Top 10 Stuff Templates for Resume Sample in 2019

Your first encounter with the manager is not on the day of the interview, but on the resume’s sample sheet. The human resources director is working hard to make the best choice in the shortest time; so it’s easy to put off a resume written by a non-professional.

For him, one who can not write a professional resume is not a professional workforce. So,

we do not have to find a good way to resume professionalism in order not to ruin the mentality of the company.

But how to create a resume?

Well, to make an attractive resume, you need to be a designer and graphic artist,

or ask a graphic artist to prepare a resume for you.

But both of these are costly and time-consuming, and it’s not worth saving for a resume file. So what is the remedy?

Best Way for Resume Making

We want to provide you a reliable, easy and inexpensive way to resume, that is, using resuming sites that prepare your resume online very quickly and quickly.

In the article below, we will introduce the best and most professional resume sites.

10. Kickresume

You do not need to register in the kickresume resume, and you can quickly enter the resume form and create your own resume.

In the meantime, in this English resume, you can first select your resume template and then start writing your resume. The cost of making and using the resume on this site is $ 4 a month.

9. Enhancv

The method of making a resume sample on this site is that you have to enter your data directly on the templates of this site and there is no form of resuming this. This has an advantage and a disadvantage.

Its advantage is that you create your resume in a short time and at the same time you can see the output of each section.

The disadvantage is that you close your hand to create a completely custom resume and must be in full compliance with what the resume template has set for your information in the resume. The cost of using this resuming site service is $ 15 a month Is.


In this resume, you can quickly create your own resume. You can also directly specify which parts of your resume and change their priority and upload your resume file to Word and PDF. Using the services of this site is a free resume.

7. Resume Baking

Resume on this site is also free. Among our ten listings, this resume is the only site where you can create your own lighter cover for free.

Using this resume form is simple and easy. In the meantime, you can enter your resume information from Facebook and LinkedIn directly and without having to type again.

In the meantime, after making your resume on the Baking site, you can download your resume file and get help for job guidance and job search.

6. Resumebuilder

The platform for this resume is very similar to the structure of myperfectresume, and on this site you enter on your page all your information. The fields you see on this page are the essential information you need to fill in.

If you complete this section thoroughly, the resuming software allows you to go to the resume section of the resume.

The monthly subscription fee for this site is $ 10 a month, and this site has not posted any resuming resume templates on its site.

5. Resume Genius and Resume Companion

These two sites are quite similar to each other, and their only difference is the brand and the resume templates available on each site.

In these two sites, you can choose your resume template before creating a resume and then create a resume template in that template.

After completing your full resume for downloading, your resume fee must be paid. The monthly membership fee for these two resumes is $ 39 per month.

4. ResumUP

The site has done a lot of graphic work on the templates and resumes of the site and is graphically one of the strongest resuming sites.

This site is very suitable for creating infographic updates and timeline creation in the resume.

The function of this resume is different depending on the shape you choose, in some of them you can directly work on the template and enter your information there, and in some formats it is not possible.


The resume can be called the most professional resume researcher in Iran. We do not much decide to talk about our own resume and define ourselves.

The resume supports both Persian and English languages ​​and you can create your resume in both Farsi and English.

One of the main advantages of resuming site is the lack of restrictions on foreign sites and you do not have to pay monthly and annual fees for using site facilities.

In the same way, the resuming form is very user-friendly, and has so far received 4.5 out of 5 users with a vote and has been able to remove Iranian users from external resuming sites.

At the same time, on the CV Drive Resource website, about 30 templates have been designed to cover all users’ needs, as well as the various conditions, including the amount of low and high volume of information, as well as various resume functions (work and education).

2. Novoresume

Novo site is one of the professional, attractive and standard resume sites. Creating a resume sample on this website is very simple and there are a lot of templates available on this site.

However, you will not be able to complete your resume sample before paying monthly or annual subscription fees, and you will be charged for building resumes depending on the subscription you have provided.


Zety Resume Site is one of the most professional resuming sites in the world, which uses a very powerful resume tool to design and arrange different resumes.

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