understand and does not cause the user to feel frustrated. In fact, the lessons on this website are designed to increase your skill in programming slowly and gradually.

At the end of each training session, the site invites you to a fun game to relax your mind and prepare you for the next lesson, which will allow you to spend more time with the lessons on the site. Get involved and your tedious process will be postponed.

The Codecademy website has a special and advanced approach to interacting the code-learning process for users. In the tutorials on this website, there are not a lot of details for beginner users who have just started to learn coding, and only by saying the brief sections that In addition to being instructive, it’s enough to be comforting, and the lessons are presented to users in the simplest form.

This website also provides users with the ability to code and play with different codes and provides samples to users that users can play with and view results at the outlet so that better content in mind They play a role. Of course, all these games and code games are designed to be attractive to users, and users will not be tired of working.

3) Code School:

Once you complete the lessons on CodeCademy or Code Avengers websites and you are ready to increase your information and go a step further in the coding world, the Code School website is where you should go.

Please Unlike most websites that offer interactive tutorials to the user, the Code School Web site is a website that provides users with deep lessons and does not speak superficially.

In fact, the CodeCademy and Code Avengers websites are such that they are suitable for beginners who want to start coding just recently, but the Code School website is suitable for people who have a basic skill in coding and want skills Increase yourself and become a professional.

In general, you can classify the courses on the Code School website in the four collections listed below, Ruby Code Tutorials, JavaScript Code Lessons, HTML / CSS Code Lessons and iOS coding lessons.
All of the lessons on this website are designed to be very user-friendly, yet informative, but these are too heavy for amateur people who do not know about coding.

In the following, each lesson on this website contains a set of questions and answers in which questions that may come to your users and their answers, and you can answer the questions that are in your mind by looking at it.

Find Although most of the courses on this website are free, there are some special lessons on this website that you need to pay a $ 25 membership fee to access these lessons.

4) Treehouse:

The courses on this website are more project-based, they are based on language and are suitable for newly introduced programmers who want to enter the job market.

On this website you can practice exercises like building a web site, creating an interactive website or creating a WordPress template.

In fact, this website is designed to give you lessons in practical and effective ways to manage what you have learned more about a programming language.

Or, on this website, in addition to advanced courses, basic and basic courses are also provided as video files, and subsequent quizzes are put into place to measure their learning.

On the Treehouse website, each training is divided into levels and levels, and after passing the basic course, the website requires users to pay a monthly subscription fee of $ 25 to access the rest of the course, and users can You can use the copyrights for over 650 videos available on this website.

In addition, users can subscribe to the Treehouse members ‘monthly membership fee on Treehouse members’ monthly subscriptions, share information with other members and share their inquiries. So if you are serious about programming and have made a definite decision for this, you can go to the Treehouse website to get the most out of the educational materials available.

5) LearnStreet:

If you are one of those people who are not interested in decoration designs and do not want to have a solid,

serious training, it’s a good idea to go to the LearnStreet website to learn how to write code.

The website does not include decorations for teaching lessons, and only hard and dry code is provided that is suitable for serious and determined users.

The website now offers Java lessons, JavaScript, Python and Ruby,

and the lessons offered are more suitable for lower levels and beginners.

Working with this website is a simple task and just enter the website and click on the “Start Course” button,
and after that the training starts and you will be given some training that you can get.
Which you have learned to experiment with.

On this website, a code Interpreteror a code setting is also provided for each training set

that users can re-type what they learn in that Interpreter and see their results in practice.

Additionally, the code Interpreteron this website is running in real-time,

and as soon as you write a code, it will announce bugs to it, and if you fix the bugs,

you can get the results at the same time. View your codes in practice.

6) Udacity:

Udacity’s website design is a collection of videos featuring a series of successful and large-scale lectures on programming and educational video files provided by these individuals.

There are also some cool video files on this website that give users the impression

that the educational files on the website are interactive.

The materials on this website are mostly for those who are not interested in studying and instead preferring to see video files in which successful people,

such as the heads of Google and Yahoo, themselves express their own experiences,

and they See this content as video files.

In fact,
the benefit of the content on the Udacity website to the contents of other websites is that you can get training on the topics of interest by the most professional people on this website, and in fact,
by viewing the educational materials This website can get the most important
and most efficient programming tips from the people who speak the first word in the programming language you are looking for.

Another positive point in the content of this website is the quiz that is available to the user at the end of each educational material. The cookies on this website are designed in such a way that the individual,

in addition to being able to measure their initial learning level,

can put the queens into account and assign them to their programming skills.

Add The number of video tutorials provided by the professionals who are available on Udacity’s website is much more categorized

than the number of videos that you can find on other sources on the Internet.

There is, of course,

a negative point about the educational content of this web site. The negative point is that the educational content of this website,

due to the fact that it was created as a separate file by professionals and not a training set,

these videos are integral and They do not qualify and do not cover all the educational material you may need,

so it’s best that you first read the language of your programmer from the base of another source
and then learn the hints and details of professional people in the field of coding In that programming language,
users are offered the video files available in this See the website.


7) CodeHS:

So far, all of the websites we mentioned were active in programming education,

providing programming courses as video and interactive files,

and most of them covered web programming languages,

but The CodeHS website is different from all of these websites. On the CodeHS website,

all the lessons and programming tips are designed to be fun, yet simple and informative games.

