Top 10 Superior Organic Food Stores in America

Today in a country like America it is easy to find organic products in any store and the use of such products has become popular among the people.

But how can these multiple stores attract more customers? What other difference has the success of these stores in delivering fresh and healthy products?

The introduction of the top 10 US stores in providing healthier food and creativity each in customer engagement:

1. Whole Food (with 279 stores in 38 states and Washington, DC)

This store holds everything together. From the superb choice of organic and organic fruits and vegetables to delicious dishes, all of which are made from healthy raw materials,

all of which gives them complete information about the product.

The meat offered in this store is made up of animals fed on fresh and healthy fodder,

cooked chicken and local, an anchor of freshly picked seafood, and more.

In the goods presented in the dessert and bread section of this store,

no coloring material, detergent, sweetener, preservative and abnormal fat have been used.

 2. Safeway (with 1700 stores nationwide)

In addition to the popular O-Organics brand and Eating Right foods,

it also delivers organic brands that are all made out of local produce.

A special feature of this storehouse,

the online food program is unique to examining the sex of the customer based on matrices such as sodium, which offers healthier choices.
According to a nutritionist, the use of this program is like expert advice.

3. Harris Teeter (with 176 stores in the southeastern part)

There are about 600 types of fruits and vegetables in the store, as well as a selection of organic and local food and rare seafood.

The distinction of this store with other competitors is in the information provided on the label of its products. The amount of fiber,

sugar, calories, etc. received by each product is displayed on these labels.

4. Trader Joe’s (with 300 stores in 23 states and Washington, DC)

This store can provide all healthy food from around the country at an affordable price. The materials presented in this collection are free of any artificial detergents, colors, preservatives, harmful fats and genetically modified ingredients.

5. Hannaford (with 165 stores in the northeast)

Hanafard is the largest organic supermarket in the region, which over the past two years has managed to bring its products to more than 50 local and organic products, all of which are made up of 200 farmland.

Most of the products in this supermarket are one, two and three stars, which helps customer buy (three stars are the highest value of food). With this trick, it’s no longer necessary to carefully check the labels on the product to select the best.

 6. Albertsons (with 529 stores in the West)

Since organic food supplies usually cost a lot, the store attracts customers by offering Wild Harvest branded products (15% below the price of products).

7. Food Lion (with 1300 stores in the southeast and middle atlantic)

The store, like most other stores, offers its own brand of fruits and vegetables with its own brand name (Nature’s Place) and uses the stellar guide.

But its distinction with the stores is the use of information kiosks that are installed in some of its branches.

In addition to presenting nutrient information to customers, these kiosks provide them with a healthy food guide that can be printed.

8. Publix Super Markets (with 925 stores in the southeast)

The chain has gained a high ranking amongst other stores due to providing healthy food for families.

Pregnant women can register at the club’s special club and receive coupons and information sheets on infants and their needs.

The store is also catering for children aged 2-4 years and emails parents with nutrients and safety advice about them.

In its free magazine, the store also publishes simple tips for family-friendly cuisine.

The store also offers its new and packaged products with the Green Wise brand.

9. Pathmark (with 141 stores in the middle of the Atlantic)

The store has up to 15% discount on its fruits and vegetables. And customers can see a variety of healthy menus for light dining online.

  10. Super Target (with 239 stores in 21 states, deliberately in Texas and Florida)

The store has some famous food brands and a limit number of daily organic products, all of which are made up of homemade brands and made from quality and nonfat products.

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