PCI Express 6.0 technology will double the data transfer speed

The PCI-SIG team is hard at work explaining the goals of the 6th generation PCI Express 6.0 port. The latest data show that data transfer speeds have doubled.

PCI Express 6.0, unveiled about three months ago for the first time in June, is in rapid development and the PCI-SIG Group is hard at work developing and defining its goals and specifications. Now it looks like version 4.4 will be completed and will soon be available to PCI-SIG member companies for review and analysis. According to reports, the 3Gbps PCIe x16 port will increase at 6Gbps for the 6th generation PCIe. The PCI-SIG team expects to complete their goals from the 6th generation PCI Express port specifications by year’s end.

While maintaining PCIe 6.0 port support for the previous generation, it will double the data transfer speed and reach up to 4 Gigabits per second. Key changes implemented include PAM-4 coding (2-level pulse amplitude modulation) and FEC error correction along with bandwidth enhancement mechanisms.

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