Top 10 Methods To Discover Internet Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks tactics were also available before the Internet was used, and fraudsters used this method to steal bank accounts, today phishing attacks are one of the major Internet attacks.

In fact, according to Ironscales, ninety percent of the attacks have been successful worldwide!

In addition, phishing attacks are the most common method of sending malware (including phishing) and work emails.

According to reports, Facebook and Google were among the main victims of this type of attack in 2017, when the attackers managed to earn $ 100 million in revenue from Internet fraud.

Sure, there should be some ways to prevent phishing attacks, and employees should be able to find and remove these malicious messages.

To this end, we talked with three anti-phishing companies (Ironscales, Cofense (former PhishMe and KnowBe4) to get their suggestions to prevent them from being victimized.

نحوه شناسایی حملات فیشینگ

1. Awareness-raising training that includes simulated phishing tests

With these methods, you can teach your users how to figure out and report these attacks.

2. Understand how phishing attacks work

Understanding various types of phishing attacks will prepare individuals for these attacks.

3. Notice to the mailbox

Organizations focus more on gateways (internet boundaries) using content filtering and digital signatures, so they allow you to pass malicious emails from ports to organizations.

4. Analyze user behavior and email sorting

Such categorizations are critical to ensuring that malicious emails are detect and prevent from entering.

5. Multi-factor Authentication

Users who control sensitive information require multiple-step authentication to prevent the loss of user credentials.

6. Scan and behavioral analysis

The combination of behavioral analysis, mailbox categorization and automatic scans can be a comprehensive and multi-lingual approach.

حملات فیشینگ

7. Sharing intelligence used in threats

Detecting “Intelligence used in phishing emails” and using event information will lead to active defense of network gateways and users against attacks.

8. Encourage people to report suspicious emails

The reporting rate leads to more robustness and encourages employees to find phishing messages.

9. Use secure email and secure gateway

Configure these two items to filter the URLs so that they can block common malicious sites.

10. Use antivirus software

If you always update anti-virus, “malware symptoms and symptoms” appear in the antivirus database, which will quickly block them if you try to penetrate.

We hope to increase your security against phishing attacks by following these 10 cases. If you have a question about phishing attacks, you can ask the bottom of the page to ask our experts to answer.

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