Support for Nvidia’s Ray Tracing technology will probably be added to Windows 7

Gamers loyal to Microsoft Windows 7 are increasingly adding better video gaming experience with the added support for beam tracking technology.

Gamers who are still using the Windows 7 operating system for video games and have not migrated to Windows 7 will probably be able to experience more eye-catching games soon, as Microsoft has recently announced rumors that Microsoft will support technology. Ray Tracing adds Nvidia graphics cards to its old operating system. Accordingly, Microsoft plans to provide developers with the resources and infrastructure they need to port their DirectX 12 -based games to Windows 8.

Normally, DirectX-based games are exclusively Windows 7,

meaning only gamers using the latest version of Microsoft have the chance to experience them. These games have more sophisticated and eye-catching graphics thanks to the benefits of DirectX 2 and provide gamers with more fun with the support of beam tracking technology.

Horizon Forza 4

Keep in mind that Windows 8 still holds a 5% share of the market,

meaning that many gamers are still loyal to it,

and lack of support for attractive technology such as beam tracking

can make many gamers enjoy the quality of gaming experience.

More visually impaired. Thanks to Microsoft’s important decision to port DirectXX to Windows 8 and provide developers with the resources needed to bring this API-based game to the aforementioned operating system, more gamers can now access DirectXX-based games and their eye-catching visual features. .


Microsoft recently announced that it intends to work with Blizzard directly to produce a special version of DirectX-7, the popular World of Warcraft game that can be run on Windows 7.The Redmonds said in a statement that “Blizzard members, after seeing gamers welcome to DirectX games on Windows 8, wanted to provide those gamers who were still loyal to Windows 8 the opportunity to experience such games.”

World of Warcraft

Although the controversial version of the World of Warcraft game runs on Windows 7,

we should not forget the fact that the best possible performance of this game can only be experienced

with the Windows 7 operating system, because, as Microsoft says, Windows 7 has several customizations. Which have been implemented to make DirectX 6 work faster and better.

While gamers loyal to Windows 7 will welcome the news, many users are unaware of Microsoft’s move. Microsoft has shown in recent years that it has always made the latest version of DirectX available only for the latest version of its operating system;

this has led many to claim that this is one

of the leverage pushes Microsoft has been pushing gamers to migrate. This is the new version of Windows .

We should not forget, however, that Windows 8 belongs to two generations ago and is fast approaching the end of its life ;

Microsoft is planning to officially shut down support for this operating system on Jan. 2 (Jan 2). Slow. On the other hand, the question arises whether Microsoft will admit defeat by allowing gamers to run DirectX-X on Windows 7 against gamers’ intentions not to migrate to Windows 7? Maybe it really is.

DirectX 12

Of course, this could be handled from another angle –

with Microsoft releasing DirectXX and the unique features of this API for Windows 8,

it is likely to give more developers the benefits of DirectX3 and use them. Encourage this API. Microsoft has been trying to do this for a long time, and its current decision could be in the same direction.

Whatever the reason, Microsoft doesn’t matter; the important thing is that if you continue to use Windows 7 for gaming experience,

you’ll probably soon be able to enjoy gaming, as well as more games,

with Direct X and technologies like Beam Tracking.

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