Introducing the most useful sites for Internet users

April 8, 2019

With the generalization of the Internet, the opportunity for creative people was created to create interesting sites with the help of this technology, which may not be a pleasure for you to see these sites.


If you are interested in watching movies, IMDB is definitely one of the most popular sites. On this site, you can view the information of all the cinematic films of the world, rate them and check points recorded by other users.


This site has a list of top videos in specific genres. You can even see the characteristics of an actor and all the films he plays.

In general, any information you need from the cinema world is available on this site.



If you are looking for a specialized mobile site, then be sure to visit this site. On this site, the specifications of all mobile phones are available. If you’re a bit fluent in English, you can find great tips on mobile phones on this site.

The exact comparison of the two phones is also available on this site.



It’s safe to say that the largest game information reference is on the same site. Game details, support devices, release dates and other game features can be viewed thoroughly and accurately on this site.


The largest reference site in all areas of this site. You can find out about anything you like on this site. The biography of people, the characteristics of various equipment, the history of all countries, wars and religions and … is only a small part of this site.



This site helps you compare the ranking of different sites compared to other sites in the same country and global sites.


The largest and most comprehensive Google Translator is Transcity. On this site you can translate text or a word from any language to any damage you like.

This site also has text translation capabilities. But after the translation, the output text needs some editing.



Ipiccy is a large site for photo editing. On this site, you can easily edit your images. It has a very smooth and simple but very complete user interface so that you can have a great edit on your image in a short time. If you subscribe to the site, you can get more complete tools.



If you like to rate your internet speed and see how fast Internet service is available, this site will address your need.

On this site you can specify the location of receiving and sending information and rate it.



One of the most comprehensive sites on the car, where you can check the price of all cars and all their specifications. There is also a section for the opinions of people who have this car, which will help you to get information.


The most complete movie editing sites that have the most complete movie editing tools. If you need to edit a movie without software, be sure to visit this site.



If you are looking for a site for international travel with the ability to view flight times, hotel reservation and all kinds of international tours, be sure to subscribe to this site. Any information you need to travel is available on this site.

A complete and updated database of weather conditions in different parts of the world can be viewed on this site. This site is a meteorological site that works very accurately and quickly.



A small online game site. On this site, you can spend hours playing and enjoy. The games bank of this site is very complete.



One of the biggest sites in the cloud storage site is the creation of a username, you can enjoy the great features of this site.