The Best ‌Broadcasting News Channels in the World 2019

In today’s world known as the Age of Communication, the mission of the media is more than ever.  The observance of professional ethics,

clarity and truth in the dissemination of news and information is considered a fundamental principle of the media,

and in particular the news channels,

because the discussion of news is an integral part of the life of all the people of the world.

10 NDTV – India (NDTV)

The NDTV Channel in India,

founded by prominent Indian journalist Pranay Roy and his wife Radika Roy in 2003,

is one of the best Indian news channels and, of course, the first 24-hour news channel in India,

featured in television programs. India’s digital news and journalism is pioneering.

This Channel belongs to Delhi’s New Delhi TV

and has gained widespread popularity by broadcasting the “World of the Week Over” channel,

first broadcast on the Doordarshan channel,

and then providing the content of the “Star News” news. Launch time has gained a lot of reputation in this country.

9 . Geo News – Pakistan (Geo)

Geo is a private television channel in Pakistan, launched in 2004. This network belongs to the Independent Media Company,

which is also the owner of the Yong Group newspaper.

Geo News is one of the most prominent Urdu news channels in Pakistan, which has launched several other channels such as GEO Entertainment, GEO News, GEO Kahani, GEO Super Sports and GEO Tez Comedy. Despite the many differences, the Geo News is still respected by readers of the Urdu language.

8 Al Arabiya – United Arab Emirates

The channel, launched in Dubai in 2003, has attracted many audiences from the Middle East.

This channel belongs to the Modern Arabic Standard TV network. However, this news channel has been criticized for advocating Saudi interests, but has so far been able to keep its viewers satisfied with its own unique methodology, which is an audience.

7 Euro News – France

“Euro News” is a multilingual news media, which was established on January 1, 1993, on January 11, 1971. Its head office is located in Lyon, France. Currently, EuroNews is based in almost 155 countries.

This channel, co-founded by 10 different European public media and affiliated with SOCEMIE, often covers international news that in any way relates to Egyptian businessman Najib Sawiris, who is the chairman of the Supervisory Board for this channel. The Sawiris family owns 53 percent of the world’s media stocks.

6 Al Jazeera – Qatar

Al Jazeera, also known as the Joint Stock Company, is a state-owned media company based in Doha, belonging to the Al Jazeera media network, funded partly by al-Thani, the ruling family in Qatar.

This channel was establish on November 1, 1996, on November 11, 1996, and became more widely know after the live broadcast of the events of the Afghan war and the attacks of September 11th.

The channel originally covered Arabic news as a satellite TV channel, then spread to a multi-media network, including the Internet and multilingual TV channels.

This news channel is available in different regions of the world and in different languages.


The news channel, dubbed “Microsoft” and “NBC”, is a major news channel and satellite television channel that provides news coverage and political commentary on NBC news coverage in the United States, Canada, South Africa, Germany And the Middle East is spreading.

The company was established on July 15, 1996, on July 15, 1996, as a joint venture between Microsoft and NBC, which gradually fell to Microsoft’s stock market over time.

Although the media is always referred to as the MSNBC common name, MSNBC and each maintain separate interfaces and news activities independently.

The headquarters of is located in Redmond, Washington, DC and MSNBC is located at NBC’s New York office.

. 4 Sky News – England

This channel is own by the British Sky Broadcasting Company and Rupert Murdoch Corporation, which operates 24 hours a day in international and multimedia activities in the UK.

This channel, which was established on February 5, 1989, is equivalent to January 16, 1367, and is available online for television and on a wide range of mobile devices, and also provides commercial radio stations in the UK. National Radio News Service And international.

The news network has been widely welcome with more than 50 employees in front of the camera and 600 behind-the-scenes employees to cover the sensitive issues of September 11 attacks, the 2005 bombings in London and the “killing in the Sukhum area” in 2003.

3 CNN – America

CNN is a cable and satellite news network,

which on June 2, 1980, June 11, 1359, Ted Turner, one of the most famous American-Australian media, founded it.

This channel is more than the first channel in the world to provide 24 hour television news,

broadcast in 212 countries and about 100 million US households.

CNN’s flawless reports on the “Challenge Disaster,” “Jessica’s Child Rescue,

” “Persian Gulf War,” September 11, and the 2008 US presidential election were enough to strengthen the credibility of this channel.

2 Fox News – America

The FNC or Fox News Channel was created by Rupert Murdoch, which is most appealing to viewers between the ages of 25 and 54.

This channel belongs to Fox Corporation of the 21st Century. Despite the fact that Fox news has been heavily criticized for helping the political positions of the authorities, this news channel is still top of the US television news networks beyond the audience’s expectations.

1 BBC Word News – England

The BBC News and the British Broadcasting Corporation, the provider of international news and events, is the oldest, largest and most publicized radio and television news channel to date.

This channel  find by John Rich on Jan. 1, 1922, January 11, 1300, and is nowadays know as worldwide for broadcasting television, radio and online programming.

The news is run by the BBC World Service Television, and Red Bee Media Limit, know as a leading media management company in the UK, publishes them.

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