Learn how to fill houses automatically in Excel in simple language

Sometimes when working with Excel, you need to fill columns with duplicate data. To do this, the first thing you do is copy the contents of the previous cells and paste them into the current cells.

Copying is fine, but only if the column is not too long. But sometimes the column has a lot of data and has many rows, so to copy the contents of the cells you have to constantly go to the top and bottom and left and right of the page and go back to the current cell to paste it. Not only is this time consuming but it can also cause problems after doing it several times.

There is a better way to do this. Whenever you want to paste previously entered data into a new column, simply press Alt + Down to get a list of all the data in the column. You can use the arrow keys to select items and press Enter .

If you want to use the mouse, right-click on the current cell and select ” Pick from Dropdown List ” and select an item to enter the current cell.

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