On this website,

programming courses are designed to solve puzzles and puzzles and other similar games,

which, in addition to making the lessons attractive for the user and not boring at all.

As a professional programmer, the user engages his mind to solve problems and find the right answers,

in other words, they train the person to think like a professional programmer.

The lessons of this website are very fun and fun,
and most of these lessons are based on programming training for online games,
and designed in such a way that you learn in a fully practical way,
for example,
a dog or cats Move in the game or put the bricks together to create a tower and ….
This website first creates a problem in your mind and then steps in step
with you and teaches you how to solve it with coding.

If you want to have access to all the lessons in this website design and have all the facilities,

you have to pay a membership fee of $ 25 a month,

but since the lessons on the website are very unique and practical,

Paying this membership fee will be worth it.

8) Khan Academy:

This website is similar to the CodeHS website in terms of kind of lessons,

and it’s like a computer game ground for users to enter and experiment with their computer game design,

or as a An amateur enters and develops the basics of computer game design to create animated pages and drag paintings in game environments interactively,

but this website has a disadvantage and a strong point on the CodeHS website,

the disadvantage It does not have a consistent and consistent structure, such as the CodeHS website structure,

and the strength of its existence at different levels.

For beginners and for professionals in this website.
One of the most prominent features of this website is that it does not pursue any specific programming language in its training,
in other words its training is not based on a particular language,
but its training is in a way that in most languages Can be implemented.

On this website,

first in the Programing Basic Course section,

you will be presented with a video tutorial that will explain to you the concepts of the educational content,

and then you will be presented with an environment similar to a programming environment.

You can implement what you have seen and learned in the video in that environment and see the results in practice.

On the Khan Academy website,

you can make changes to the code and save its results as a spin-off so that other users can see the results of your code,

and you can also get results from the changes they make in the code. View codes for codes.

9) Scratch 2.0:

Do you have a childhood at home who feels that you have creative intelligence to learn programming?

Do you want to find a website that teaches the basics of programming in a childlike way for your young child?

Then if you think the CodeHS and Khan Academy websites offer something that is not suitable for your child’s age and that your baby’s mind is not prepared to get complicated issues?

The solution to all these problems is on the Scratch 2.0 website.

You can easily bring your next generation programmer without requiring them to learn the rigorous lessons of various websites.

In the past,

there were child-planning software that worked offline

that allowed children to create their own programming and programming projects and share them on the Internet.

The Scratch web site is now available for kids online,
and children can learn how to make programming very fun and entertaining in the form of childish games on the site,
and then create their own projects.

Then share with others.

On this website, issues are divided into smaller components,

and then each component is solved individually,

and then these components fall into blocks together to create a solution to a larger problem.

For example,

if there is a cat in a game that moves to find its own food,

on this website it is divided into small components such as drawing a cat, drawing space, moving the cat’s legs,

and then after Each single block was created individually, the cat’s space project is being done.

This method teaches children to divide their issues into smaller parts and look at each component individually.


One of the free educational websites on the SQL database is SQLZoo. The SQL scripting language is used to store information in the database

and call data that is already registered in the database.

Using the training courses of this website through an interactive graphical interface,

you can simply familiarize yourself with different commands in this language.

The strengths of the training of this website is that the training starts from the early stages,

and in this process, the user is simply asked to modify, for example, some variables,

to change the output of the program,

and then the user will be asked to do more difficult exercises at a later stage.


Comparison table

Below is a comparison table that provides you

with a general comparison of all the websites mentioned in this article in a table.

So if you want to compare the information about all of the websites referred to in this article together

and categorized together, please refer to the table below:

available courses
Distinctive features
Level and Costs
Codecademy HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Ruby, Python, API Having an online and online code Interpreter is project-centered and having a forum for information exchange Primary and Medium
Code Avengers
HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript Having a code Interpreter online and in real time is project-driven Elementary
Code School HTML5, CSS, CSS3, jQuery, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, iOS Having an online code Interpreter, having a Screencast that allows you to capture video from the screen, have a question and answer forum Moderate and advanced levels that cost an average free and advanced level of $ 25 a month
Treehouse HTML, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, iOS, Android, UX, Database Having an online code Interpreter, having a Screencast that lets you capture video from the screen, project-centered, and have a Q & A forum. Simple and advanced levels with a simple level of free education and an advanced level of $ 49 a month
LearnStreet HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Ruby Having an online code Interpreter, project-centered and having a forum for jump and response
Easy Level
Udacity Web Development, HTML5, Python, Java, Computer Science, Algorithm, AI Having an online code Interpreter, having a Screencast that lets you capture video from the screen, project-centered, and have a Q & A forum. Medium level
CodeHS Problem Solving, JavaScript, Animation, Game Programming Having an online code Interpreterand having a Screencast that lets you capture video from the screen Simple and moderate levels, the simple level is completely free and costs an average of $ 25 a month
Khan Academy
Programming Basics, Canvas Drawing, Animation, User Interaction Having an online code Interpreter, project-centric, pre-made questions and answers Easy and medium levels
Scratch 2.0 Visual Programming Having a visual editor, project-centered, having a forum for information exchange, simple and fun, and suitable lessons for children. Easy Lessons
SQLZOO SQL Having an online code Interpreter Easy, Medium and advanced courses