Learning to write power in Excel (and practical tips)

You can get a number in square Excel with the power function, which is indicated by the symbol. Use the formula N ^ 2 = , where N is either the number or value of the cell to be empowered. 

This formula can be used multiple times throughout the worksheet.

The power of a number in your cell

Follow the steps:

1. Click inside a cell in your worksheet.

2. Type N = 2 in the cell, N is the number you want to get to the power of 2. For example, type 5 to enter square in cell A1

= 5 ^ 2

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3. Press Enter to see the result.

Note: You can also click on another cell to see the power of 2.

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The quadratic power of a number in a different cell

Follow these steps:

1. Click inside a cell and type the number you want to multiply by 2.

2. Select another empty cell in the worksheet.

3- Phrase

= N ^ 2

Type in an empty cell, where N is a cell reference that contains the desired numeric value for power 2. For example, to display the square of the value of cell A1 in cell B1, type A1 ^ 2 = in cell B1.

4. Press Enter to see the result.

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