The best way to advertise on Instagram for maximum performance + highlights

Ads launched on Instagram late in the year, and several years later various marketing tools were introduced, and by the year, more than a million jobs were being advertised on the platform. 

It is estimated that Instagram advertising has more than a billion users’ activity. The numbers are reflective!

Should we go to Instagram?

There is no doubt that we live in a world addicted to social networking and online shopping. The above figures show that Instagram is not just about finding out what your favorite friends or followers are – there are profitable businesses and brands in this network. That’s good news for small businesses with limited marketing budgets.

Instagram is an image platform – so before you go publicity, you need to make sure you can create quality image content.

Think about your audience as well. A small business that designs handmade jewelry or foodstuffs fits better with other Instagram audiences than most businesses – Instagram focuses more on content such as fashion, sports, beauty, food, music, television and film. . Using this platform to sell items such as heating may be more difficult and may not sell well.

Which type of ad do you choose?

There are four types of ads on Instagram:

2. Photo-based advertising

This is the most basic type of ad on Instagram and is a very easy way to introduce ads. It’s easy to use an image – no matter whether it is a landscape or a portrait, both of them will work – then add the contact number and description of your product to the photo.

2- Rotational advertising

Do you have a lot of pictures for your promotion? Instagram has just unveiled a spin-off ad. A rotating ad lets you select ten images for your ad, and these photos are rotated to users by Instagram. Do you remember a multi-page advertising magazine where a single brand was placed on multiple pages for more impact? The same is true of Instagram rotational advertising.

And it’s not like you just have to upload pictures – you can also use video and text content that makes sense. You can even add music here.

Do you also think about how each image works? – It should look appealing, not poorly intertwined content that endangers your brand or product quality.

Video advertising

Get the full audience attention to your video content with the 3 seconds that Instagram gives you for each video.Remember that the longer a video’s content gets, the less attention it gets to people – research shows that the first 2 seconds of a promotional video is the most important part.

I consider the worst case scenario and tell you you have about 2-3 seconds to get interested in it before your audience goes to the next post. So try to make your content as engaging and effective as possible.

1- Story Advertising

The newest option added to Instagram ads is Storyboard. Story ads appear in full-screen for the audience. They only have 2 hours to show up and then your page is cleared, so this is a good option if you want to make a timely offer such as discounts. Again, if you’re looking for more effective advertising, choose Internet advertising.

Decide on your ways of communication

Once you’ve decided on the purpose of advertising on Instagram, you can put a proper communication path in your banner advertising. Options like ‘Learn More’, ‘Buy Now’, ‘Book Now’ and ‘Register’ will take the customer to your website. This will increase your website traffic and sell your products.

You can also target your audience by age, gender, interest, and location, and thus work more on users who care about your brand or product.

How much does advertising on Instagram cost?

If you’ve ever been to Facebook, you should know how Instagram advertising works (Facebook bought Instagram on year 6). You have to choose whether your payment is daily or within a specific timeframe, and ultimately a preset budget is set for you.

It is important to measure the success of your advertising campaign. The metrics that help determine whether your ads have a good return on capital and whether you should pay for your ads are worth it.

It may take a long time to reach the desired result, but Instagram ads are worth a try.


Other Highlights

Sign up for a free account in the Instagram app and edit your settings to turn your profile into a business account instead of a personal account.

A merchant account offers a Contact button option so your customers can contact you directly via email, contact you or find your business. All of this information is specified in the Settings section , and you decide which of your information to make public.

Research the keywords in the box at the top of the Instagram page to find out how your business is used by Instagram. This will give you an idea of ​​what works and what does not affect your business.

Upload your logo to your profile so your customers can remember it and easily identify you.

Fill out your 2-word (max) biography before anything else. Explain who you are and what you do and share a little about your business personality. Emoticons are supported here and you can use them to make your biography fun!

Remember to include a link to your website as this is the only place where you

can drive many customers to your website through advertising.

Start looking for relevant people in your niche 

niche is a small margin segment focused on a specific need or a particular product), including bloggers, publications, and celebrities.

7. Upload at least one photo daily to see the newsletter daily. Make sure your images and video content are unique and inspiring and fits the creative nature of Instagram.

Try to get interesting posts with your Instagram posts,

because the more likes and views your posts get, the longer your post will appear in the news and the longer it will last.

 The Planoly app is right for this. This app helps you manage your commercial content on Instagram.

Follow the content of other people in your newsletter as this is a useful source of featured content for your business.This will give you an opportunity to discuss with the experts if you wish. Just remember to tag the person you are discussing with in your comments.

7. Your content is consider private if you do not use hashtags. The hashtag is the best way to get new jobs, and the Discover tab shows posts about it. Search for the hashtag you want by looking at what hashtags have been used the most in your attribute and searching for relevant hashtags by using search capability on Instagram.

Don’t Stop Using the Most Popular Hashtags – Due to the large number of posts,

they are often saturate, making it harder to find your content across millions of posts. The best way is to choose a combination of popular hashtags that are relevant to the content you post.

Hold a race to encourage collaboration in your posts

(such as competitions that encourage users to tag their friends in the comments, etc.)

or encourage participation in a photography contest on a topic and hashtag.

. This is a great way to create awareness about your product or service.

7. Instagram offers a free feature call insights (this feature allows you to view accurate statistics on how your posts are view

and measure the success of your posts),

so you can see who’s following you.

Whatever their age and location, there are also more advance paid tools like Iconosquare t

hat give you useful information about using hashtags and scheduling your posts.

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