Learn the easiest way to create random numbers in Excel

Here we will learn how to generate a random number in Microsoft Excel . To generate a random number, we will use the “RAND” and “RANDBETWEEN” functions.

The rand function is used to generate a random number greater than or equal to 0 and less than 1, and this number will change as each activity on the sheet is performed (the random number changes each time the window is closed and opened).

How to use the RAND () function: = RAND

for example:

  • Select cell A1 and write the function = RAND () inside it.
  • Press Enter .
  • This function can return a random number.

C: \ Users \ PC \ Desktop \ img13.png

Note: Random numbers change every time we close and reopen the page.

RANDBETWEEN : This function is used to generate a random integer between two specified numbers (between the lower and upper limit). Each time the worksheet is executed, a new random integer is generated.

How to use the RANDBETWEEN function: (upper limit, lower limit) RANDBETWEEN

  • Select cell A1 and write the function (upper limit, lower limit) RANDBETWEEN inside it.
  • Press Enter .
  • Drag it with the mouse to cell A5 .
  • This function generates a random number between 10 and 20.

C: \ Users \ PC \ Desktop \ img23.png

Well, so far you have learned how to create a random number with the Rand and Randbetween functions .

If you want to create a random number without VBA (writing programs and functions in Excel) and by specifying the range (upper and lower limit), you must generate random numbers with the Excel Randbetween function . Let’s talk about how to use this function.

Question: I want to create a list of random numbers without repetition between 1 and 10 in a column. what should I do?

  • In cell A2 , write the following formula:

{= LARGE (ROW ($ 1: $ 10) * NOT (COUNTIF ($ A $ 1: A1, ROW ($ 1: $ 10))), RANDBETWEEN (1,11-ROW (A1)))}

  • Copy the formula in the range A3: A11 .

Note: This formula is for generating arrays. Keys CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER together to use.

C: \ Users \ PC \ Desktop \ img32.png

  • The above formula creates a list of unique random numbers from 1 to 10.

In this method we can use RAND and RANDBETWEEN functions in Excel.

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