Learn how to create ftp accounts in the admin directory

By creating an ftp account in the admin directory you can transfer your files to your host without the need for a user panel with considerable security and speed.

ftp, or File Transfer Protocol for short, is a secure, reliable, and fast way to transfer files between computers. When you purchase a hosted host, your ftp information is also available to you, when you need to create more accounts you can create your own ftp account in the admin directory.

After creating an ftp account in the admin directory, just install a file management software on your computer FileZilla and CuteFTP are famous examples of this. You then connect to the host by providing account information through the software, and then you can place your files on the server, download and even edit a file.

Steps to Create an ftp Account in the Admin Directory

First, log in to your Linux host via the admin directory area, if you are a newbie you can use the admin directory login tutorial . Then click FTP Management to log into ftp account management.

ftp mangement - Create ftp account in the admin directory

In the new page that opens for you, click on the Create FTP account to create a new ftp account.

create ftp account - Create ftp account in the admin directory

By default, when your host creates your hosts, an ftp account will be created for your hosts, which will have the same login information as your hosts.

On the next page you will need to fill in the relevant fields to create an ftp account in the admin directory to build a specific username based on the information entered.

ftp account information- Creating an ftp account in the admin directory

FTP Username: In this section you will need to enter a new account name, it will have an extension with your domain address.

Enter Password: In this field and the Re-Enter Password field, you must enter a strong password with security policies in place. You can also use the Random button to create a password, just note that after creating some ftp accounts you have to enter the password together so you can use it later when connecting to the host.

Domain: Selecting this will create a home directory for your user in the directory before public_html or the same root host.

Ftp: Selecting this option will create the home directory in the public_html directory.

User: Selecting this will create a home directory within public_html.

Custom: The custom option, as its name implies, allows you to build a home directory of your choice.

After filling in all the fields carefully, click on the Create button to create an it in the admin directory.

As you can see in the photo below, our account was created, you can do so if you want to block or delete an account.

If you want to change the password for an account, go back to the Ftp Management section and click change. You can easily change the password here.

change password - Create ftp account in the admin directory

If you want to access your home directory’s directory from your browser, just enter your website address using the ftp protocol instead of http.


ftp login - Create an ftp account in the admin directory

At this time, a pop-up window will open and ask you for login information, including username and password. After logging in you will be able to see all the files that you have placed in this directory.

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