Ten Google Cloud Platform Services

Today, companies and developers around the world are looking for services that are available anywhere. These services are used to perform simple tasks or develop software.

 We’ve come to a point in time where almost everything works on Internet-based computers. Google Cloud Platform (Google Cloud Platform) is a cloud computing platform that Google recommends developers put their applications on. This platform allows designers to implement the processes of building, testing, and developing applications on the platform that Google has prepared.

Google’s cloud platform allows designers to create a variety of applications based on this platform. In other words, developers have both the ability to build simple sites and the ability to build sophisticated applications on the platform.

 Software infrastructures such as MapReduce, BigTable and Dremel are innovations of the company. The Google Cloud Platform also includes virtual machines, storage blocks, NOSQL databases and bulk data analysis tools. The speed of data access and the ability to quickly edit data by users are central to Google’s services.

All in all, this cloud platform provides a fully managed platform with high flexibility for virtual machines so that users can use them as needed. Google offers users a wide range of cloud services. Here are 10 top services in this article.

1. Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage is an online storage service for storing and accessing data on Google’s infrastructure. The service combines multi-functionality, cloud-based scalability, high-level security, and sharing capabilities to deliver a robust service. This product is an IaaS service that functions similar to Amazon S3 online storage.

This service stores data in multiple physical locations to protect data. There are a few tools that work with Google Cloud Storage, including the Google Developers Console and Gsutil.

2. Google Cloud Connect

Google Cloud connect is a free cloud computing plugin for Microsoft Office 2003, 2007, and 2010 packages. The service automatically has the ability to store and match any Word document, PowerPoint presentations, Microsoft Office formats or Excel spreadsheets to Google Docs. Whenever a change is made to a Word document and saved, Google Doc updates this change in the document. Google Cloud Connect creates a unique address for each file. Use this address to share and view documents with other users.

If there is a change to the documents, these changes will be shown to any user who is viewing the document. When multiple people make changes to a document at the same time, Cloud Connect gives the user the chance to choose which changes they want to see.

Google Google Cloud Print Service

Google Cloud Print is another Google service that extends the function of the printer to any device connected to the Internet. This service and the use of Internet-connected tools make it possible to send print commands to the printer. To be able to use this service, you must have a Google profile, an application or a site that can use the Google Cloud Print feature. You will also need a standby cloud printer or a printer connected to a computer and an internet connection.

When Google Cloud Print is using through an application or site, the print request is sending through the Google server. Google sends a print request to a printer associated with the user’s Google Account. This way the printer can be shared between different people.

4. Google App Engine

The Google App Engine service gives users the ability to run their web applications on Google’s infrastructure. Apps in the App Engine are easily built, managed, and easily synchronized with the traffic and growing data they will need. With App Engine you don’t need to get involved with server issues. Just upload your app. The app is ready to serve users quickly.

Applications either run from the user’s own domain name like http://www.example.com/ or use a free domain name on appspot.com. Applications can only be made available to a limited number of users within an organization or used publicly.

5. Google Drive

Google Drive provides users with a 15GB storage space as well as a matching service, so users can access their files from anywhere. Users can use this cloud storage service for file sharing and group collaboration. Web search engines make it possible to search for files that are stored on Google Drive and shared publicly.

6. Google Docs

The Google Docs is another SaaS service provided by Google. The Google Docs is one of the most widely used Google services used for document sharing. While many document sharing services charge users, Google Docs offers a free service in return. Google Spreadsheets and Google Sites are in full sync with Google Apps Script.

This service allows users to organize the process of writing scripts into documents just as they would with Visual Basic in conjunction with Office applications. Scripts can be user-activated or run based on a specific event. Features that have been added to Google Docs include Google Forms and Google Drawings.

7. Google Compute Engine

Google Compute Engine is a “service-as-a-service” infrastructure and part of Google’s cloud platform. GCE gives users the ability to run Linux-based virtual machines as needed. Virtual machines can run on standard images or custom images made by users. This image can include an operating system or system files that are required to run a virtual machine instance. Google uses standard Linux images based on the Debian and CentOS versions.

8. Google Container Engine

It makes it easier to run Docker containers on Google’s cloud platform. It is capable of scheduling containers within clusters and automatically managing them based on the needs you define. Designed based on the Kubernetes open source service, it offers high flexibility in terms of on-premises, hybrid and public infrastructure.

9. Google Cloud Bigtable

It is a NoSQL database. This service is available to users using functions provided through Hbase commands. One of the important uses of this service is in connection with IoT. The service is capable of storing data generated by IoT sensors.

10. Google Cloud SQL

It is a MySQL database located in Google Cloud. GCQ removes some of the functionality and provides some of the new functionality while incorporating all the features and capabilities of MySQL.
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