The best free parental control apps for Android, iOS and Windows

If you are looking for parental control and monitoring programs, get acquainted with the best free parental control programs 2020 in Fisit + download link.

Parental  Control , These days, the Internet has become popular among the general public. Children are no exception and happen to be very interested in using the Internet and tablets.

On the other hand, the Internet and tablets are great tools that help a lot in educating children. Despite all this, the use of the Internet by children and students has increased more than ever due to virtual education.

In addition to these benefits and informative content, the Internet also contains content that is inappropriate for children. Therefore, without parental supervision, children will not be able to use the Internet properly.

This issue was one of the concerns mentioned by the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi. He wrote on Twitter:

You may have seen parents who, in addition to being happy with their children’s ability to use modern technology, are also concerned about the harms of the Internet to their behavior. Are you familiar with parental monitoring software for children using the Internet?

The answer to this poll was as follows:

  • I know, I use: 8%
  • I have, I have not used yet: 14%
  • No, need to introduce more: 56%
  • I do not find monitoring useful: 22%

However, only 8% of people familiar with parental control tools and programs use these tools. There are also many people who are looking to introduce such programs. Hence Fysyt Stay tuned to the best free programs to introduce parental control 2020.

The best free parental control programs 2020

1- Qustodio

Qustodio is one of the most complete parental control programs that helps you control your child’s cyber activity. Unlike many other apps available only for Windows, it is also available for Android, iOS, Kindle, Nook and Mac .

The free version of Qustodio is a comprehensive parental control program that allows you to set rules and schedules, block inappropriate content for children, and more. If you want to use the paid version of this program, you will have many features such as the ability to monitor text messages and social networks, control programs and games, and location tracking.

The many capabilities of this parental control program, along with support on all platforms, have made Qustodio the best parental control program of 2018.

Download link for Qustodio parental control program

Qustodio_ Parental control software

2- OpenDNS FamilyShield

FamilyShield is a free OpenDNS service whose parental control tool automatically blocks domains that are a subset of inappropriate content (pornography, sex, etc.).

One of the most important strengths of this program is that in addition to being installed on your computer and phone, you can run it on your main router so that your traffic passes through this filter completely. Therefore, by applying a filter at the router level, your entire network is protected. This service can only be used on Windows .

Download the OpenDNS FamilyShield parental control program

OpenDNS – Parental Control Program

3- KidLogger

KidLogger is one of the best parental control programs. This free app not only monitors the websites that children visit and the words they type, the apps that children use, and even the screenshots they take. You can also enable voice recording if you are worried about your children talking. Of course, if your child is a little older and you want to give him more control, you can limit the monitoring options.

The free version of this program, although it has many features, but you will miss some important features in the paid version, features such as imperceptible monitoring of WhatsApp and listening to Skype calls. This software is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and BlackBerry .

Download the KidLogger Parental Control app

4- Spyrix Free Keylogger

We’ve always known Keylogger as a trick to stealing passwords on the Internet. However, in this parental control program, Kilager has been used in a positive direction. In fact, it shows you what your child is typing and what he or she is looking for on the Internet. The free version of this app only shows you what your child is typing but does not stop them from searching. Of course, there is also a paid version of this program that allows you to block inappropriate content. This software can only be used on Windows .

5- Android Monitor, an Iranian application

One of the free Iranian parental control programs is Android Monitor. This program, which is less than 1 MB, has more than 500 active installations so far. Among the features of this program, we can mention the following:

  • Monitor incoming SMS
  • Monitor incoming and outgoing calls
  • For Monitor the installation or removal of applications on the phone
  • Monitoring notifications or announcements of programs such as social networks, etc.
  • Monitor SIM card replacement
  • Ability to receive location from moment to moment
  • And…

Download Android watch application

6- Diligent design; Parental control on the SIM card

Due to the prevalence of Corona and the maximum use of the Internet by children, we are now witnessing the key to diligent design, which by activating it on the SIM card, only provides access to certain websites. This feature is completely free and can be used on Android and iOS phones. So it seems to be the best method right now. Of course, Koosha plan can be activated on Irancell at the moment, but soon other operators will announce how to activate Koosha plan.

Diligent design; A way to control students’ use of the Internet

If you have experience using any of these programs, express your opinions, or if you know of other internal and external programs, share it with us and other Facebook users.

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