The Shortest and Longest Names of the Countries in the World

The shortest names in countries are four-letter English,

and the longest names in the countries are between 40 and 56 letters.

Of course, the number of letters is different in Persian, and we have three letters in Persian.

According to some sites, a list of 10 of the shortest and longest names in the world was made available to Iran,

which is on the list.

In this article, we also decided to provide you with a list of the shortest and longest names of the countries in the world, and we hope to be interesting to you.

How Do Countries Are Name?

Before we give you the list of the shortest and longest names in the countries of the world, we are going to discuss how countries are named.

The naming of countries depends on four factors:

geographic location, ethnicity, tribe or kingdom, geographic features of the region,

and prominent personalities that played a significant role in shaping a country and trying to defend the country.

Which countries, in your opinion, have shorter names?

List of the shortest and longest names of countries in the world

اسامی کشورهای جهان

The longest names in the countries of the world

The longest countries include Britain and Northern Ireland with 56 letters, the independent Republic and 46-letter arrogant ruler,

the Sao Tomeh Democrats and the 45-letter French Principle, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia with 41 letters, the North Korean People’s Republic with 41 letters,

and the Democratic Republic of the Federal Republic Ethiopia is with 40 letters.

Of course, it should be note that before 2013,

Libya’s name in the Arabic language was the longest name in the world, called “Al-Muqiriyah al-Aliya al-Libai”.

اسامی کشورهای جهان


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