Top 10 richest Asia’s Countries and their way of Earning Money

Asia’s economy has the fastest growth in the continent, and it is also the largest continent in terms of GDP and natural resources.

Asia’s continent has deployed more than 4.4 billion people in 49 countries and distributed wealth of inequality between its countries.

That’s why some countries are very wealthy and others are very poor. In this article, we are trying to introduce the rich countries of Asia and it should be noted that the wealth of these countries comes from impure production.

10) Bahrain


Bahrain is actually an island in the Middle East connecting to Saudi Arabia via the King Fahd Pass.

It has 1,234,571 people, of which 666,172 are non-native. Bahrain is the third smallest country in Asia, and it has the fastest economic growth in the Arab world.

Bahrain’s economy is the twelfth Middle East free economy, with its major revenue coming from oil exports. Aluminum, of course, is also Bahrain’s largest product for construction.

9) Brunei


Brunei is one of the economies of Southeast Asia and is among the ninth richest countries in Asia, with a net impurity of $ 26,938.5.

The country along the South China Sea has a coastline and borders Malaysia. Brunei is a very small country, yet rich in richness, with unparalleled regulations, high standards of well-being, a healthy living environment and incredible economic growth.

Export of crude oil and natural gas is the largest contributor to impure production. Brunei is the third largest oil producer in Southeast Asia and the world’s largest natural gas producer LNG. Of course, Brunei’s domestic production is complemented by investments abroad.

8) South Korea


South Korea is located in East Asia in the South Korean Peninsula. It has economies in various fields and one of the largest gross domestic producers is worth US $ 27,538.8.

South Korea is a fully developed country with large companies like Samsung and LG. The country has a highly specialized and well-trained workforce, and the country’s economy is constantly improving through international trade.

7) The Zionist regime

کشورهای ثروتمند آسیا

The Zionist regime is located along the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea and has very fast economic growth and technology growth.

The country is fully self-sufficient in food production, and part of its revenue comes from machinery, diamond cutting, chemicals, clothing, agricultural products, and so on.

It is also the second-largest country to launch new companies and is the twenty-fourth fastest-growing country in terms of economic growth.

6) United Arab Emirates


The emirate’s revenue from impurities was $ 37,622.2, and the country is located in West Asia and the south-east of the Arabian Peninsula.

The United Arab Emirates has 9.2 million people, 7.8 million of whom are immigrants and 1.4 million are indigenous people of the UAE.

The United Arab Emirates is in the second place in terms of impure production after Saudi Arabia. The country is ranked 26th in terms of business, but much of its economy is dependent on oil and gas exports.

5) Japan


Japan, located in East Asia and the Pacific, is actually among the fifth richest countries in Asia, with a revenues of $ 38,894.5.

Much of the country’s revenue goes back to the automotive and electronics industry. Japan is also the third largest automotive product country.

Japan has a lot to say about e-commerce and is one of the biggest manufacturers in the field.The Japan is one of the most innovative countries in the world and the world’s largest creditor.

4) Hong Kong

هنگ کنگ

Hong Kong is an independent region in China that lies in the Pearl River Delta. The Hong Kong is an area with an area of ​​1,104 km2 and a multinational population of about 7.2 million.

Based on gross domestic product, Hong Kong is considered as the fourth richest Asian country. The country’s revenues are $ 43,681.17 and are affiliated with international trade.The Hong Kong is one of the world’s financial centers in the international arena, and the tax rate in the country is very low.

Hongkong Harbor is one of the largest ports in the world, and there is a lot of expertise and expertise in the area. It should be noted that part of Hong Kong’s revenues comes from tourism.

3) Singapore


The Singapore is among the third richest Asian countries with an income of $ 52,969.7. The Singapore is actually compose of a major island and 62 small islands.

This country has a very valid commercial market. In Singapore, investment will be very beneficial, and there has been a lot of global investment in this country.

Innovation and entrepreneurship are very common in this country, and its harbor is the second largest port in the world to carry cargo.

2) Qatar


Qatar is the second richest country in Asia, with a revenue of $ 50,330.9. The country, located on the Arabian Peninsula, borders Saudi Arabia and is located on the Gulf Coast.

Qatar’s economy is based on oil and gas and has huge oil reserves. Indeed, oil has managed to maintain its economy over the past 23 years. Of course Qatar has tried to reduce its dependence on oil and create economic diversity in its country.

The country will host the World Cup in 2022, which is why stadiums and magnificent hotels are under construction.

1) Macau


Macao is a peninsula in China and is an independent region. Macao is the most populated point in the world, with a population of about 650.900 million at 30.5 km2.

Macao’s economy is largely through tourism, but textiles, clothing and financial services exports have also earned revenue for the island. More than 50% of Macao’s income is from tourism, games and hospitality.

Macao has established good business relations with different countries and has a good relationship with more than 120 countries. That’s why millions of tourists visit the area every year and will bring good revenue for Macao.

According to statistics released in 2006, more than 22 million tourists entered the island. Of course, the gambling industry is also very popular on this peninsula and has had a huge impact on attracting tourists.

List of rich countries of Asia

کشورهای ثروتمند آسیا

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