Proper Hosting Guide (Common Mistakes in Hosting)

With the growth of internet business, the rise of new and emerging websites is increasing day by day if you are one of these people or even just trying to change your host.

Hosting , In this tutorial you have the most comprehensive shopping guide. 

After registering for a proper hosting domain , the most important choice of any webmaster is. If you do not pay attention to this, the consequences will soon be on you and your site.

Don’t worry, we will show you how to buy quality and tailored web hosting from top Iranian hosting companies in this tutorial.

Hosting guide

The first thing to consider when selecting a host is the type of hosting server operating system. You may be wondering what will help me to know the hosting server?

If your website’s content management system is coded in the php programming language, you must use Linux as your host. WordPress, Joomla, and others can be said that 5% of all cms use php.

If your site is specifically encrypted with a Windows programming language such as asp or aspx, you should definitely use Windows Hosting.

Host or hard disk space

The next important thing is the amount of space the server will give you. If your site is just getting started, you probably won’t need much hard drive, maybe 2 MB of space.

If your site has been running for a while, you should carefully evaluate the volume of your site’s backups, so make a full backup of your server and add 3% to your site to get the amount of space your site needs.

Control Panel Type

Most Iranian hosting companies usually use two types of Admin Panel Direct Control Panel and 30 Panel Host Control Panel. You can choose one based on the need and convenience of working with them.

There is no noticeable difference in the functionality of this control panel and the only difference is in their user-friendliness, usually most users tend to use cpanel as their site’s admin panel.

Hardware needed

If your site has a favorable visit or if you are using server resources for any reason, be sure to discuss this with your vendor before buying a host and ask how much dedicated Cpu and Ram they can give you.

If your need is more than usual for the company hosting plans mentioned above, be sure to tell them about it and make sure it doesn’t bother you in the future.

Number of site visitors

Another important thing that webmasters usually do not pay attention to is how much they visit their website, we will give you all the important and influential choices in this tutorial, which is the most comprehensive shopping guide.

If your site gets a lot of traffic on the host server two important things will happen. First the server load will increase and due to the sensitivity of the hosts to this issue you should take it seriously and make sure the company concerned.


The second is the use of server bandwidth, usually servers host on external datacenters do not impose serious restrictions on the hosting companies because of the high bandwidth or the monthly bandwidth of each server is so high that many companies consider the bandwidth unlimit. .

But if you are using Iranian web hosts, be aware that due to the weakness in the infrastructure of Iranian datacenters the bandwidth is restrict to servers and your site usage is too defined to block your site or you should Pay very high costs for each gig of extra bandwidth.

Eden Domain

Some webmasters, with multiple domains, intend to park all of their domains on a single host. If you are one of these people and want more than one domain to bring up on your hosts, be sure to check this out in your hosting company plans.

Hosting companies usually deactivate the domain ad for their basic and inexpensive services and only host the domain you entered when purchasing the host. This feature is enabled by more professional plans of the hosting companies and the more expensive the host the more domains can be run on one host.


The subdomain is usually active on all hosting plans, but we recommend that you keep this in mind when purchasing a host so that no company may cause trouble by limiting this capability.

Optimal Services

One of the most important factors that can be said to be the guide to the shopping guide is the issue of server optimization. This item is in no way subject to review until use of the host, and you can be certain that you will be using the company for at least 6 months.

Hosting companies usually try to attract customers with an aptemic 1.5%, but in practice these numbers are far below what they announce. If your hosting server is permanently disconnected for any reason, you should expect visitors, customers, and even your site rankings to drop sharply.

Web server hosting

This is a bit technical and the newcomers are usually not familiar with it. The front-end web server responds to requests from users who visit your site.

There are several popular web servers in the world,

with over 5% of websites using this category, Apache, Phoenix and Light Speed.

In this article we will not go into technical issue

s and our sole purpose is to provide a shopping guide for those who are confuse by a bunch of colorful hosting companies.

But let’s just point out that the fastest web hosting server is Light Speed,

which requires a license to be purchase by a hosting company,

and many companies use free software such as Apache or Engines because of its cost.

The free web servers mentions above are among the most popular and,

if properly configure, can perform even better than their competitor,

Light Speed, but because most Configuration Server specialists  are often poor,

most of the companies that use By default, these web servers do not have a good output.

Hard drive type

Another technical issue that is overlook but has a huge impact on server speed is the type of hard drive uses on the hosting server.

New generation hard drives including SSD and Nvme with much better performance

than their old counterparts such as SATA hard drives will significantly increase your site load speed.

WordPress Hosting, Claude or Download

Hosting companies usually have different categories for their hosting plans. For example, WordPress is one of them. If your site uses WordPress, we recommend that you use WordPress dedicated plans.

WordPress hosts do not differ much from regular hosts,

and their differences are usually within the limits setting for file uploads or execution times.

If you are looking for high speed and always available web hosts,

Claude is the perfect option for you because of the complexity of networking and server parallelization,

they have a much higher aptitude than regular hosts.

If you are not planning to launch a new site and are just looking for space for your files,

downloading will eliminate your need.

Hopefully with this tutorial you will be able to choose the most appropriate one for your website.

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